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Published on 01/17/2009 at Sat Jan 17 17:15.
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Josh McDaniels’ phone has probably been blowing up as of late. Between the lack of communication of his quarterback and all the hiring he’s done lately, I’m sure he hasn’t had enough time to sleep.

Im sure all Denver fans were wondering when Cutler would finally talk to McDaniels and release a statement about his hiring. Well Denver fans we are half way there. According to the Denver Post McDaniels and Cutler played phone tag for awhile before actually having a conversation. Lets hope that Cutler is as excited as McDaniels is

“We had a great conversation about where we’re going, what we’re going to do and some of the things we’ve done in New England in the past and some of the things they did here. We had a very, very lively conversation. I can’t wait to meet him.”

Another positive thing the Denver Post reports McDaniels mentioned is the importance of a growing a rapport with Cutler.

“McDaniels told reporters Monday that establishing a relationship with Cutler will be important to him, and that he intends to work closely with the quarterbacks.”

Now I don’t know what that means for Jeremy Bates who was given permission to interview with Oakland, but it doesn’t look exactly too bright.

However, the future is looking bright for the new hires Ed Donatell and Adam Gase. These hires will be the new secondary coach and receivers coach respectively.

Good news for Rick Dennison and Bobby Turner, because they both will stay on the coaching staff. Turner will keep his old job as the running backs coach and Dennison will take a demotion to the offensive line coach, even though he will most likely being doing the same job he did last year. 

McDaniels will now work hard on hiring an new offensive coordinator. It is rumored that McDaniels is trying to hook in Mike McCoy, who is the Panthers Quarterbacks/Passing coordinator. 

Denver fans what are your thoughts? Is Mike McCoy fit for the job? Where will Jeremy Bates end up? Speak up!

  • Garrett Barnes

    I heard that Jim Schwartz over at Detroit is considering Bates as their Offensive coordinator. I wouldn’t mind that because I would like to see him do big things but I would not be able to stand it if he went to the Raiders.

  • Dan Myers

    I do not see an issue with Jeremy Bates leaving. A change for Cutler may be just right.
    With Rick Dennison staying, IMO the zone blocking stays as the base.
    Defensively it looks like a house-cleaning. Gone will be Robertson, Ekuban, Peterson, and Webster. Pay cuts to stay are Koutouvides, Bailey, and Bly. Barret, Williams, Bell, Woodyard, Larsen, and Thomas have value to build on.
    What do you do with Moss and Crowder. Can they play end in the 3-4? Can they play OLB in the 3-4? LOL on this one.

  • jvill

    Honest question: Why can’t Jeremy Bates stay? Just because he wouldn’t be able to call the plays? But he’d still be offensive coordinator on a high powered offense. Once he learned McDaniels scheme (maybe a year or so) he might get the playcalling back. Why jump ship?

    Or is McDaniels uninterested in keeping him?

    I assume I’m just missing something.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Jvill my guess is bates was too close to shanny and what shanny did/does, so Bowlen wants a shake up I think bates has got to go too. Just my 2 cents though. Also why would McCoy be the guy what has he done? Not like the panthers O is very good?

  • steve


    please trade for julius peppers.

    thank you

  • CJ

    Forget a trade please just sign the freakin guy denvers d line is embarrising!

  • Ian Henson

    Peppers wants to play for a team that has a 3-4 defense. I guess that’d be a good way to start, Carolina is most likely going to get Franchised though and like Steve said a team will most likely need to trade for him.

  • T reports Carolina Panthers DL Julius Peppers is looking to leave the team as a free agent this offseason. “The front office has been informed of my desire to explore opportunities with other NFL teams following the expiration of my contract next month,” Peppers said in a statement released by his agent Carl Carey. “At this point in my NFL career, I am seeking new challenges that will allow me to grow, develop and reach my personal potential on the football field. I strongly feel that making a move at this time is in my best interest. I appreciate the entire Panthers organization and am thankful for the seven seasons I’ve spent with the team.” The Panthers would have to pay Peppers nearly $17 million if they were to place the franchise tag on him for the 2009 season.

  • jchase8410

    In case anyone doesn’t know anything about mike McCoy, here is his bio

  • jchase8410

    Oops, sorry Mr. East. I guess you had that link in toe article, I just missed it on the first read through.

