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Published on 03/04/2009 at Wed Mar 04 13:00.
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Josh McDevil

Congratulations, Josh McDaniels. You’ve earned yourself the dubious honor of being placed on the hot seat before ever seeing a football field as Head Coach.

The fans and media have spoken. From Pete Prisco of, who says you’re nuts for thinking of dealing Jay Cutler for Matt Cassel, to the fellow fans at, who provided the loving image in your likeness – you’ve lost any patience or leniency as Head Coach. At least from this fan.

It’s ironic. No one could deny that your predecessor, Mike Shanahan, was a great football mind and Head Coach — it was his personnel decisions that ultimately cost him his job. As bad as some of his calls were, he never, ever would have considered trading a quarterback of Cutler’s caliber.

And that’s exactly what you did. For an unknown period of time on Saturday, you were seriously considering trading Jay Cutler for Matt Cassel.

Let me say that I believe the media has blown this way out of proportion. I believe you and GM Brian Xanders were the group that turned down the deal for Matt Cassel, and I don’t believe you instigated the discussions. The media is too in love with Bill Belichick to recognize that, and have just assumed that Mr. Cutoff Sweatshirt had to have been planning “something.” Please. It makes much more sense that both the Bucs and Pats were willing to make the move while the Broncos wised up.

The problem is you should have turned a deaf ear from the start. Those trade talks shouldn’t have made it past the word “Jay.” You have the 2nd-ranked offense in the league and a Pro Bowl quarterback, wide receiver, and offensive line. Fix the defense; leave the offense – at least from a personnel standpoint – alone.

So here we are. It’s March 4, exactly 52 days after you were hired as Broncos Head Coach, and a lot of fans are already calling for your head (see that web site above). I think firing you right now would be a huge mistake, and would severely set the team back for 2009.

So here’s my ultimatum: if the Broncos don’t win 7 games in 2009, I’ll be joining the throng of fans calling for your head. If the Broncos lose 10 games, I won’t be satisfied until another man is sitting in your chair.

I would have been patient enough with your plan to accept this season, no matter how it turned out. I love these free agency signings for the most part, but I know making such a huge transition on defense will take time. I was willing to be patient.

You’ve spent that cushion in my mind. Now I want results. I need results. You need to deliver in Denver this season or I’ll be convinced you were the wrong man for the job. Punch the next ticket out of town. We’ve won without you before and can win without you again.

Struggle this season and I’ll join the maddening throng. Win with us and all will be forgiven.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    you guys give me a head ache some time….I should be wrapped up in my number 19 ranked Clemson tiger basketball team….but I am intrigued by the other Orange in my life which is the Denver Broncos……..this is a crazy post…yea Josh is an idiot for wanting cassel…but jay is being a jack ass too so i mean flip a coin…..Keep Jay…..GO STEAL REX RYAN

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Dee! I knew you had it in you! I totally agree btw.
    I like the story, it’s funny.
    He’ll win us at least enough games this year to continue the controversy til next year regardless.
    I think we’ve got great action on winning more if….
    Amongst all the new talent on D… we find a leader.
    Who will this be?

  • olen

    Did ANYONE not see a Hoodie in this whole fiasco ? Let’s see it starts with Hoodie contacting the Chiefs who is coached by a former Hoodie employee that gets another team to inquire about a trade . They call McD who is a former Hoodie employee that may need to be taught a lesson from the master (Hoodie). McD unsuspecting that there is something fishy going on declines (Opens the e-mail and lets the virus in to wreck havoc with computer) . Of coarse people do not see that the whole thing is to sell news and that Bellichek is laughing his head off at everyone getting out a rope or fanning the flames. Well it was just a thought of how to weaken the system that McD is trying to build.

  • Hansen

    McD has been unfairly bashed. He is new on the job, new to this level of responsibility, has and will make some mistakes but is trying his best to turn this ship around. And everyone, really, he brings hope and change.

    (Sorry I couldnt resist)

  • Roy

    Free agents…Freddy Kieho (sp?) from the colts is still available. I wonder why no one has mentioned him?

