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Published on 01/08/2009 at Thu Jan 08 07:00.
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Jason Garrett, Josh McDaniels, Raheem Morris, and Steve Spagnuolo are among seven candidates the Broncos are interviewing this week.  (Getty Images)

Jason Garrett, Josh McDaniels, Raheem Morris, and Steve Spagnuolo are among seven candidates the Broncos are interviewing this week. (Getty Images)

Of all the candidates interviewed or of rumored interest, who tickles your fancy? Who do you want to be the Denver Broncos‘ next Head Coach? Take the poll and dish it out in the comments.

If it were up to you, who would be the Broncos' next Head Coach?

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  • Boisebroncoguy

    Well, since we can’t get Lou Holtz, I would be happy with any of the defensive guys. I voted for Morris, but I think any of them would be good.

  • Fan from Spain

    How much is Spags interested in the Broncos? I know he isn’t going to say anything untill the Giants season is over but do you think Denver would be his #1 choice?

    hope it’s Bowlen’s #1 choice… pleeease get a D coach

  • BH

    I know that our defense is a disaster, but my vote is for McDaniels-Capers. Look at what McDaniels has done with Brady and Cassel. Imagine what he could do with Cutler and Co. I like the style of offense that NE plays, and I would like to see that here. As far as the defense goes, if he brings Dom Capers along with him from NE as Mile High Report is reporting, then I think we would have the help on defense that we need. That would probably mean a painful conversion to a 3-4, but now is the time for change. With all of our draft picks and a few free agents, we might even be able to do it successfully this year.

  • mark

    Steve Spagnuolo or Steele Spagnuolia as I like to call him…

  • Barto51

    Why is Bob Stoops a choice? He’s not going to be even considered for the head coaching job according to the Denver Post.

    I like Spagnuolo, Morris and Dennison as the possible new coaches. I think either one would do well.

  • Dakota fan

    Kerry, where art thou? Waiting for the Broncos to make the DEAD WRONG CHOICE so you can speak up? Come on man- dance on Shanahan’s coaching grave all you want, but join the real Broncos fans and say something good about this whole deal.

    Didn’t think so.

  • SportHess


  • Jordan C

    McDaniels seems like the best choice *if * he hires a great defensive coordinator and keeps the offensive staff. A head coach’s job is not to run the offense or defense; a head coach has to be a judge of people and a good motivator. He clears the big decisions and sets the tone and let’s his people do what they do best.

    You know that if a defensive minded head coach comes in, the pressure will be on them to have direct control over the defense and they won’t be able to focus on the responsibilties mentioned above.

  • troyn

    I voted Mcdaniels, but would be ok with spags or morris as long as they kept the key offensive coaches. This team needs to not forget that their strength is on the offensive side of the ball. The D desparately needs to rebuilt, but not at the expense of the O. With Cutler and the receivers we have, all we really need to do is get the running game going and have a respectable, aggressive defense. We don’t need to turn into a clone of the Giants, Bucs, or Ravens. Watching those defense-first/conservative offense teams is like pulling teeth.

  • broncoNM

    1. Spags
    2. Mccdaniels, morris, frazier
    I like the idea of mccdaniels and a good DC. That could work. I really think any of these 4 guys could improve the team and do a good job but spags is the lead horse in my mind.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Name one successful head coach that was a Belicheck underling. Thats right, you can’t.


  • kerry

    hey Dakota fan:

    i happen to be busy raising newborn twins while you are here running your mouth about things you know nothing about. so ill post when i have a chance to get in depth about the possibility of a new coach. until then, dont worry about what im doing. my wife and twins are damn sure more important then talking about the Broncos choice for a coach.

  • East

    Kerry… are you sure the Broncos aren’t more important? Just kidding.

    Good luck with all of that!

  • T

    For all of you wanting Raheem Morris because of all the “he comes from the Tomlin mold” Just remember Tomlin inherited a Dick Lebeau Defense. Anybody taking this job is inheriting a very poor defense…..

  • mikebirty

    congrats kerry! naming any of them after Shanny ;)

    My choice for coach would be Spags just because he has a funny name. Although I’d probably also settle for Sideshow Raheem.

  • Bucky

    DK- we really havent had sufficient time to judge weather any of the Belicheck underling will be a success, given the fact that 9 out of the last 10 Superbowl winning head coaches have won it on their 2nd job. I am not sure that the issue is Belicheck underlings, what i am wondering if it is underlings overall, I know they are the hot commodity right now, but i am still wondering if maybe we should be looking at some of these former Head Coaches, maybe at least getting them in the mix.

  • East

    Very true Bucky, but you said it yourself… hey did it on their second job. This would be McDaniel’s first.

    And Weiss couldn’t even cut it in college.

  • Dakota fan

    Hey Kerry- lighten the hell up a little. I got nothing against you, your wife or your twins and I enjoy sparring with you over the Broncos.

    I love this team, but I watch them sixteen times a year, read the blogs and the sports pages for 15-20 minutes a day and it isn’t my life. I’m having fun blogging with people who share a common interest and I’m trying to forget about Middle East violence, the economy and other problems in the world for just a few minutes a day. So if you take this personally or that damn seriously, you need to cool your freakin’ jets.

  • plato68

    Spag is the man hands down

  • Bronco FaninTX

    Spagnuolo, Morris, or Frazier – the offense isn’t what needs fixin’

  • Bronco FaninTX

    Dennison, Spagnuolo, Morris, or Frazier – the offense isn’t what needs fixin’

  • Bronco FaninTX

    DEFENSE: Dennison, Spagnuolo, Morris, or Frazier

  • Bronco FaninTX

    DEFENSIVE Guy – Dennison, Spagnuolo, Morris, or Frazier

  • East

    What? Why did you post this 4 times different ways?

    By the way Dennison is an offensive guy.

  • Kyle

    His comments were all waiting in moderation before. Now you’re good to go TX.

  • MikeY55

    1st off congragulations to kerry for hopefully bringing in 2 new future bronco fans to the world!
    but number 2 i haven’t scene a post but bill romanowski supposly wants to be the next headcoach… are you kidding me ? the guy is a dud.. great linebacker for us but a complete nut case and he legitamtly think he has a shot

  • BroncoinVA9986


  • Pat Leigh

    I think John Elway!! The Bronco’s need someone out of the box who would and could boost their ego’s.