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Published on 12/12/2008 at Fri Dec 12 11:17.
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As the San Diego Chargers continue to struggle, more and more people are searching on Google and other search engines for the phrase “Chargers suck.”

How do we know this? This post, written during our offseason “Smack Talk Week,” has just become BroncoTalk’s all-time most-viewed post. As the season’s gone along, more and more people searching for “Chargers suck” have come across our little corner of the web. Before, our discussion of the missing home field advantage in 2007 was the most-viewed post all time.

BroncoTalk: Not only a source of Broncos news, but a source of Chargers suckage all season long.

  • East

    Hahaha that is priceless!

  • robtink242

    the chargers have been a pretty decent team over the past 4-5 years. But people lets not forget that every other team in our division OWNS the chargers. They were so overrated come on get over it. The Broncos are back and thats final.

  • Jordan

    Nice, I love it…..all Chugger fans can go back to the beaches on Sundays

  • Ian Henson

    lol, very interesting trending and great observation.

  • Matty

    There is also a report that shows more than 1/3 of those inquires were from Denver. Broncos Suck!