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Published on 03/03/2009 at Tue Mar 03 07:28.
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Lost that Lovin' Feeling?

Lost that Lovin' Feeling?

I don’t know about you, but this weekend has really messed me up. I’m just not FEELING the way I normally do about the Broncos and that has me really worried… worried I’ve somehow ‘fallen out of love’ with the Orange & Blue.

Now before I get flamed for not being a TRUE fan, let me explain…

I fell in love with this team when John Elway was losing Super Bowls, so I know I’m not a fan just because the Broncos might win another ring.

I fell in love with this team when Dan Reeves was the Head Coach, and I felt just as devoted to Denver through this last transition to Coach McDaniels. So I know my fandom isn’t tied to one coach.

I continued to love this team when John Elway left… and then Brian left…and then Plummer left. So, I’m pretty sure I’m not following any one QB.

I continued to love this team after Mile High was turned into a parking lot and Invesco bought the naming rights to the new stadium, so I know it’s not a sacred building that I love.

I continued to love this team when Rod Smith, TD, Al Wilson, Eddie Mac and recently Tom Nalen retired. So, I know it’s not any one player that draws my heart to the mile high city.

That begs the question… What changed over this last weekend that made me almost want to quit following the Broncos? Cause it happened, folks. I’m not lying about this to you… it’s real. I consider myself to be a DIE-HARD fan, but this Cutler crap had me feeling like I could walk away and not come back.

So, what happened?!?

I think it’s because I’m finally realizing the team I love may be changing in ways I don’t understand or like.

When Josh McDaniels was brought in I was excited at having a new coach and new ideas. When the Armstrong’s were fired and Xanders was hired as GM, I was excited that we’d have a very young and forward-looking front office.

But recently I feel like what we might be creating is simply the Patriots West — a win-at-all-costs, screw-team-loyalty, cheat-if-you-can-get-away-with-it kind of philosophy.

And, no offense, I’m just not a fan of the Patriots and the they way they do business.

I don’t mind–and completely understand–knowing players from your old team and wanting to bring those elements to your new team. But the sort of sneaky underhanded dealing that was done (as well as the not-so-sneaky cover up afterwards), goes to the issue of business here at Dove Valley being done in a different way…. and not one that I’m all that excited about.

I have had the deepest respect for Pat Bowlen and the kind of organization he built in Denver. However, Pat seems somehow missing in action — even when he’s efforts could be the most helpful.

I don’t think it’s just this Cutler thing either… I mean, it might be a combination of kicking a young and talented offensive mind like Bates to the curb and gutting a scouting department that brought you Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Clady, et al. And even silly little things like paying way too much money for new long snapper just because he’s from New England.

These moves just seem so far outside the normal Broncos business model that I’m having a hard time identifying with them.

My hope is that I simply can’t see the full picture and by the time the season starts we might all have a better understanding and appreciation for these moves. I also hope that Cutler stays and can motivate himself to be happy again (his reaction, while understandable, is also bothering me a bit). In a perfect world I would also hope for Brandon Marshall to join a monastery and swear off women for good so we don’t have to put up with his BS every year… Ok, maybe that’s pushing it.

What I really want more than anything is to FEEL the way I used to about my Broncos. Because, even if we win 17 straight games and the Super Bowl in 2009, yet lose that special something that made me a Denver Broncos fan… I’ll have to hang up my Orange & Blue for good — and that would feel like something inside me died.

Scared… but hoping for the best,
Jonathan Douglas

  • http://n/a Keith

    I will never, I repeat, NEVER, hang up my orange and blue. I agree that this looks like the “Patriots-West” but you have to give McDaniels some leeway here. He came from a system that he knew extremely well and bringing in a couple of players that he knows will work in his system is not a bad thing. Plus, we have brought in a lot of AFC/NFC East Players (Dawkins, Buckhalter, Goodman, etc). McDaniels made a rookie mistake about lying that Cutler was never “shopped” around. Apparently, according to ESPN rumor mill, the Vikings are in talks to see what it would take to get Cutler. This thing is far from over, and I would love to see Cutler back in orange and blue. I just hope that in the end, McD and Cutler can patch things up enough to have a working relationship (they don’t need to be best buddies) so that Cutler can prove to McD that he, in fact, is the guy that will bring him championships. The only way I will hang up my Orange and Blue pride is if the franchise gets sold to Al Davis and the colors turn to black and silver. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  • ssc

    couldn’t agree more. what appear to have scampered out the door with shanahan’s departure and mcdaniel’s arrival are class and integrity.

  • Jonathan Douglas


    I sure hope Pat Bowlen doesn’t sell the Broncos to Al Davis! lol

    I sure needed that laugh! Thanks! :)

    And I’m not being critical of the Dawkin’s move or any other specific item… it’s just a FEELING on my part.

    Maybe it’s just some bad lunch meat I had his weekend. Let’s hope so! :)

  • Garrett Barnes

    Stay in there Jonathan! We are going through a tough time in this teams history. Whenever a team goes through a transition it is like this and we need to buck up and hope that we can still keep some of the same Broncos mentality we came to love even with McDaniels is. Besides, at the rate he is going he will not be here for long.

