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Published on 03/02/2009 at Mon Mar 02 09:41.
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Jay Cutler (AP Photo)

Jay Cutler (AP Photo)

An interesting tidbit nugget bombshell in Peter King‘s latest edition of MMQB regarding the Jay Cutler fiasco over the weekend – Cutler might have asked the Broncos for a trade after offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates moved on to USC.

I heard one other interesting thing Sunday: Cutler asked for a trade shortly after the Broncos lost offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates — Cutler’s confidant — to USC after the season. So maybe both sides need to go into marriage counseling here.

There are conflicting reports that Head Coach Josh McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders shopped Cutler instead of simply listening to offers. This would add some reliability to those reports.

I don’t know what to think. Either way, the Broncos brass should have never even listened to trade offers for Cutler. King is an excellent reporter; there’s no doubt he heard this from somewhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he needed to hear it twice before putting it to print. This fiasco keeps getting stranger and stranger; the second I think I have my head around it somewhat, even in the least, the latest report throws me for a loop. I don’t know how the Broncos and Cutler recover from this.

  • merc22

    Why hasn’t there been a press conference about this? I want to hear bowlen, xanders, or McD to say something about this issue.

  • (dee)

    Has anyone seen the story on ESPN regarding Cutler … “Quit Cryin Cutler?”… I loved it …Cutler the new Brett Favre? Wait … Brett actually wins games … ZING!

  • Elway 4 ever

    “merc22” I’m thinking the same thing. They could have put an end to all the speculation and the story would go away. Since neither side seems to want to talk, maybe a trade is in the works.

    It sucks to have a new coach come in and dismantle the best young offense in the league.
    What’s next Clady doesn’t fit the NE mold.

  • CK

    I can not believe this has become a discussion. I wish someone from Dove Valley would have a press conf to put this thing to rest. Franchise QBs are hard to come by and those who want Jay shipped out of here must quickly forget the period between John retiring and Jay arriving when we didnt have one. Give this guy some D and hell start winning. Jays the man…Go Broncos

  • Mark

    Fire Josh –
    1) Can NOT evaluate talent (Cutler is better than Elway at year 3 & better than Cassel will ever be
    2) He has NO integrity – what player will ever trust him
    3) Last I checked he has won NOTHING

  • Joe

    Well it’s hard to have a meeting when Jay is not in Denver. I say they will meet up as soon as Jay gets to Denver. And yes, I know that he could easily fly there anytime he wants to. I say it happens sometime throughout this week and all this shit gets taken care of. Jay will be a Bronco. Jay will remain a Bronco. Jay will be the Bronco’s QB in the long future to come.

  • (dee)

    Elway 4 Ever

    We all know this is all happening so Denver can draft Jack Elway … It makes so much sense.

    Ok back to reality …. look this is kinda stupid now … Cutler is pouting and if I was McDaniels I’d really question his mental makeup I mean come on … get over yourself. Also with Brandon Marshall getting arrested I think McDaniels actually looks better. McDaniels SOLE interest is winning game, and neither Cutler or Marshall is helping him do that. Either Cutler gets on board right now or we trade his ass. Marshall is gone for 8 games , so Eddie Royal will have to be big for us this year.

    (kicking and punching the woman who supposedly is responsible for you “maturing” as a man, isnt going to impress the Commish. Lets call a spade a spade .. B Marsh likes to hit women)

  • J

    The Denver Broncos agreed to a two-year, $5 million contract with San Francisco 49ers free agent defensive tackle Ronald Fields,

  • (dee)

    J –


  • merc22

    Just watched total access, Schefter said cutler wont be traded( i believe him). Cutler will forget about this by us going 4-0 this season, and a nice contract. But i still have this feeling like 5% that he will be traded

  • J


  • J

    Just to add:

    The Denver Broncos agreed to a two-year, $5 million contract with San Francisco 49ers free agent defensive tackle Ronald Fields, according to a league source.

    The 6-foot-2, 315-pound defensive lineman played in all 16 games last season. He was credited with 19 tackles, according to

    In four NFL seasons, the former Mississippi State player has registered 75 tackles and one sack.


