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Published on 03/03/2009 at Tue Mar 03 07:28.
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Lost that Lovin' Feeling?

Lost that Lovin' Feeling?

I don’t know about you, but this weekend has really messed me up. I’m just not FEELING the way I normally do about the Broncos and that has me really worried… worried I’ve somehow ‘fallen out of love’ with the Orange & Blue.

Now before I get flamed for not being a TRUE fan, let me explain…

I fell in love with this team when John Elway was losing Super Bowls, so I know I’m not a fan just because the Broncos might win another ring.

I fell in love with this team when Dan Reeves was the Head Coach, and I felt just as devoted to Denver through this last transition to Coach McDaniels. So I know my fandom isn’t tied to one coach.

I continued to love this team when John Elway left… and then Brian left…and then Plummer left. So, I’m pretty sure I’m not following any one QB.

I continued to love this team after Mile High was turned into a parking lot and Invesco bought the naming rights to the new stadium, so I know it’s not a sacred building that I love.

I continued to love this team when Rod Smith, TD, Al Wilson, Eddie Mac and recently Tom Nalen retired. So, I know it’s not any one player that draws my heart to the mile high city.

That begs the question… What changed over this last weekend that made me almost want to quit following the Broncos? Cause it happened, folks. I’m not lying about this to you… it’s real. I consider myself to be a DIE-HARD fan, but this Cutler crap had me feeling like I could walk away and not come back.

So, what happened?!?

I think it’s because I’m finally realizing the team I love may be changing in ways I don’t understand or like.

When Josh McDaniels was brought in I was excited at having a new coach and new ideas. When the Armstrong’s were fired and Xanders was hired as GM, I was excited that we’d have a very young and forward-looking front office.

But recently I feel like what we might be creating is simply the Patriots West — a win-at-all-costs, screw-team-loyalty, cheat-if-you-can-get-away-with-it kind of philosophy.

And, no offense, I’m just not a fan of the Patriots and the they way they do business.

I don’t mind–and completely understand–knowing players from your old team and wanting to bring those elements to your new team. But the sort of sneaky underhanded dealing that was done (as well as the not-so-sneaky cover up afterwards), goes to the issue of business here at Dove Valley being done in a different way…. and not one that I’m all that excited about.

I have had the deepest respect for Pat Bowlen and the kind of organization he built in Denver. However, Pat seems somehow missing in action — even when he’s efforts could be the most helpful.

I don’t think it’s just this Cutler thing either… I mean, it might be a combination of kicking a young and talented offensive mind like Bates to the curb and gutting a scouting department that brought you Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Clady, et al. And even silly little things like paying way too much money for new long snapper just because he’s from New England.

These moves just seem so far outside the normal Broncos business model that I’m having a hard time identifying with them.

My hope is that I simply can’t see the full picture and by the time the season starts we might all have a better understanding and appreciation for these moves. I also hope that Cutler stays and can motivate himself to be happy again (his reaction, while understandable, is also bothering me a bit). In a perfect world I would also hope for Brandon Marshall to join a monastery and swear off women for good so we don’t have to put up with his BS every year… Ok, maybe that’s pushing it.

What I really want more than anything is to FEEL the way I used to about my Broncos. Because, even if we win 17 straight games and the Super Bowl in 2009, yet lose that special something that made me a Denver Broncos fan… I’ll have to hang up my Orange & Blue for good — and that would feel like something inside me died.

Scared… but hoping for the best,
Jonathan Douglas

  • Kyle

    (can’t believe East said the Broncos cheated the salary cap)…

    <long sigh> ;)

  • Eternalrealness

    Jonathan Douglas I must say I’m glad you expressed my feelings for me.Because you said everything I honestly feel. An I hope Pat Bowlen takes a look at it before the Dove Valley walls come crumbing down..I would rather go back to the days of the three amigo’s and losing super bowls then trying to reconstructed the Pat’s in DENVER. So somebody please tell Josh he is no longer in Boston!