  • Hansen

    As a fellow Broncs fan, I must admit we are in a strange period, one of uncertainty. One that is uncomfortable. But that is usually the case in life when changes of this magnitude happen (granted, its just sports). We have a rookie head coach who, it appears, really messed up and now is hiding from public opinion. We have a QB who took his ball and went home, refusing to play. Both need to mature. McD has big shoes to fill. QB needs to lose the baby fat, change his Pampers, and realize this is a business where you could end up banished to Detroit. (I really like Cutler as our QB, but his childish attitude is wearing on me.)

  • Mr.East

    Denver did just as many “sneaky” things under Shanahan that New England has done with Belichick.

    It’s a fact that Mike Shanahan cheated the salary cap with Elway and TD, Shanahan intentionally, failed to report players’ injuries, and in the Jets game it’s rumored that Shanahan told his defensive players to fake hurt to mess up the Jets rhythm. Shanahan didn’t develop the nickname “Shanarat” for no reason. It felt “okay” when did those things because he was our beloved reader who led us to the promised land twice before. As fans we could only think that Shanahan wasn’t “cheating” the system, he was just only out smarting it.

    This feeling is because you’re not used to this new regime. McDaniels has proven that he’s just as classy as Shanahan if not more so. Cutler allegedly requested to be traded and when the did/were asked for a trade he went nuts. How is that McDaniels’ fault?

    Despite this drama McDaniels has still been active in free agency, perusing needs and formulating draft plans. McDaniels still wants to meet with Cutler, and the lack of meeting is not on his part. Whether we like it or not this is McDaniels’ team, and he’s letting everyone know that. It’s good to have a head coach who makes a point to be in charge, you don’t want a Wade Phillips in Dallas, or a Herm Edwards on your hands.

    This feeling is because of the ambiguity surrounded by this whole situation, you’re not sure who cheated you. Was it Cutler who asked for the trade earlier? Was it McDaniels and Xanders who asked first? Why can’t Brandon Marshall stay out of cuffs? Why can’t Cutler meet with McDaniels? This drama never happened before. It’s not just one person’s fault, it’s a collective group of mistrials that are tearing apart at the soul of your fandom.

    It’s going to be a cold hard winter this offseason (in the Spring and Summer) but as Denver fans we need to stick it out. Never react until you have all the details which we don’t have yet.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    “It’s not just one person’s fault, it’s a collective group of mistrials that are tearing apart at the soul of your fandom.”

    That’s poetry my friend, and probably true. Well said. :)

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I have been a Bronco fan since the coach was John Ralston and the QB was Charlie Johnson. I have been a bit bummed by all this as well. I don’t think I would ever leave the Broncos, I have no idea who I would root for. If they were to trade Jay for a career back-up or something else stupid like that, I might find out who I would root for. I firmly come down on Jay’s side on all this. All he needs is a bit of a running game and even half a defense and he will take us anywhere. I heard on “The Herd” on ESPN radio this morning that people in Denver are turning against Jay. I hope that is not true. Anyway, I just hope it gets worked out and Jay and Josh can trust each other again and we can go win some football games.

  • Stav

    I can relate Jonathan, I’ve felt somewhat like this over the weekend, an overall feeling of “what the f*** are they doing?”. Its almost draining, what made it even worse was on my Madden 2008 Bronco Team Cutler went down with broken ribs for three weeks and I’m sitting here thinking, is this is what the future has in store?

    Back to business, maturity and arrogance, that’s what all this is about. #1 – Cutler bitched and moaned when the Mastermind and Bates were told to go packing and he wanted out. Can anyone blame management for thinking, this kid’s ego is way out of control, let’s see what we can get for him. Its the stupidity of management to let these leaks out and not do any proper damage control, especially Bowlen for going AWOL on us. Cutler throws his hissy-fit, forgets he wanted out a few weeks ago and is hurt/betrayed because he was shopped? He’s got a world of talent, but he’s needs to learn a thing or too about the NFL being a BUSINESS, and about being a hypocrite.

    #2 – McD – does he actually think Cassell is better than Cutler, honestly? There can be no excuse of the new playbook is difficult, he learned Shanny’s didn’t he? He must be somewhat intelligent to have gone to Vanderbilt. Was McD so stupid to think Bellichek would let him get his hands on Cassel? Time to wake up, your HC now moron. And you think he has problem’s now, wait till that idiot Marshall is suspended for six games.

    #3 – Bowlen’s big thing was getting HIS team back, right? Looks like he gave the keys to the Ferrari to his kids and left on a month vacation. He can’t be shocked when he comes home and the Ferrari’s all mangled up, where the hell is this guy?

    Doesn’t anyone is management realize that you cannot get equal value for Cutler? Any trade out there is a step back at the QB position, and unfortunately Cutler knows they can’t get equal value so he’s going to sulk. Time to kiss and make up, because this team is on the verge of greatness and meltdown at the same time, its up to them to decide which way they want to go. Cutler GROW UP, McD WAKE UP, Bowlen SHOW UP. I’ve read numerous critisms from Bronco Nation and guess what Bronco Management, you’re taking some huge risks out there with us. No one can feel comfortable with who this team is comprised of until they get into training camp, but if #6 isn’t the QB get ready for 7-9, 6-10.

