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Published on 11/22/2008 at Sat Nov 22 13:52.
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Josh Barrett

Josh BarrettThe Year of the Rookies continues for the Denver Broncos, as the squad announced that they have (finally) promoted seventh round pick S Josh Barrett from the practice squad to the active roster on Saturday.

Running back Alex Haynes, whom the club added last week, was waived to make room for Barrett on the roster.

Barrett (6-3, 225 lbs.) hails from Arizona State University, where he played 47 career games (27 starts) and tallied 174 tackles, six picks, 17 pass breakups and four fumble recoveries. Barrett played in all four preseason games for the Broncos, ranking fourth on the team with 11 defensive tackles and two special teams tackles.

The Broncos are skin deep at safety, especially with Marlon McCree out (see the Broncos-Raiders injury report). The three-headed running back tandem of Peyton Hillis, Tatum Bell, and P.J. Pope got the job done last week, so Haynes is left as the odd man out. I’m excited to see what Barrett can do at safety for the team, even if my expectations are a bit tapered at this point (frankly, our rookie class has spoiled us enough already).

  • dee

    Kyle, give him some love …. hes going to be a good player for us.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Kyle’s right, our rookie class has spoiled us. Even if he’s a normally good rookie it could take 3 or 4 seasons for him to really mature into a good player. But we need some new blood on special teams, since all our best special teams players are seeing plenty of time on the field now.

  • AKscott

    im excited! here’s to a good all around effort tomorrow

  • Thomas

    Yeah I agree with Miles and Kyle, we have been pampered by our rookies so far. It’s nice to see these young men playing their hearts out, looks like Shanny held up in his end of the bargain by drafting good athletes with good character. I’m interested in seeing that this guy can do for us, although, I hope his inexperience doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  • dee

    I believe he just be tested at the safety position in games, we can’t hide these guys. Throw them into the water and they will sink or swim. I love his speed…. and think he’ll be hungry to make an impression….. Marquand is gone after this year and most likely so is McCree.

  • merc22

    Barrett!!!! IM SO HAPPY

  • Marv

    finally now lets see if his good are not

  • Thomas

    yep… i’ll be shocked to say the least if Manuel is on this roster after the season ends.

  • Kyle

    Marlon McCree signed a one-year deal. Marquand Manuel signed a three-year deal. Just FYI.

  • BC

    Yeah maybe now someone will tackle in the secondary. Lowry should sit out and let the rookie show him how to tackle……

  • ryan

    Just curious but does anyone know what his 40 was at the Combine?

  • kerry

    Barrett ran a 40 time of 4.35 at the combine. so by those standards im sure it already makes him the next Steve Atwater according to the lapdog logic most of you use. i mean according to everybody Larsen is so great after a seven tackle game. im sure if Barrett gets 2 tackles tomorrow then he should be inducted into the ring of fame without hesitation.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Man kerry I have never seen you post a positive comment. Not a single one!

  • Marv

    what happen to chad jackson

  • kerry

    what happened to Chad Jackson?? great question! because according to everyone who posts here he was supposed to be so good and make such a difference because he ran a 4.2 at the combine. kind of like Barrett and his 4.35. i guess because a guy can run fast in a straight line he is supposed to be so amazing. one guy even said we should draft a DT because he is MEAN. imagine if we drafted a mean guy who ran fast! that would be the ultimate weapon according to the lapdog press of the Broncos. but hey Shanahan did it so i guess that means the move is great. because according to everyone here, Shanahan is infalible. will someone just step up and hold Shanahan accountable for his bad decisions!? Chad Jackson? he was signed for what? to make sure nobody comes along to steal the bench? Ryan Torain? EVERY scout said he was injury prone, and right on cue Shanahan drafts him and he gets injured. TWICE! Maurice Clarett was a bum, every scout said he was a bum, and what does the genius do?? drafts him with Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs still on the board. cast off the shackles people! be a Broncos fan but also be able to hold the coach accountable. Shanahan could step on a beetle on the sidelines and all of you would wanna throw him a parade for it.

  • ryan

    Wow Kerry maybe you should be on eharmony instead of here, sounds like you need a hug. C. Jackson is going to spend the rest of the year learning how to run routes and be a pro.

    And by your logic Kerry we should also hold Shanahan “accountable” for the best draft classes in both 2006 and 2008.

  • Marv

    kerry got problems. hey any one heard about the kid who over dose on justin tv

  • Roy

    Yea Marv, we heard, but let’s keep this about Broncos. Kerry, people are excited because we have players like McCree and Manuel. Jackson could end up being a good signing for special teams or as a forth reciever. Maybe, they were concerned about the WR’s ability to stay healthy, thats why they added depth.

    Don’t pop off and start crying about depth and needing other positions. When we signed him D-Jax was out with an injury and Stokely had just been knocked out with a concussion. At that point, WR was a position of concern. Safety has been a concern all year. I have a feeling that they drafted this kid with the thought that he would have a year of mentoring from Lynch.

    When that obviously didn’t work out, they were forced to make due with a pair of players that they would have rather had sharing time. Granted, I think this move should have been made sooner, but really, what’s the kid going to do? Allow passes by him? Miss tackles? Play out of position? over pursue? Take bad angles toward the ball carrier? Use poor mechanics? Oh wait, our current safeties already do that. Oh, and kerry? Go get a hug.

  • Matt

    I like the move. I agree manuel and lowry are not the answers we want at the safety position. Because of the lack of talent at the safety position this is a good opportunity to see what he can do. Barrett was projected to go earlier in the draft but had some question marks about his motivation. If he can hop on board with the rest of our rookies he might fit in great. C jackson has talent. Its worth a shot to see if he can solve our issues at depth for our WR. He is still young and with some grooming he might workout great. Worth a shot.

  • Matt

    I still wouldnt mind seeing us draft a safety in the 1st rd of next yrs draft.

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    Barrett was dominant at times for the Sun Devils but yes people have questioned his heart. I would think though that the way our rookies have played would inspire anybody to come with “it”. Plus this isn’t college and this isn’t ASU. As for MM and MM, a like McCree a lot better than Manuel. Manuel takes such bad angles, looks slow, and misses open field tackles. Lowry usually tackles opponents but gets dragged for four yards further in the process. A play making safety is definitely our biggest need followed by D-Line and more depth across the whole defense. Also dependy on how Lichtensteiger or however you spell his name is panning out at center we need to address interior O line as well because Tommy is probably done and Casey is nearing the end.

  • John616

    Personally, I’m glad Barrett is finally getting back on the field for us. Time to see what these young guys can do. We already know what M & M can (or can’t) do. As far as the D goes, get some guys in there that play with some passion. There’s only one way to find out if they can play, get their butts in there. Problem with this D was, and is, that we need playmakers.