  • East

    Haha Jchase… I always look forward to your loyal comments. I feel like I should change my display name to Mr.East. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Broncoholic

    I think Mr East sounds good. Especially when you are addressing McDaniels with solid advise.

  • Kurtis

    Have you heard anything of we’re they’re trying to go in the draft? ESPN mock drafts have them taking Beanie Wells. Sure we had a ton of injuries but do we really need a RB in the first round? Young, Torain, Bell, Hillis… just seems like they wouldn’t go that way. Also, while on running backs, is Tatum Bell have a new future after his performance in the final game?

  • dbroncos

    Is there any chance that you guys (people running the site) can get in on the ground floor and make connections with him. I dont know if you guys are based on Denver but that would be awesome if you coud.

  • robtink242

    Out of all of our speed back if anyone should stay it should be tatum bell. He’s by no chance the best back but, he stays healthy and gives good effort every game.

  • flbronc

    maybe i have a more college mindset, but i assumed that whoever was the oc would be the qb coach…. that seems a logical fit. i even thought that McD would potentially want that role until the qb’s had a full grasp on the system. as for mccoy, even after reading his bio i dont have many feelings one way or the other. sounds good, but i dont really like the performance of delhome. he’s solid in my book, but not great.

  • Anthony33

    Awesome, Austin

    I think you hit the nail on the head Bates being too close to Shanahan for comfort. We really don’t have the insight to know if he was a good OC or not, but I can understand Bates wanting a fresh set of ears and a complete willingness to move forward with his ideas. I assume that’s why Bowlen hired him.

    Can’t wait for the draft, the first mini camp, July and finally August. Screw the baseball season and let’s get this show on the road.

    Jmac kind of reminds me of the HC in AZ right now, Ken Whisenhut (sp), and that’s good. I think he will bring a much needed ‘toughness’ to this team that has been built too much on finesse. Time to start knocking some people down.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    This calmes me down a bit. Keeping Turner and Dennison is vital..

    Now; DEFENSE!

  • http://Broncotalk Ben

    I don’t love McCoy either, especially with Delhomme’s troubles in his last game. However, it’s not like the OC will have much to say in the direction of this offense, and I do expect McDaniels to work closely with the QB’s. Also, I’m surprised and saddened at the firing of the Broncos Wr’s coach, Jedd Fisch. A couple more things I would love the Broncos draft Malaluga with that 12 pick or even Laurinitis in the 2nd or late 1st rounds. A NT would be great to. Here’s an article from comcast, it also talks about Pepper’s willingness to play OLB in a 3-4

  • http://Broncotalk Ben
  • Richard

    Peppers would be excellent, if we can afford him. He’s going to break someones bank, do we want that to be us?

    We’re going to be drafting a lot of D players and picking up a few free agents. One FA that I would like to see here is Dunta Robinson. We could get rid of Bly and upgrade at the same time. We also need Free Safety help. J Peppers would eat up all the $$ we have to upgrade. Is one guy that important? I don’t think so, but I’m willing to listen to other opinions.

  • MIAbronco


    the reason that so many mock drafts are having us take a running back is because they view it as a major need for us, but they are looking in from the outside and nine times out of ten don’t realize that we have a plethera of running backs in our stable and there is a good chance that at least 2 of them will fit in with mcds system (hillis and bell come to mind). i honestly see a defensive heavy draft but i wouldnt be suprised if mcd drafts a few offensive players to fit his scheme, which is a pass heavy offense, but as of now our pass blocking is THE BEST in the nfl if you couple it in with jay c’s mobility. i could see them drafting a receiver in the middle runds to supplant stokely when he retires but that may be it, i also see them taking a qb in the later rounds. remember you heard it here first.

  • Roy

    I have a feeling that if Peppers does not get franchised, we will bring him in for a talk. Because of what we are trying to do here, the coaches (for him Nolan could entice) we have in place, maybe they could talk him into an incentive laden contract that is considerably less than what we all think. Maybe that is just a pipe dream though.

    Besides Peppers there are other huys out there. Some that will cost big money, and some…not so much. Some DL are Haynsworth, Babibeaux, and Harris. LB’s are Crowder (doubt he will leave miami though), Farrior, Peterson, Scott, and Vilma. For Safety there is Dawkins, Elam, and Rhodes. All will probably be talkede about and any could save us a draft pick on that spot.