  • RockyVegas

    I heard a rumor from Cleveland that they want to send Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers to the Broncos for Cutler and a third-round pick.

    So far Cutler has shown us Bronco fans that he has a great deal of talent but no heart. His is surly and indifferent and i dont think the players will follow him and win for him. Just look at Plummers stats, he won more games with less talent because the players respected him and won for him.

    Let Cutler take his act elsewhere and lets start fresh with a new coach and QB.

    Hey, cant be much worse than last year….

  • fischdog

    McDaniels made one very STUPID, One very regrettable mistake. He is young, 32 for gosh sake! He should of come out like a man and confessed to his error. But he is from the Belicheck house of ‘I am above the game’ mentality’. Mike Shanahan he came from the Bill Walsh mentality of something different and unfortunately trhose days are gone. But if the Coach and the QB can put aside these lame girlfight differences. Man o man what a team we are going to be putting together.

    If Josh McDaniels was impressed by what he saw from Cassel after one year…Imagine after a year with Jay Cutler will do for him!! 10x the QB as Cassel 10 freakin times the QB!! BroncoNation forever!! Coloradoans Only!!

  • kalberts

    Hang together fellas. When training camp comes rolling in we’ll all be ready to don the orange and blue with pride again. We’ll high five one another and hope that whoever is at the driver’s wheel will do us proud.

    I think we’re just not used to THIS much drama. It happens all the time with other teams just not our beloved Broncos. Sure Shanahan did some weird stuff but it never felt like the team was coming apart at the stitches. We’re feeling what fans of probably half of the league feel every season.
    This is just a tough time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling it too and I hate it but all we can do is laugh, shake our heads, gripe and stay on for the ride at this point. It’s all in the hands of the football gods now.

  • Sport Hess

    Jonathan, This has been the best post that I have read here. I feel the same way.

  • Richard

    I’ve also been following the Broncos since Ralston, and when we got a new coach the mood was; who is this guy he’s a college coach(western Illinois) and hasn’t done anything in the pros. Ralston was a very good talent evaluator and a LOUSY game day general. ALL Red Miller did was take the Broncos to their first Superbowl, and this town went CRAZY. People painted their cars orange(ok predominately orange), started throwing bricks through TVs at a bar on Monaco and Hampton when Howard Cosell came on for halftime highlights that excluded the Broncos, people showed up at the airport to greet the team after away games, and wrote songs (most of which are truely forgettable).

    When Coach Miller was replaced by Dan Reeves, the atmosphere was one of high expectations, he formally of the Hated Cowpies that beat us in our first superbowl. Overall he put together good(not great teams) and we did well except for the superbowl losses. He also was responsible for the worst running back in Broncos history, 2 steps and fall on your face Gerald Wilhite. After many years of poor relations with Elway( not all of which were Reeves’s fault) he tried to trade John to the Redskins in 1991, then lied about it. Sound familiar? He got the boot in favor of Coach Phillips who had two forgettable seasons, followed by shanahan.

    Don’t think a weekend with as much DRAMA as my 11yr old daughters last slumber party is going to change my team loyalty. Change is difficult after 14 yrs of stability with Shanahan, but thats life. McD had a tremendous weekend of free agent signings, and made a HUGE blunder with the whole trade thing. Guess some of those decisions are more important than choosing paint chips and yoga.

    But, that doesn’t excuse Cutler from being an immature, primmadonna ASS also.

    And Marshall, Mein Gott in Himmel, I am truely beginning to believe he’s socially retarded. If anybody needs to be traded its him. The headache isn’t worth the production. Ship him to Detroit where nobody notices when you beat on your lady.

  • jdkchem

    Who are the Armstrong’s? You mean the Goodman’s right?

    Boisebroncoguy: I remember when Floyd Little became a Bronco and having to listen to the games on the radio because of the NFL blackout policy.

  • the decider13

    I haven’t been a bronco fan as long as some of you, as I didn’t watch them till the 1996 season. But to be fair, I was 6 years old haha. They are the only team that I have ever followed and I understand about losing that lovin feeling. I don’t want to become the new Patriots because I hate the Patriots. For me it’s the little things like over paying the Patriots long snapper.

    There is no way Cutler gets traded cause they could never get good value. So I’m not too wroried about that. but I just don’t like how the broncos have turned in the sportscenter fodder.

    I do like the Dawkins pick up, so there is a bright side.

  • MileHigh55

    It all comes down to this we are all whining and crying about our beloved Broncos and what they are or aren’t doing. We are just like Cutler whining however our whines go unheard by the media and the Broncos. We really have no control what goes on at Dove Valley , Bowlen felt he needed his team back so now he has it. Me I would have just fired Shanahan the GM and kept Shanahan the coach.