    More on Fields with a positive review from

    Broncos agreed to terms with DT Ronald Fields on a two-year, $5 million contract.
    The rest of the league missed the boat on Fields, who is 27, 6’2/321, and can play both tackle and end. He gives new DC Mike Nolan a realistic option to play nose tackle in 3-4 looks. Save career special teamer Darrell Reid, Fields is the Broncos’ first upside signing of the offseason. All their other pickups have been 29 or older, including the long snapper.

  • Andy

    Why is it every time I open broncotalk I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Geez, what a mess.

  • Fan From Spain

    where is Jay hiding out these days? Indiana?

  • NathanH

    Good signing. Nolan must have felt comfortable with his potential if he was willing to bring him in, and a big body like that can’t hurt at this point with the switch to the 3-4 considering our personell.

    I like that he’s versatile enough to play end as well.

  • J

    Ward signed with Tampa :(

  • msc11

    I just read that jason taylor has been released, i personally think he is the kind of player that denver could use to mentor all the young defensive players. Yes he has commitment issues, but a change of scenario could do wonders to this guy. He was once a top 5 guy at this position, and only a few years from solid numbers. Do you think denver can dig dip and wheel this guy in?

  • broncoNM

    I personally think we have picked up enough guys that are 30+ in age. I dont think we should persue Taylor. I have noticed that there are still some quality safties on the market i.e. Leonhard, Sean Jones, Jermaine Phillips… Do you guys think we might try and add a younger safety for insurance/depth or for some competition? Or just wait for the draft? How many more guys do you think we may sign?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Gawd! It’s been what, two days? Let the Cutler issue simmer for a couple more! It’ll be ok. Fields was a great sign, now we can take a chance in the draft rather than go for the average but sure starter. I like the idea of bringing in Taylor if he really wants to play (only)

    BTW Cutler should get his azz in to talk quickly but no need to come a-runnin’! He was lied to. Any of you want to deny that? He was shopped. How could they even try to run that he wasn’t?!!
    But he was kept. He needs to come in.

  • postalmoose

    It is now known that Jay Cutler demanded a trade and threw a fit when Shanahan was fired and Jeremy Bates went to USC. Did you hear that he demanded to be traded! So why when a deal for Cassel comes up wouldn’t the Broncs look into it? I have been saying since this story broke that this was all Jay’s making with his petulant whining and if the relationship between him and the Broncos is strained it is solely his fault. Josh McDaniels knows this isn’t going to work because of Jay and was doing what he needed to do for the betterment of the team. Sounds to me like Jay is the one that needs to apologize but I say ship him down the road!

  • Joe

    I have watched videos from reporters saying that they have talked to Jay and he wanted to emphasize that he did not demand to be traded. That bullshit all came from the idiots off of ESPN. I just watched a thing on Jay this morning, and it was his voice being played. He said that he knows a lot of things can happen now until the draft, but he has a feeling that he would be a Bronco next season. That was on channell seven this morning, where I also learned about the Marshall thing. Jay is not going anywhere

  • Joe

    Watch. Learn. Listen. Love.
    Shefter says he’s not going anywhere.
    Yes, the Adam Shefter.

  • Rob Bronco

    I’ve had lots of time to stew over this the past few days, and my position has changed because I’ve had a chance to review a lot more of the story.

    Memo to JC: Dude, you’re not even a .500 QB! Seriously! The Broncos have had their asses kicked pretty bad over the past few years, and haven’t seen a playoff game since 2005. Our defense was unspeakably awful last season. Our famed head coach is gone. Our star wide receiver spends more time on “COPS” than on the football field. We went through SEVEN running backs last season. So why are you so surprised that the Broncos might be trying to trade you? McDaniels is trying to put together the best team he can in an effort to WIN. He’s seen you on film, and he saw you play when the Broncos got their asses handed to them in a 41-7 loss to the Pats in 2008. He has spent time with Matt Cassel and knows that he has a ton of upside. Do you really think that no one should ever even CONSIDER the notion of trading you? Yes, it’s true… you have raw talent. But franchise quarterbacks lead – all the time. Not just when the team is winning or when the season is fresh and new. Leaders lead during the worst of times. Leaders lead during times of change, and times of turmoil. If you want to be the quarterback of the future for the Denver Broncos (or any other team), then stop this bs and come to the table and lead this team the way they need to be led. And if you’re not going to lead, then get the hell out of the way so that we can find someone who leads both on and off the field.