  • Hansen

    Anyone hear Stink on The Fan right now? Great analysis of the drama. Any thoughts on sending Cutler to Cleveland for Quinn and Shaun Rogers?

  • Jonathan Douglas


    My understanding is the Cutler-Cleveland rumor is nothing more than internet chatter. It’s being reported by the MSM as internet rumor – not as news from any real source.

    This one just isn’t anything more than smoke and mirrors.

  • Hansen

    Got it. Thanks

  • MileHigh55

    Here ya go my trade for Cutler and our 4th rd pick to Detroit for there 20th pick and there 33rd pick and Culpepper at least he doesn’t whine and cry and can handle criticism plus will bring leadership and he can still throw the ball deep. You can keep the overall 1st pick Denver doesn’t have that kinda of cap space.


    Trade Cutler & our 4th pick to Cleveland for Brady Quinn & Shaun Rogers and Clevelands 5th rd pick, at least Brady has upside and doesn’t seem to care about who he plays for he just wants to play. Bringing in Rogers just made the D line better and letting Denver either draft a LB or CB with there first pick.
    As for Brandon DUMB DUMB Marshall I will trade his Brain dead butt for a 2nd rd pick to anyone that wants him . New England would be a good spot they have 4 second rd picks and since Dumb Dumb is gonna be suspended most of the up coming season we won’t miss him anyway.

  • Joe

    I’d rather get Derek Anderson than Quinn,that is if we have to trade Cutler. I’d rather not see that happen as I think both sides need to man up in this situation. Come on Cutler get over it already!! Yes McDaniels messed up. So come back to Denver have a meeting have a meeting with the coach and fix this thing. I’m getting tired of hearing about on ESPN. I like it when ESPN talks about the Broncos but not this stuff!!! GO BRONCOS AND KEEP CUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Silly rumors aside Brady Quinn would play well in our new offense. Maybe a trade for that idiot Marshall?

  • myerda00

    Enough of the Cutler whinning.
    Jordon C, IMO the players signed already are not cased in stone starters. I think they are stockpiling as many good players that there cap space will allow. Just like another bloggers wrote, “I hate that MCdummy thinks of Hillis as a role player”. I have not read any quote that McDaniels stated that. Again I think they are stockpiling the best players available.

  • Mike

    II started following the Broncos when Cookie Gilchrist was the running back.
    Back then, they definitely gave you the feeling of dysfunction.
    I remember Lou Saban running onto the field, chasing a ref after another humiliating defeat. Kansa City and Oakland would toy with the Broncos and forty point losses happened more often than I like to remember. Still, they persevered, as did we all.
    Floyd Little was the beginning, then Rick Upchurch, Charlie Johnson and Otis Armstrong…1972, the first year Denver finished with a winning record.
    Then came The Orange Crush, Craig Morton and respectability.
    Nobody here has to be reminded of the importance of Number 7 and the success, which followed. I remember a time when it wasn’t so good, to be a Bronco fan and yet somehow, it was.
    What’s going on in Dove Valley at the moment is concerning, but I suspect, not the end.
    Everyone here (well, mostly everyone) loves the Broncos. I mean, really loves them, myself included.
    This will all straighten itself out. I have confidence in Mr. Bowlen. He is, in my opinion, still the best owner in pro football.
    Jay Cutler will continue to grow as a quarterback and as a person, right before our eyes, just like Elway did, so long ago. That turned out pretty good.
    In life and in football, there are good times and bad times. The trick is not to pay too much attention and enjoy the ride. It’s been a good ride so far, hasn’t it?
    Have I Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?
    No, not by a long shot, brother!

  • RVG10

    Richard –

    I think Brady Quinn would be a great fit for Denver. He’s a leader, doesn’t cry, doesn’t listen to the media, and has upside (although not as much as Cutler). I’m going to go make this happen on Madden 09!