    With all the trade rumors out there flying around for Cutler I saw a new one this morning , Browns trade Brady Quinn & Shaun Rogers to Denver for Cutler and 3rd pick. I think the 3rd should be a 4th rd pick only cause Cutler is a Pro Bowl QB and Quinn is still a pup with lots of upside.
    Heres one how about Cutler and a 5th rd pick to Detroit for the 20th pick and there 33rd pick and Culpepper. At least Culpepper would give us some leadership unlike Crybaby Cutler.

    How about trading Marshall away for a 2nd rd pick to the Patriots they have 4 second round picks as it is.

    But when it all comes down to it we have no say so in the matter we just fork out or money to watch over paid athletes play a game that we play with our kids in the backyard for free.

    New Coaches, New GM, New Players, New Team we like them or we don’t but they still are our Denver Broncos even though we are the laughing stock of the league right now. Nobody is talking about the Detroit Lions going winless last year , Nope they are talking about the mess in Denver.

  • (dee)

    Falling out of love with the Orange and Blue? NEVER… I watched this team go thru ups and downs … I watched us become an average team with Brian Griese and watched Jake Plummer drive me crazy. What McD is doing is in the best interest of the team and winning. If we could almost trade Elway what makes Cutler so special?

    If Cutler doesn’t show up for the minicamps beginning March 16, I do not waste any time in trading his ass. The Broncos brass are trying to mend fences but Cutler can’t stop crying.

    Bottom line, McD is the only person right now who is trying to help the broncos win (i.e Dawkins signing) Brian Dawkins had nothing but praise for McD and he is one of the most respected players in the league. Grow up Cutler, have some class, and get back to work with the Broncos, OR… get the hell out.

    (dee) Bronco Fan , not a Cutler Fan.

  • Katch22

    Things always get worse before they get better! I was in your boat for most of the weekend but then I realised I wasn’t mad just a little disappointed at everybody involved, but just remember things could be way worse as in we could all be Lions fans!!!

  • Shawn

    When we let Shanahan go and hired McDaniels I sort of felt like we kicked our older wife to the curb and married a teen aged girl only to find out she still gets zits. McD really hasn’t made that many mistakes up to this point.

    Ok, We’ll find out if these players are mistakes when the season starts. We’ll find out if letting Anthony Aldridge go was a mistake soon enough too.

    My point is that McD’s only real mistake, to this point, is that he didn’t anticipate how fragile Cutler’s ego was. I don’t think that coach can assume that all players will react with the class and professionalism of say, Champ Bailey, when told they are being traded from the only club they have known.

  • kerry

    yeah Jonathan im with you on this one. McDaniels walked right in here and set this franchise WAY back. Shanahan didnt even walk in and try to get rid of the franchise QB. neither did Wade Phillips. McDaniels has the same ego as Belichick where they think the “system” is above the players. and that is gonna lead to the downfall of this team. well technically it has already started. i havent fallen out of love with the Broncos, but the feelings are definetly lukewarm at this point.

  • Dakota fan

    On Bowlen- I’m not saying he needs to stay TOTALLY away from the situation, but look at his head coaches. Two head coaches in Reeves and Shanahan (I’m not counting Wade Phillips) who Bowlen let run the show. He hires the personnel and ponies up the dough. When he does speak in public, he sounds like he’s about to soil himself from fright, so I can understand his hands-off approach. If it becomes necessary to get publicly involved, it must be something pretty big.

    As far as his hands off approach, I would much rather have that than I would a Jerry Jones or a Daniel Snyder or any owner who is rich enough to buy his very own fantasy football team. Honestly, you could see when Jones bought the Cowboys that he was fulfilling his dream of becoming a coach and he still thinks he’s good at it. Snyder, same deal. Instead of hiring someone who has the qualifications to be a good NFL GM or head coach, they try to fill that role. Hell, let ’em keep screwing things up. It doesn’t bother me a bit.

    Jonathan, I’ve found that (even if I’m wrong about it) I get terribly defensive of anyone who is in a Broncos uniform or on their staff, from the owner right down to the janitor at Dove Valley (if the guy needed defending).

    Some examples:

    1. I found myself sticking up for Romo the day after he spit in JJ Stokes’ face, because I could read Stokes’ lips and could tell he wasn’t inviting Romo for a drink after the game.

    2. I found myself defending Elway’s refusal to play for the Baltimore Colts unless he was traded, even though I thought it was foolish and selfish when Eli Manning did it a few years ago.

    3. I defended Mike Shanahan for- well, pretty much everything questionable that he did, because he was the HC in our Super Bowl years. The theory behind all three of these is the same one I use with my family: “I might badmouth about their ways, but if you do the same, you’re in for a fight.”

    Cutler is being an ass. So is McDaniels. So is Xanders. But we’re two months into his head coaching regime and haven’t had so much as an OTA, a blocking drill, first roster cuts or first preseason game. Just a bunch of melodramatic nonsense that’s been largely produced by a bored media. But it’s still Denver. Keep your orange and blue, because better days are ahead.

