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Published on 12/22/2008 at Mon Dec 22 13:01.
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The Chargers and Broncos re-ignite one of the NFL's freshest rivalries on Sunday night. (Getty Images)

The Chargers and Broncos re-ignite one of the NFL's freshest rivalries on Sunday night. (Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos (8-7) will appear on Sunday Night Football for the first time this year as they travel to the San Diego Chargers (7-8) in the final week of the regular season. Kickoff is set for 6:15pm MST.

It’s effectively a playoff game for the two teams – the winner will be AFC West champs and survive to face the fifth seed Indianapolis Colts (11-4) in the first week of the playoffs. The loser will be eliminated from the playoffs.

The Broncos are facing the possibility of holding the sole division lead from Week One through Christmas only to lose it in the final week, a designation I’m sure Mike Shanahan has no desire to add to his resume.

I’m scrounging for tickets for this one, folks. The first Broncos game I ever saw was in this stadium when I was eight years old, and the Broncos lost (in 1992), so I’m aiming for payback, with 15 years interest.

  • jeremy

    it wont be hard to get tickets, they are all over ebay. But good luck wearing broncos gear to a chargers game. I got my hat ripped off my head, and a charger fan poured a beer over my head. It was embarrassing. happened in front of my wife. And we lost the game. Its much safer to watch at home. Go Broncos

  • Kyle

    Finding a 4-pack is proving to be tough, though. Damn last-minute eBay bidders…

  • Broncoholic

    I was at the season finale in SD in 05 when we won the division. We won that game and I believe we knocked them out of the wild-card race with that win. We had no troubles like Jeremy experienced. I went with 3 buddies, 2 broncos fans & 1 Bolts fan from SD who now lives here in CO. The stadium was about 60% SD fans & 40% Broncos fans. I was blown away. It is the only game I’ve seen away from Mile High and I couldn’t believe how many Broncos fans there were. My Bolts fan friend said that every game there is like that since SD has so many people from everywhere living there. The Bolts lost but the Q was still rockin with all of us Broncos fans. Most Charger fans were humble in defeat and several wished us luck in the playoffs. On seeing my surprise by wishing us luck in the playoffs, one fan replied, “what, we’re not Raiders fans.” I gained lot of respect for the majority of Bolts fans at that game. Obviously they’re not the same breed of SD fans that post on this site. Judging from my experience, Broncos fans have nothing to fear but some friendly trash talking. I wouldn’t go running my mouth all obnoxious after we win though.