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Published on 10/23/2008 at Thu Oct 23 13:00.
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Ryan Torain (AP Photo)

TorainThe bye week has always been Denver Broncos rookie running back Ryan Torain‘s target week to see the football field. The elbow injury he suffered in training camp has sidelined him all season, but practicing last week was a good sign that Torain would be ready soon.

If his latest blog post is any indication, Torain is ready to go. Now. He’s spending his bye week with the training staff, preparing for a debut Sunday in Week 9 against the Miami Dolphins.

Torain says if his number is called, he knows he’ll be ready.

I don’t know if my number is going to be called against Miami when we’re back at home. All I know is I’ve just got to stay focused, stay on top of my game, and if Coach does call my number I know I’m going to be ready 100 percent.

With Selvin Young sidelined and Andre Hall‘s recent batch of fumble-itis, Torain’s debut couldn’t come at a better time. Michael Pittman has been running very well lately, but when he needs to be spelled, Torain would provide a dynamic 1-2 punch. Give him between 5-10 carries next Sunday, and let’s see what this kid can do.

  • LorDog

    I just read this in the Rocky Mountain News. I hope the whole team isn’t eating the same BS pie that Paymah is!
    Karl Paymah, because of his experience over rookie Jack Williams, figures to get the first shot to replace Champ Bailey at left corner.

    “I’ve been here four years, and I’m looked to as one of the best on the team,” Paymah said of the challenge ahead. “I’ve been in that position. I’ve started before for Champ. I just have to go in there and not worry about anything but X’s and O’s and have fun.”

    He’s looked to as one of the best on the team? Wow, now that does say a lot.

    I really hope Torain can pick up where he left off in camp..we need a star RB! Come on, Ryan. Make something happen for us!

  • 96isgone

    I watch a lot of the Pac12 games. He was terrific in college and I thought he was a steal where he was picked. If you saw him run in college, then you know he’s well suited to the Bronco’s zone blocking run scheme. He cut like Davis in college.
    Here’s hoping he stays healthy and can perform.

  • T-Money

    I went to ASU, and when he played there he could turn a small dump off screen into a 70 touchdown. He’s quick, smart, and all the Broncos coachs were just as big on him as they were on royal. See how he turned out. He could be the Last piece of the puzzle for our offense. I’m so excited

  • Josh Temple

    /adds to fantasy team

  • thomas

    hmm… anyone else getting the feeling that we’ll be seeing “Houston texans sign RB Andre Hall”