  • Broncoireland

    Guys, us as broncos fans are just coming out of a divorce which lasted 15 years approx and have hooked up with a new coach and like a relationship it’l take time for BOTH sides to adapt to eachother and find the boundaries (first to find them you must exceed them) and undoubtly McD did exceed them, he will learn that broncoland is not as cut throat as the patriots and we will learn we can’t be the soft touch (giving failed talent elsewhere a second chance hoping it’l work out) and it’l take time for both sides to find the compromise but i do think McD will put a winning football team on the field this season and for seasons to come and we will resemble the pats a little on the field (slightly boring but if id take winning over flare) and cutlers sulking is wearing thin with everyone in broncoland- McD made a mistake- man up and meet with him and sort it out- you dont want to go to detroit or tampa- we’ll have more wins than them put together

  • Rich

    What McDaniels did with Cutler is unforgivable. That is such a stupid move we would expect to see this in an organization run by Matt Millan and the Lions not Pat Bowlen’s Broncos. I have been a season ticket holder since 1976 and this is the first time I am seriously considering giving up my tickets. If Cutler were to be traded I am gone.
    McDaniel may have no loyality to the people in this organization but I assure you the fans do.

    NFL I am NOT FOR LONG a bronco fan

  • MileHigh55

    Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune report today about the Vikings interest in Denver quarterback Jay Cutler.

    The Denver Post reported the Vikings are among the teams that have expressed interest in Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, and talks between the sides were believed to be ongoing Monday. It remains unclear what the Vikings might be offering.

  • Kurt

    What a prima donna. I’m sorry if daddy’s little girl got her feelings hurt but face reality, you are a commodity. If you don’t like it, don’t play professional sports. Besides, Cutler should be flattered that his name is mentioned in trades. That means he is playing well enough to get interest in other teams. It is only going to drive his value up when he goes to renegotiate his contract, or at least it was. It has to beat getting cut from one of the worst defenses last year and waiting for someone to call. Who want’s to deal with a crybaby………

  • MNBroncoFan

    This is upsetting, I think it was dumb for McD but I think it was somewhat minor too, all they did was listen and shoot the offer down. I am almost more pissed about Cutler, he needs to step it up and recognize that he is part of the NFL – a business. He is acting like on emotion and that is dumb. I hate to see him go, he is one of the top 10 QB’s in the league and young at that, but if he doesn’t shapen up, he will end up on a crappy team with a big salary – WHOPTY FREEKIN DO!

    I live in MN, lived in CO for years. If Cutler comes to Vikings, I am going to meet him at the airport with a super soaker filled with dear piss – watch out buddy.

  • mikebirty

    great post j.d.

    Having fallen out of love with one sports team in the past few years i know the exact feelings you mentioned.

    I’ll float another idea out there – that maybe this has something to do with a fan base that has been polarized. I can’t think of anything over the last ten years or so that has split the fan base more than the shany sacking and then followed by the trade incident. Sure there was debate over Elway’s successor but that was before broncotalk so you couldn’t sit here and watch the comments jump to 100 with the same number of opinions. It can be depressing. You lose the community feeling. I know thats what it felt like for me with my other team.

    What we need is football. Get back out on the field and play. I hate the reloading season. I mean seriously a 17 week season? When baseball play everyday for 7 months, soccer’s top players do 60 games a year and even rugby manages 30 so don’t tell me it has to be short because its high impact. Off my soap box

  • Lynette

    Dude, that’s beautifully said. I’ve been a Broncos fan since I was old enough to understand football (let’s just say it’s been more than 25 years) and I understand changes need to be made. I get that I won’t understand why some moves are made (Mike Leach released? Has that guy ever had a serious mistake EVER? WTF)

    I can live with changes. I can live with losing. What I can’t deal with is being *disrespectful* to the players, and lying to them is not being respectful. Saying “Everyone is on the trading block” is one thing. Telling Jay “We’re building the team around you” and then cutting off communication with him and his agent is something else, and smacks of dishonesty. I hate the patriots. They’re a good team, but I think their methods of management are as underhanded as the 49ers salary cap flaunting in the 80s was. Not good for the spirit of the game..

  • Stav

    Why, why, why am I hearing about “in depth” trade talks of Cutler to the Vikings? FOR WHO??? SAGE ROSENFELS?!?!? I am going to throw up. I live in NJ and I heard this on a NY station, its also on ESPN so I have to think 50/50 on that. Nothing from the NFL Network/Schefter but this is ridiculous. This is a business, sit down, talk it through and put this in the past. Even if it were so ridiculous that they were getting Adrian Peterson back for Cutler (which you know is not going to happen), how can this be even considered? THERE IS NO EQUAL VALUE FOR THEM TO GET BACK. Yes he’s a cry baby but we were a defense away from the playoffs, he was the entire team. I’ve rooted for this team for 23yrs and as a fan I’ve never felt so confused/betrayed by unfortunately both management and the QB. They need to sit down and work this s*** out asap because both parties are at fault in this. Why is it that everyday fans can realize the stupidity of this but team management can’t? Does McD think really think he can be a success this way, they are just pushing fans away with his “I want to be Bill Belichek” methods. No one can say that this can’t be fixed, its called the all mighty dollar, its the biggest bandaid known in the world of contracts/negotiations. I wish that my DirecTV NFL Package subscription directly affected the Broncos because I would call them to say I’m canceling if such a stupid move takes place. You can’t replace Pro Bowl QB’s with BACKUPS!!!