  • Tom9798

    Home: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas, N.Y. Giants
    Away: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington

    Brutal schedule. . . until the free agency picks . . . I thought 9-7 at best . . . now I’m jazzed . . . . 11-5 . . . defense will be ranked in the top ten . . . . offense in the top three . . . 6-2 at home . . . . 5-3 on the road . . . . will sweep S.D. . . . claim AFC West Champions . . . will defeat wildcard in first week and defeat conference opponent for AFC Champion and win the Superbowl by four points . . .
    the Denver Broncos are going to stun the NFL! . . . . could be 12-4 . . . but I’m not quite sure about Indy away . . . . this glass is 4-5ths full . . . just remember a summa-beach told you so . . .

  • conductormann

    Speaking of TO……”The Dallas Cowboys have released controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens, sources told ESPN’s Michael Smith late Wednesday.”

  • Anthony33

    I was one of those that when I first heard the news was ready to dump McD right then and there. However, after a few days of watching and listening to what the Broncos were saying and what Cutler was saying I have done a 180 on this matter. Guilty as charged, totally over reacted to the initial word (shock).

    McD has come out and said they will not trade Cutler. That’s good enough for me. Where is Cutler getting his information??? Do you think he contacted the GM’s from Tampa and Detroit and asked them…hell no. He too, like the rest of us is going be hearsay. While Cutler has been crying like a 2yr old all week McD has been busy trying to reconstruct this team.

    After a week of this I have actually gained respect for McD and lost it for Cutler. He is making that dude from San Diego that called him a punk look like a prophet.

    So Kyle…do ya think maybe we ought to see how this team performs after a year and then begin the review of McD instead of throwing him under the bus before he coaches a game? Bronx may go 8-8 or worse with this schedule and a rebuilt team, but what I want to see is HOW they play and if they sohow signs of being the real deal. They missed the playoffs last year because this team had no toughness and no heart. I’ll bet right now this team will not get blown out next year like they have several times over the past couple of years. THAT is a good start.

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  • Nicole

    This a great article. When a player finds this type of information out, it comes from very reliable sources. What we get from the press isn’t everything. I’ve been down this road before and based on past experience, Josh is in trouble whether he wants to admit or not. Josh may be new, but Bowlen isn’t and he should have known better than to let two inexperienced people try to pull off this deal. They didn’t know what they were doing and got burned. The relationship between the coach and qb is very important-yes, they fight but they have to respect each other. If he wanted to trade Cutler, fine but the problem was that Josh should have called him afterwards and told the truth. Jay isn’t whining, he’s stating that a trade is fine- tell me the truth. Coughlin tried this same hard stance and it almost cost him his job because when he couldn’t get along with Eli. it spread to the rest of the team. Billick wore out his welcome in Baltimore because it can only go on for so long. Whether Bowlen will admit to it or not, he needs Shanahan in some capacity. No one is buying a ticket to see Josh Mcdaniels, we want to see Jay Cutler and as bad as the economyis, don’t play around with stuff that’s not considered a great need. They are in a spot of performing damage control that’s why you see McDaniels in the press saying they won’t trade him-now.
    Coaches have to be able to handle fall out problems and the first step is that he will have to tell Cutler the truth. This has to be done, he’ll tell the public anything that they want to hear, but if he wants his job, tell Cutler the truth. Jay didn’t lie when he said that players play for each other, it’s true. It’s also true that players can get a coach fired! They’ll collect their checks anyway, so if you cause them problems-they’ll cause you problems. At this point, if anyone out there doesn’t think that this guy can’t be fired early in his regime-you’re wrong. It can happen and if they don’t come clean next week-somebody will have to leave.

  • jdkchem


    25 years? So you’ve never seen Floyd Little’s final carry as a Bronco. When you hit 40 years as a Bronco’s fan let me know.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    JDKCHEM:::::I AGREE ON THE FAIRWeather fans…screw em send em to dallas man…..