  • Andy


    Fantastic article. It isnt only you that feels that way. Seems everytime I logged on to BT it was one shocking thing after another. It wasnt because of any one person, it was a bunch of contributing factors. It just gets old. We dont think of our Broncos as being “that way”, it was always “someone elses team” that had to deal with that. I think we “feel” this way because we know Shanny wouldnt be in this debacle. But, McD is our coach and has our support. Lets just hope they can kiss and make up before the honeymoon is over.

  • Patrick

    I look way too good in orange and blue to root for any other team. Don’t BS half of you would be off the bandwagon if your closets weren’t color coordinated blue and orange! :P

  • BroncoinVA9986

    yea PATRICK our rooms have blue and orange all in them Ha very true. I read this article and before I left for my biology lab i put on my Champ Bailey jersey switched out my clemson key chain back with my broncos key chain…put on my hat and went off to class proudly wearing ORANGE AND BLUE….there are three things that matter to me in life FAMILY, GOD, AND THE ORANGE AND BLUE…it isn’t about the players its about this team we root for win or lose………GO BRONCOS

  • Tom9798

    Home: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas, N.Y. Giants
    Away: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington

    Brutal schedule. . . until the free agency picks . . . I thought 9-7 at best . . . now I’m jazzed . . . . 11-5 . . . defense will be ranked in the top ten . . . . offense in the top three . . . 6-2 at home . . . . 5-3 on the road . . . . will sweep S.D. . . . claim AFC West Champions . . . will defeat wildcard in first week and defeat conference opponent for AFC Champion and win the Superbowl by four points . . .
    the Denver Broncos are going to stun the NFL! . . . . could be 12-4 . . . but I’m not quite sure about Indy away . . . . this glass is 4-5ths full . . . just remember a summa-beach told you so . . .

  • Tom9798

    just a couple stats on Jay Cutler . . . our over-sensitive Q.B. . . . in 1993 John Elway threw for 4,030 yds. ( his most ever to that date) and 25 T.D.’s . . . it was his 11th yr. in the NFL . . . Jay Cutler threw for 4,526 yds. and 25 TD’s in his 3rd yr. and made the Pro-Bowl . . . and unfortunately either Q.B. during this time had crap for a defense to back him up . . .

    This is going to change this year . . . not only has the offense improved with the competition at RB and the addition of Gaffney at WR . . . but we managed to steal a lightning fast defensive backfield from the Dolfin’s with Hill and Goodman . . . and an All-Pro Brian Dawkins to mentor them along with the Bailey brothers helping tudor and punch the outsides . . . also getting Reid from Indy was huge . . . . and we haven’t even gotten to the draft yet . . .

    This will not be the same defense Bronco fans have endured the last three years! . . . I’ve already posted on other blogs that we will win the Superbowl next year . . . . most tired of hearing negative BS, maybe you are too . . . let’s start looking at the cup 4-5th’s full . . . . this is going to be an exciting year to come!

  • broncojohn

    Change is in the air. Let’s face it Shanny was good but he didn’t respect the defense and he let it go which was his undoing. The Broncos sucked the last three years and he deserved getting canned. The Cutler trade was suprising but I’d do it if I could get Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers. Cutler says his arm is stronger than Elways and he broke the single season passing record held by Elway and tied by Jake Plummer. But…Elway and Plummer both won more games and appeared in more playoff appearances than Jay. Jay has flashes of Elway but….he isn’t Elway. Heck Jay isn’t even Jake Plummer. Jay is whining and what not I say call Cleveland and make the trade. the ravens won a superbowl with Trent Dilfer and tampa won one with Brad Johnson . Dan Marino set records and never won anything. Dan did sell a lot of isotoner gloves though. Lol I will qoute San Francisco 49ers new head coach Mike Singletary ” I want winners!” That’s what I want not a spoiled brat like Cutler who hasn’t done squat! Make the trade and let’s win a Superbowl. New England west? 3 superbowls a dynasty? I’d take that over Cutler anyday.