  • Jason

    Nice write up Stav; Richard, very eloquent.

    1. I believe this trade talk was leaked intentionally. There were never the “source inside the organization” statements only the call to Cutler and Cook. So that leads me to believe and external source. Mind games.

    2. Cutler and Cook are attempting to play this up to their advantage, I’m not certain the angle – whether trade or money – I can’t tell but Cutler did bring up his next contract. I’m sure he’s expecting to collect a Tom or Peyton pay check and sooner than his rookie contract is up.

    3. Cutler is showing himself to be a bit of a whiner and that is very disappointing. We’re not use to that in Denver. Elway was a down-by-40-yet-we’re-gonna-win kind of guy and that is not something you learn, it’s who you are. Jake was an ass in the fight-the-man sorta way but he was a fighter. Jay seems like he may be missing key components to true leadership. At least the kind we’re expecting. I think that more than anything is leading to my own – temporary – emotional withdrawal. I’m not sure, right now, if Jay is gonna give his best for the team. I’m not sure I want his attitude on my team.

    I hope this mess turns around and Jay grows up but I see him getting entrenched in his – whatever it is.

    Lastly, I wouldn’t worry about Josh being Bill. Josh is young and optimistic still, he needs a few years to wash that away. Besides, he smiles. Bill forgot how to after – insert horrific atrocity.

  • MileHigh55

    The Broncos confirmed that they reached out to Jay Cutler on Monday, but “both sides appear as far apart as ever.”
    “I do think…it was very poor on their part if in fact they were trying to trade Jay,” Cutler’s agent said. “Jay was getting in the groove out there in Denver.” The agent added that he never heard his client requested a trade after Mike Shanahan was fired, as SI’s Peter King reported. It will be interesting to see if Cutler shows up to the offseason program on March 16.
    Source: Denver Post

  • MileHigh55

    Peyton Hillis is not expected to compete for a starting position under the new Broncos’ coaching staff.
    Hillis probably wouldn’t be much worse than new “projected starter” Correll Buckhalter in a full-time role, but the former Arkansas fullback is likely only ticketed for short-yardage duties. He might chip in on third downs.
    Source: Denver Post

  • T-Money

    I agree with you buddy. It feels like i just got out of a 20 year relationship or something. There’s just that feeling in the stomach that’s telling me that something big is dieing inside of me. :(

  • Born and Raised in COL…You?????

    First off good post. You put how I was feeling into words. The Bronocs will always be my team and I was born in CO over 30 years ago….but I might take a year or two off from supporting them if Cutler goes. and to dee in post 17 your post makes you sound like your not from around here…just wondering. Mcminiman would note be making us a better team by trading Cutler for some life long east coast bench warmer. How many QB’s in the NFL has recently effectively ran the option in the NFL, broke the franchise passing record in really his second year on a bad team, will lead block on any running play ( pancaking most DB while doing it too), and after he throws an ill advised INT he will be among the first to tackle the show boating DB that thinks he is going to run right by a QB…. but then Jay sticks him good. Jay plays with more passion than a lot of teams have on their entire team. I have seen enough from this east coast want to be for my tastes.. until Josh shows he can note only win here but run the broncos how they need to be ran he will not have my respect. Bronco fans are for the most part very smart fans and just because we love our team does not mean that we will let some new start up run it into the ground and still support them. These are hard economic times and I will gladly spend my money that I would use to other wise go to Bronco games and buy jerseys and stuff to buy parts for my dirt bike or take vacation if JC leaves Bronco Nation this year. If Pat B. does not care about the fans and only wants a win at all costs team then screw him and the “team” until he brings in a HC that does business the “right” way. WE ARE NOT NEW ENGLAND, WE ARE NOT THE COWBOYS, WE ARE NOT THE REDSKINS, WE ARE NOT THE RAIDERS, WE ARE THE DENVER BRONCOS AND BRONCO NATION DEMANDS A HC GENERAL MANAGER THAT UNDERSTANDS THIS FIRST AND FOREMOST.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    As you suggested in another post, we need a create-a-caption. One that can be fun and also let’s us vent some frustration. Maybe that will brighten our day.

  • myerda00

    Hey guys, great posts (feelings). Coach Josh and GM Brian are doing exactly what they said they would do, rebuild. I love some of the FA sign’s.
    Dawkins is the best, he will bring the leadership and toughness that Champ said was missing last year.
    Gaffney really looks excellent now that Marshall is being Marshall. BTW, he maybe on the way out the door, IMO.
    And as I figured, each coach has identified a player from their previous team that is an asset to Denver. Fields is an example.
    You can see the player evaluation from Keith in productive BU’s that are now Broncos. Reid is an example.
    I can see why the FA RB’s are signed. Uneasy about the IR injuries coming back productive.
    Love the veterans in the secondary, Hill, Dawkins, and Goodman. Just hope that Barrett, Williams, and Bell can push for starting positions.