  • JK

    LOL who made the josh mcdan pic??
    LOVE it

  • Tom9798

    just a couple stats on Jay Cutler . . . our over-sensitive Q.B. . . . in 1993 John Elway threw for 4,030 yds. ( his most ever to that date) and 25 T.D.’s . . . it was his 11th yr. in the NFL . . . Jay Cutler threw for 4,526 yds. and 25 TD’s in his 3rd yr. and made the Pro-Bowl . . . and unfortunately either Q.B. during this time had crap for a defense to back him up . . .

    This is going to change this year . . . not only has the offense improved with the competition at RB and the addition of Gaffney at WR . . . but we managed to steal a lightning fast defensive backfield from the Dolfin’s with Hill and Goodman . . . and an All-Pro Brian Dawkins to mentor them along with the Bailey brothers helping tudor and punch the outsides . . . also getting Reid from Indy was huge . . . . and we haven’t even gotten to the draft yet . . .

    This will not be the same defense Bronco fans have endured the last three years! . . . I’ve already posted on other blogs that we will win the Superbowl next year . . . . most tired of hearing negative BS, maybe you are too . . . let’s start looking at the cup 4-5th’s full . . . . this is going to be an exciting year to come!

  • Nicole

    This entire process has been draining on everyone-to say the least. Here’s the deal gang (Texas style): it’s in your best interest to start out slow and actually not make the playoffs-now I know what you’re thinking: have you lost your mind! No! The reasoning comes from the worst year in Cowboys history:1-15! We only won one game and it was horrible, but it allowed the team to fix it’s problems and address any people that were simply too old to play up to the level needed. We slowly climbed ourselves out of it (Jimmy Johnson was great at spotting unknown talent-I wish you had kept some of your scouting people). People were shifted out and believe it or not, we didn’t perform an enormous amount of free agent signings-it was literally built from the ground up (if you had seen it in person-you would’ve been amazed! There were people there that the world had never heard of. My fear is that your coach is stockpiling the broncos with older veteran talent and in the short term it may work-but your future is in jeopardy. I’m stunned because Bill found young talent that worked and would be around for a long time.Josh is loading up with all of these people and it can cause financial long term problems: higher ticket prices. We incurred a hike so that we could support the big three. It seems that all bets are on for Mike Shanahan’s arrival (word circulating is that one of the reason T.O. was cut was for a new coach’s arrival. I think that lot of people don’t realize that a player’s salary can stay on the books years after they’ve retired (Troy Aikman did-it was worthit!) It counts against your cap and they are not required to restructure. You may end up paying alot of these people off over time. I really wish you had answered alot of your problems in the draft and allowed nature to take it’s course. Everyone wants to win now, the problem is that you can rack up a ton of wasted player salaries. I personally like Brian Dawkins, but he’s gotten old and can’t cover like he used to. he didn’t fair well against the Arizona receivers and the ones in the AFC are actually better. A 3-4 defense is great…we use it but you need the right lineman. Why didn’t you bid hard for Olshansky-he ended up in Dallas. He has the stuff and you need someone to jump start the attack. People always say that Jerry Jones sticks his nose in too much- and it’s true. But there are times that we are glad he does because he has developed a fever for changing things and that’s what makes him interesting. There is no way that a stud qb could get dangled and we’d hear about it. He has become the master of the cover-up. That’s how it has to be,someone has to be mean enough to get it done and not get caught. He takes chances-good or bad, but he will cut his losses and move on. The cowboys and broncos both are at a crossroads: the question is which owner has the guts to make the moves and be prepared to sever ties when needed?

  • champchamp76

    go denver

  • Grandma

    I write a blog on Organizational Behavior in Business. Josh McDaniels makes several rookie mistakes as a manager.

    “Josh McDaniels Epitomizes Fixed Mindset”

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  • prostock1026

    im not a denver fan but im glad yall have josh there now and cutler is a dryed up dish rag. yall are 5-0 and i hope yall go to the since im pulling for the broncos being a redskins fan can yall pull for my skins next year .be a social man like me.i want josh to prove everybody wrong.

  • prostock1026

    im not a denver fan but im glad yall have josh there now and cutler is a dryed up dish rag. yall are 5-0 and i hope yall go to the since im pulling for the broncos being a redskins fan can yall pull for my skins next year .be a social man like me.i want josh to prove everybody wrong.