    We will still use at least on pick on OL, maybe 2 depending on FA.

  • Roy

    I am not sure Bell will make the final roster. his history of fumblibng will probably be his undoing. Ward from the giants may be a good fit in his system, as he catches and blocks, and so would Sproles. We have all seen what he is capable of.

  • Marv

    I’m impress with bell showing in the last game and would like to see him be retain in a broncos jersey

  • HogBlog

    Things to think about:

    1. Who’s going to be our Dline/LB coaches? That has huge implications.

    2. McDaniels unlike Shanahan is probably not afraid to spend high picks on “Big” players. But Im thinking a playmaker like Jeremy Maclin to add to this talented receivers corp. Does anyone find it interesting that the 2 players on our roster who played in the Patriot’s offense have had nothing to say(D.Graham/Chad Jackson)about Josh McDaniels? He’s already insinuated he sees Royal as another WesWelker. do I! But do you think he goes for a playmaker like Maclin (Return and Reciever) with the 1st pick? Takes Royal out of the ST play.

    3. Julius Peppers will be franchised, and then traded. This guarantees Peppers brings back a 1st and 3rd round pick tp Carolina. We’d love Peppers but not a that $$$ and # of draft picks. We need Rey Maualuga to move inside w/DJ.

    4. We must look into the later rounds at huge potential NT’s such as Terrance Taylor (Mich), and Ron Brace(BC). Both are at least in that 325+ range. And they’re projected 3-5 rd

  • East

    USC players are divas… all of them. Rey Maualga is such a punk and I will be so angry if we draft his Erin Andrew humpin ass.,131994

    I’m so glad Taylor Mays went back so we didnt have the chance of drafting that bust.

  • jchase8410

    Peppers has already said that he wants out of Carolinal and their DT is also going to be an UFA. Carolina doesn’t want to lose both of them, and they can only franchise one of them. If they franchise peppers it will cost them 17 mil against their salary cap. I think they will let him go and franchise their DT

  • jchase8410

    And whether or not you make the change to Mr. East…that’s what I call you

  • jchase8410

    As far as McCoy being a good fit, I just don’t see it.He may be a great QB coach, but you judge a guy by his body of work. I haven’t heard or read anything that gets me excited about this guy.

  • T

    I agree with jchase. The McCoy hire is a weird one….

  • T

    I guess if McD wants to call the plays. McCoy I guess would just be a McPuppet

  • Bucky

    Roy don’t forget about Dansby for LB, he would be another major pick up in Free agency.

  • jchase8410

    Mr.East, you will be angry if the broncos draft Maualuga…only until the season starts, and he leads the defense in tackles, and stops every run up the middle IN THE HOLE. After you see that, you will sing his praises.

  • Roy

    East, it may make you mad, but he may be the best player in a position of need on the board when we pick. Unless we trade up there is very little chance of us landing Curry, Brown or Orapko. As it currently stands (before the Senior Bowl or the combine) they should all be picked before we are on the clock. The only other option (in my opinion) is Laurinaitis. Personally, I would rather have him anyway. We will see though.

  • Garrett Barnes

    East, I agree that we did not want Taylor Mays but I think that Maualuga would be a nice pick. Laurinaitis might also be good but Maualuga is a very good player and this is coming from a Notre Dame fan… Also I just read that it is official,McCoy is our OC.

  • Scot

    There is an article in the rocky mountain news that Denver hired a Matt McCoy as the Offensive Coordinator. Link here.
    problem is, his name is really Mike McCoy. Matt is a receiver with Tampa Bay.

    Just in case people are wondering who he is.

  • Horvil Tiki

    maybe he gets the mcoy because dan feeves was all kind of pist off when shanhan do play behind dan reefs back. You know what I say. Dan reefs was like guy, go left, but shanhan tell elways in secret guy go right instead then up. like in tecmo bowl you know what I say. So he not want the bates kid to do this possible. dan reefs was cool in denver he get to a lot of souper bowls never win. but dafted the tommy madox instead of the carl pickened. That was real foul guy.

