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Published on 01/04/2009 at Sun Jan 04 00:09.
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Mike Shanahan looks on during the Broncos loss to the Panthers. (Getty Images)

The big rumor hot off the presses at ESPN is that Jerry Jones is still committing to Wade Phillips for next season, but if they do not have success in the post season the team will bring in Mike Shanahan as the head coach for 2010.  Mike did sound like he could be taking some time off before moving on to another coaching position.  Also, it makes sense for the Cowboys financially if they hire Mike for the 2010 season.

Because his contract had three years remaining, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen owes Shanahan $20 million. Any owner who hires Shanahan could pay him a lower salary than the estimated $7 million a year he’s owed and Bowlen would be obligated to pay the balance of that “offset.”

Jerry Jones is committed to a three year plan with Phillips and Garrett as the OC.  But if Garrett lands one of the head coaching positions available in NFL this off-season, Jones may jump early and bring in Shanahan for 2009.  Jones would like Wade to stay on as the defensive coordinator but reports say that would be unlikely.  Wade Phillips has to be thinking to himself “deja vu all over again”.

Shanahan told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that unless the perfect situation presented itself he would probably sit out the 2009 season.  Along with financial and timing aspects of the situation Jones and Shanahan hold the same affection for QB Tony Romo.  Shanny offered Romo more money as an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinois than the Cowboys, but the QB still decided to sign in Texas.  Could we be seeing our former head coach in Mile High as the opponent next season?  How odd would it be for Shanny to be on “The Boys” sideline with Garrett commanding the Orange and Blue?  The rumor mill is churning hard.

  • East

    This may be likely… but ESPN is the same place that said the Broncos were very interested in Stoops… who hadn’t ever been contacted.

  • Josh Temple

    I agree, but something in my gut told me that Jerry Jones would be very interested once Shanny became available. He could be that last piece they need to go all the way if he can control that ego monster.

  • broncoNM

    This seems very likely. I would say right now this has 80% truth to it. Atleast he would be in the nfc.

  • East

    As likely as this is we all need to remember that is completely just ESPN analysts spewing crap out for reads.

  • AtwaterFan27

    Poor Wade, this would be the 2nd time that Mike Shannahan has replaced him as head coach.

  • There’s a Rat

    The Censorship here is unbelievable. I bet you all fly Confederate flags as well !! Well, you are Bronco Fans.. As fake as it gets!! Hell, I wouldn’t want the truth either!!

  • There’s a Rat

    The inbreeds of Mile High at Elway Field!! It is going to be so much fun watching you bottome feed off of the AFC west!! Top 3 picks for a long time!! I just can’t wait to laugh at all of the 2 and 14’s that are coming!! They are coming and they are coming hard!! Pat Bowlen is a Scheister!! You Fool’s!!

  • There’s a Rat

    Can’t speak the Truth……..Put the Pat Bowlen binocs on and Censor!! You Bronco fans live in Glass Houses!! Craig Morton for Pres!! That is when the first of you fakes started!!

  • There’s a Rat

    You can reach me at

  • BroncoinVA9986

    YOu can’t trust what the four letter says. If Jay Glasier or Adam Schefter hasn’t reported it than it is not a big story or even a story. Jay Claton gets the C grade stories while Chris Mortenson gives you the second rate stories….Ask Dan patrick he will tell you about how espn steals stories…..but on other thoughts remember what saban said about LSU than said about Miami……well he is wearing red and being another SEC apologist.

  • Steve

    After Shanahans dealings with an owner like Al Davis, does anyone think he’s going to get involved with a meddling owner like Jerry Jones? I wouldn’t think so.

  • Shawn


    Seeing Shanahan in a Cowboys jacket would be like seeing your ex girlfirend with another guy. Mabey more like a divorce; 14 years is a long time to be dating.

    This is why you should never burn your bridges. The NFL is so inbread that you are either going to work for or with one of your former assistants. Head coaches become GM’s or coordinators (see Rey Rhodes) and assistants become HC’s. Don’t they have some rule about dating their cousins in the NLF?

  • AtwaterFan27

    Just realized that the guy posting under the cover of “theres a rat” is a moron, and should commit suicide on principle alone.

  • SanDiegoBroncoFan55

    what about the colts? if dungy quits there is going to be an opening with the colts, so unless they hire an in-house candidate, the colts would certainly be a perfect situation for shanny……dang thatd be nice for him….LETS GET SPAGS!!!!!! and then get taylor mays!!! or draft the entire USC LBs..i dont know why but i get mote hyped up during the off-season sometimes then during the regular season cuz then i can dream about how good we COULD be rather than how bad we really are at defense. We’ll get there though…GO BRONCOS!!!