    Oh yeh, my feelings about do I still love the Broncos, you bet!
    If they trade Cutler, would that end the Bronco faithful, NO. You see I still look at the Broncos as a bunch of men playing a boys game that I REALLY enjoy watching.
    If Cutler would have brought the Broncos back to beat SF to make the playoffs in 2007 and then do the same against SD in 2008, then I would be upset because I would have seen Cutler develope into a top notch NFL QB. Right now he is still labeled as ‘potential’.
    I do think that Coach Josh and QB coach McCoy can get him to the franchise QB that you fans seem to think he is now.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I really appreciate the comments from everyone.

    I almost didn’t publish this – just because my loyalty to the Broncos has always been so strong and I write very few negative posts… but in the end I’m glad I did.

    It seems like there are a lot of fans with things to say on this issue. Alot of you seem to also be struggling with that odd ‘feeling’ in your gut that something is wrong.

    I agree with most of you that it is a part of change. It’s a part of a grieving process – just like devorce or getting fired, or moving. It’s different… and feels different.

    I really liked hearing from you all that have had been fans since Ralston and Red Miller. That certianly puts things in perspective.

    Again, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It definately makes me feel less like I’m the only one having these feelings.

  • Nicole

    I’m definitely feeling what your saying all the way from Big D. We have encountered the same problems with Jerry Jones and his ego. Josh may have worked for Bill, but he didn’t teach him everything. He forgot that even though he may be the head coach, if you can’t find a ground to stand on with your qb, then soon you will be gone. Barry Switzer clashed with Troy Aikman when he got here and he lasted one year. They may have been friends, but he had to fire him. Josh doesn’t appear to understand that even though he was given this team (I loved watching them on the nfl package that I purchased-your stadium is beautiful!) you can easily wear out your welcome. His makeover bid is looking like an attempt to bring New England to Denver and that’s not how business is done-search high and low for talent. Mcdaniels hasn’t coached long enough to understand that respect is mutual-you don’t get more because you hold the headset. He needs to man up and admit what he did and then they can rebuild the trust. Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman didn’t always see eye to eye, but they respected each other. That’s the key- respect! Josh has alot to learn. Keep up the great posts!

  • Mark Carlton

    I feel the same way. I have been a fan of this team since 1970, and I have followed them through thick and thin, but I am having troubling continuing my support.

    For me it began when McDaniels signed new england’s long snapper. Mike Leach did good job. We didn’t need to purchase a 5 million dollar security blanket for the new coach. Then trying to trade Cutler for a one year wonder.

    At this point in time the Broncos need to fire McDaniels, promote Nolan or Denison, re-institute the old offense which was never broken, and warn Xanders that if he ever suggests something this stupid again, he’s gone too.

  • Roshon

    I have the same feeling. I always will be a broncos fan but with the firing of Shanahan and the possible trading of Culter, this doesn’t feel like the team i’ve rooted for all my life. The firing of Shanahan will be a mistake. As for the people who say Cutler is a whiner for the way he acts on and off the field and hasn’t accomplished anything, I say this, Tom Brady acts the same way on and off the field and he is considered a leader. He does have three super bowl rings but Jay Culter’s has comparable stats to Brady’s first three years. Also, he may have a losing record and not have made the playoffs but anyone who watches the Broncos know that this team has overachieved with this defense since Jake Plummer. For the team to even sniff the playoffs the last couple years is incredible. If they trade Cutler, this team will be just has bad as the Cleveland Browns and say good bye to the playoffs for the next 5 years.

  • L – Dubya

    I completely agree with this article. I have been a Bronco fan for over 25 years and I NEVER thought I would feel this way. I think a lot of the frustration comes from the fact that we have been watching all of these jokers try to come in and fill John’s shoes without any luck. Cutler has been the first QB to come in and show us some promise. Sure everyone can point fingers at some of his bad stats but this guy is for real. He has the raw talent and smarts to be the man for a long time to come. You can’t blame the losses on Cutler when our defense has been garbage since he came on. After watching all of the mediocre QB’s we have had since Elway I finally felt some hope that we have the guy. How often do you get a chance to pickup a talent like Cutler? Not often. Then we hear about a trade for some “one year wonder” that couldn’t make the playoffs with a team that met or broke over 30+ offensive records while going 18-1. The guy had never even started a game since high school! He is going to fail in KC. Mark my words.

    I still don’t know what is going on with our defense. I like the Dawkins move but still have no clue how they are going to fix the front seven. I don’t think we have been aggresive enough on the line in free agency. It reminds me a lot of the past years where we have done some half a$$ changes to the D and try to get by.

    On another note, I hate the Gaffney move. I have seen him drop so many passes from Brady that I have always wondered how he kept a job. If he can’t handle a touch pass from Brady how is he going to handle a bullet from Cutler? Buckhalter too. Why do we need another injury prone running back?