  • NathanH

    What Schefter says happens. Ignore ESPN once he’s spoken.

  • conductormann

    Tampa signed Koutouvides.

  • Waylon

    What a mess…. This and the Ike Marshall saga have completely ruined my week.

    Of all the conspiracy theories I’ve considered, I think Candide’s makes the most sense. Also, I wouldn’t underestimate the role of Buss Cook in all of this. He wants his payday now, with Jay coming off of a pro bowl season. Buss knows that Jay’s numbers are likely to dip next year while he learns a new offense, which will lower his market value just before he re-ups. Buss wants a deal now and I wouldn’t be surprised if Buss told the Bucs and Lions to call Denver himself. It’s pretty clear from all of his quotes in the media today that he’s in no hurry to resolve this.

    Regardless of who’s to blame, both sides have completely neglected the fans in all of this, and I find that very troubling.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Trade the cry baby…holy freaking sh**…just shut up and play…all the freaking auto workers are just hoping toyota buys their company so they all just have jobs…freaking cry baby doesn’t know how damn good he has it.

  • Jordan C

    Not related.

    But, since the Dolphins cut veteran DE Holliday, who had a great year last year, would anyone else be interested in the Broncos signing him?

    He’s 33, but he had a good year last year and he’s one more 3-4 guy that could play right away. Plus, he was a team captain for the Fins.

  • jj

    Cutler to the titans for bullock and young.

  • Tim Cabello

    The bottom line is that Culter nor the Offense needed anytype of work this off-season. It was the Defense. Cassel is a good QB but he had a great Offense and Defense to help him win the games that he did. Cutler had to work with a hurt-RB situation and a horrible Defense and still made it to the Pro-Bowl. Josh is crazy and the executives are crazy for even considering trading Jay. Josh just had one job to do this year and that was building the Defense…which he has done so far… but to dismantle a proven strong offense at the same time is just plain stupid. As much as I hated hearing the news of Mike losing his job I gave Josh a chance and so far I am not too sure about ability to take us to the next level.

  • hdeca

    I told you so!!! Finally redemption is mine. All I have to say is 13-3, One Game from the Super Bowl, Jake Plummer, and Frat Boy Cutler. Now that I have that off my chest it feels so good. Look for me at the next home game with my Plummer Jersey and a laugh for all you Bandwagon losers in your new Cutler jerseys. This kid has a strong arm, bad hair, no deep ball touch, bad attitude, and has never won anything. LOSERS

  • NathanH

    Hahahahahhahaahha, Vince Young is 10x the head case Cutler is, and doesn’t have half the talent. I’m sorry but we all need to seriously just take a deep breath, and realize that this thing will work itself out. It’s March 2nd, preseason isn’t even for 6 months, relax guys. Jay’s upset, its been 2 days, he’ll calm down, the FO will resolve it. If Schefter says he’s not getting traded, than I wouldn’t even worry about any draft day offers.

  • Biggen

    I love Cutler as a Bronco but come on man. Thousands have been laid off, me included and he whines when the front office listens to a business proposal. This, “I didn’t get picked first so now I don’t wanna play” crap reminds me of the fifth grade.

    Let’s say the front office wanted Cassel and a 1st and second or Cassel, a pick and a player or two. It is a value business and sometimes you take a slight step back at one position for the overall improvement of the team. It is obvious they did not get the value they wanted to part with Jay and for that he should be flattered. Nobody in Denver wanted the straight up deal of Cassel to Denver, Cutler to Tampa and Tampa’s 1st to New England or it would have happened. The Pats settled for a second and threw in Vrabel for goodness sake. It was a bad deal for the Broncs and they passed.

    Cutler not coming in to clear the air really puts me on tilt. That is simply poor leadership. We love him for being a leader and it is a requirement of the role. It is fine to be pissed but to hide and pout is just immature and wrong. Not to mention he is fine with whining to the press but not to those who have reached out to fix it.

    I am a lifelong Bronco fan and spent my youth daily watching camp in Greeley. I want every Bronco to sincerely want to be a Bronco. You suck it up for your teammates Jay! You suck it up for the fans that are paying you Jay!