  • jchase8410

    The world according to Horvil Tiki…I would totally buy that book! LMAO!
    What a great observation about what might have gone through his McMind about Bates.
    Can we start the 2009 season already?!! Come On!!!

  • Anthony33

    I am going to start my list right now of things outside of coaching the brox need to do next year to change the gameday atmosphere.

    1) Stop that stupid “in-com-plete” chant
    2) Stop that stupid “in-com-plete” chant
    2) Stop that stupid “in-com-plete” chant

    Ideas to consider
    1) Start with everyone wearing orange to the game. We used to have orange Sunday’s, why not make every Sunday orange Sunday? Bowlen can’t seem to understand that is our root color, so let’s help him.

    2) Turn our backs to field when the opponent is introduced and make no sound

    3) Something CU used to do. janle your key chain on opponents thrid downs.

    4) Come up wih Bronco lyrics to fit the song ‘we will rock you’ or some othe song that has some passion to it.

    5) Do not bring back ‘rock n roll part 2’ gary glitter.

    6) They used to have a cool depiction of a horse with a lasso and stick a qb in a bag whenever we got a sack…I remember that from years back and loved it.

    7) Wear the orange jerseys at home if the form of the throwbacks with the huge blue stripe on the sleeve with the number in it. Best jerseys we have ever had.

    That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.

    How about starting a list on “bronco-talk” with the hope that maybe the brass will see that now is the time to change everything!!!!! Bombard them with ideas.

  • Anthony33

    Mr East, Kyle and Ian

    Maybe you can guys that take the ball and run with this. They sure as hell don’t look to this site for draft seletions or coaching choices, but if you did this ‘send in your ideas’ for a few weeks and vote on a top ten…who knows.

    Besides, who knows about what die-hard fans want more than actual die-hard fans???

  • HogBlog

    Excuse me…but to categorize all USC players as divas is short sighted. I not even from California or have any ties to USC. But they have great athletes, and Maualuga would be a great fit for us, as would Cushings, May, Mattews.

    I’ve watched Laurinitis, and think he’d be a good fit also, but he just doesnt have that speed and smashmouth approach as does Maualuga. Im done w/DE in the 1st round. This whole Jarvis Moss experiement leaves a bad taste.

    Peppers WILL be franchised just so they can keep him from going to FA without something in return…Franchising achieves both!

  • Nucking Futz

    Peppers it too expensive to franchise! Would be a financial disaster for Carolina if he stayed. I like the idea of getting something in return on a trade, but I think it is too big of a risk.

    USC players are divas! More dancing with the stars material than NFL.

    ‘rock and roll part 2’ and ‘we will rock you’ are equally obnoxious. How about a Ted Nugent ‘Kiss My @ss’ when the opposition scores a TD.

    Think Denver fans should chant ‘COM-PLETE’ whenever an opposing QB completes a pass. To shut the crowd up, then they’d have to play poorly. Way too many career passing days have been had in Denver as of late.

  • Bob W

    Jeremy Bates is going back to school , USC that is to coach the QB’s .

  • Bob W

    Former Broncos QBs coach Jeremy Bates is reportedly headed to USC to take a position on Pete Carroll’s staff.
    It appears Lions coach Jim Schwartz will have to start from scratch in looking for an offensive coordinator. Bates, who called plays for Mike Shanahan’s Broncos in 2008, will tutor a host of QB talent (Matt Barkley, Aaron Corp, and Mitch Mustain) at USC. He’ll probably resurface in the NFL later on. Jan. 19 – 2:03 pm et

  • CJ

    We all no Jay Cutler publicly announced that he would be very upset if Jeremy left. i wonder how Jay will react??

  • Bob W

    Jeremy Bates made the right choice to go back to school at USC , going to the Raiders or Lions ( oh God if those were my only two choices Shoot me now ) . As for crybaby Jay Cutler deal with it life is about changes and so are sports.

  • Roy

    I think Jay will be fine. he may pout and sulk a bit behind closed doors, but when it gets to go time, he will be fine.

  • jchase8410

    The talk of Dom Capers taking a position on our defensive staff can be put to rest. He took a job as a DC for the Packers.

  • robtink242

    i understand Mc D has his own style of offense but damn is shanny gets a gig next season he’ll have all his old staff wait on him. more than like the people MC D cut will end up with the Texans. who record increases every season