  • AKscott

    Me and my bronco tattoo feel the same way.. great great post
    I wont waste my, nor everyone else’s time with a long post b/c so many above have said it so well.. only thing i can say is

  • Jason

    “Roshon { 03.03.09 at Tue Mar 03 11:13 })
    As for the people who say Cutler is a whiner for the way he acts on and off the field and … I say this, Tom Brady acts the same way on and off the field and he is considered a leader.”

    Good point. We’re just not use to whiner QBs. I’ve never liked Tom either because of the whining. Pet Peeve I suppose.

  • DHB

    This may have been said already, and if that is the case I’m sorry.

    I am definitely a Broncos fan, and have become more of one over the past five or so years. But I am upset about this off season.

    I think that the “off-season” should be a bit more off, like it used to be. Some of these same tiffs were happening with Reves and Elway, but we never heard this much about it, and it never had the chance to be blown this far out of proportion. Both sides could go on vacation, clear their heads and come back.

    The most important thing to remember is that all of these guys are designed, pointed and breed for football. Other than the 20 something weeks that they are actually playing, they are just-as, if not more, fallible than all the rest of us. When the season begins again, and we can watch them all run, throw, catch and hit, this will all fade away.

    If we, as fans and consumers, would walk away a bit more from February to April the whole sport might be better for it. Nothing really happens then anyway.

    And before you say “what about free agency?” Let’s actually look at free agency. Has any team ever changed their fortunes innumerably for the better through FAs? I would argue no. FAs fill holes, add depth and possibly add some leadership/experience. Other than that it’s all drama, and that is baseball and day-time soaps. Not football. The draft is they way to build a quality team. Coaching is the way to mold and maintain a quality team. FAs is a rollercoaster ride. It’s kinda fun and scary, but ultimately you end up in the same place you were, but now you feel light headed, have something stuck to your butt and somebody puked.

    Let’s all go outside and play our own game of football in the mean time. Or Bocce. I like Bocce.

  • aldo

    I too feel the same way. i wish we kept bates, and i pray we keep cutler. I’ve heard rumors of a possible trade to Cleveland, god that would just do it for me. i really hope my orange and blue don’t disappoint me i would hate to see anyone under center other than cutler. i think all broncos fans should head down to dove valley break in and get mcdumbass out of that would be cool.

  • Jordan C

    Off topic.

    I’m tired of talking about “the conflict”.

    Schefter reported that Jim Leonard signed with the Jets. I’ve no problem with that. I wasn’t high on him anyway.

    What I found very interesting was that Schefter mentions that the Broncos were trying to sign him away from the Ravens and the Jets on Tuesday (today). I’m surprised that after signing Dawkins and Hill, the Broncos were still interested in safeties.


  • RVG10

    I’m tired of talking about this “conflict” too. Cutler is too emotional and so is this thread. It’s a business, he’s a commodity. The Broncos will always be the orange & blue Broncos despite who the head coach and QB are.

  • Sabrina

    I love this article and I understand the opinion that I agree completely. I don’t know if I’ll follow the Broncos next seasons. Here in Europe, especially in Italy, we follow and love soccer teams and we used to have 3 o 4 “flag” players, in every teams, that they love to play with only one team for life and after they retired they usually become part of the front office or coaching staff. So, I know that the NFL is a business, but when a player like Jay Cutler tell you that he loves Denver, He loves to play for the Broncos, he was excited to improve himself with new head coach……..and you rookie head coach, you front office don’t understand this “love words” for Blue/Orange and try to stab in the back and trade him……….Where is the respect for this man, for this player and his words? I understand the Jay Cutler upset. I’m with Jay! This is not the Broncos Organisation that I used to know and I used to love. For now GO JAY!

  • Stav

    Real quick – I like the Dawkins signing, but anyone who thinks he’ll be here for the 4th or 5th yr of his contract is dreaming, as well as Hill and Goodman, these are at best 2-3 yr stop gaps until something better comes along. But atleast Dawkins can show some guys how to wrap and tackle, something we’ve been missing the past two years. I’m not so hot on Leonard, they needed a solid-good defensive player and leader and Dawkins fits that perfectly. I thought we would have gone with a younger/better player at CB and throw some cash at Buchanon, but we’ll see.

    Just to clarify my fillerbuster from before, I’m not picking sides, both management and QB are at fault for this mess, but if they can’t resolve this, if McD can’t make some magic happen and get on the same page with Cutler (or the other way around), then were just blowing up the #2 ranked offense last year with no consistent running game? Stats don’t lie, you don;t rebuild a prolific offense, you tweak for the pts problem, but obviously going up and down the field isn’t the problem. Why did they blow up the defense, because they suck, #29, that’s why a rebuilding is necessary. You don’t mess with the #2 offense, you don’t need to be a coach/gm/owner to realize this. I’m not saying I’m done with my beloved Orange & Blue if Cutler gets traded, but he was the only reason to watch last year, and since there’s no one they can get back to fill that spot of the same value, I’m not going to pay $200 for the NFL package if management is openly deciding to take a step backwards. Just look at the games at home when the fans were leaving early? There is potential for this to be incredibly ugly/worse next year. McD is going to have to live in a secret bunker for the next few years if this goes down.