  • T-Money

    Holy Freaking Crap JJ-

    Cutler for Young?! You thought Cutler was being immature. Vince had to go to therapy with his parents and his coach.

    If cutler doesn’t grow some ball, man up to his responsibilities, take some pride in his carrer in Denver… and he continues to act like a child with the organization, then… He could very well be packing. But personally I think we have beat the dead horse long enough… let EVERYBODY get some space (if you have ever been in a relationship you should know that LIMITED time and space is generally a good thing) cool off the jets and let the next few days pan out.

  • Rick

    I think this article just about sums everything up.

  • mikebirty

    Hey what’s up? Nearly 24 hours have gone by without anything happening to the Broncos. No trade demands, no arrests, no free agency signings. Another 24 hours like this tomorrow and then another few weeks of them until the draft and then everything will be better.

  • Steve W

    Cutler needs to grow up and do it now. He has let this get way out of hand. He’s acting like a spoiled high school jock. Here’s a message to Cutler, when you take a team to a Superbowl on your own back then you can act like you own this franchise up to this point you haven’t taken a team to the playoffs so shut up and do your job. One other thing is there seems to be one heck of a lot more Cutler fans around here then Bronco fans.

  • Indiana Bronco Fan

    Bring back Jake Plummer. At least he had a winning record. This guy has been a pain since he was drafted. The only problem is, what QB is out there that would replace him. Not in this year’s draft, not on the free agent market, and nobody will trade a proven winner to Denver. I just want them to win, I don’t care about Cutler’s ego. He isn’t John Elway, we won’t see another Elway maybe ever again. I remember Floyd Little and he hasn’t risen again either. Just “Go Broncos, Go!!!”

  • Jim

    Train Wreck!!!!

  • NathanH

    Rumors say Cutler for Quinn, Rodgers, 3rd?,145345

    I really, really love Jay Cutler’s ability, and don’t want to trade him. This is making me all really sad. Its going to be so much different watching the team next year if we trade him. You can say goodbye to B-Marsh if we trade Jay too, thats his guy.

  • Biggen

    NathanH, we can say goodbye to Marshall if Cutler goes? What a load a hooey. You and Cutler are too peas in a pod and do not understand the “Business” of football. I believe for all his shortcomings that Brandon does. He gets to be the man in a pass first offense that created the leagues best numbers ever in Brady and Moss in 2007. Loyalty is fine and all but winning is what matters. Marshall will be a Bronco for as long as they allow him to be.

  • T-Money

    If you find a trade rumor about cutler… just keep of off here… Stoping reading this crap.

  • Florida Bronco Fan4Life

    It’s been very hard for me lately to Understand what Our Beloved Denver Broncos are doing, 1st they let go of 1 of the most MASTERMINDED coaches that has ever coached, Then they Hire Kids to Coach our team, and play a Dreadfull Hand on Hold’em with 1 of the most Hall of Fame Potential QB’s in the league that may i add has the strongest ARM since the names of Marino, and of Coarse our John Elway have played the game. No disrespect to you Mr. Bowlen its time too FOLD your YOUNG Dreams of running this team and Go BACK to WHAT GOT DENVER ON THE MAP. MASTERMIND COACHES Not MIND BOGGLING IDIOTIC Coaches before you lose a lot of money in your operations and ticket sales. I would hate to see that in such a story Franchise. We are not the Patriots, We are the BRONCOS we have our OWN SYSTEM dont need theres.

  • 55CJ55

    I would hate to see Cutler get traded. He brings so much passion to the team. It would be a terrible decision to trade him. But if worst comesto worst…then I say we trade him to Detriot for the #1 pick and get us guy who can handle drama…like Matt Stafford.

  • aldo

    He was just talking out of rage because he was promised they would keep bates. but then they had to go and piss him off again by trying to trade him behind his back. good i just really hate Mcdumbass

  • Toni Russell

    I am sickened with the back handiness that is going on with the Broncos right now. I DO NOT want Cutler to go. I am really starting to wonder about the coach and the front office now. without trust in a team as a whole, you have nothing!

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  • Mr.East

    Don’t you just love the media distorting everything for the sake of ratings?