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Published on 10/18/2008 at Sat Oct 18 11:50.
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Broncos (4-2) vs. Patriots (3-2)
Gillette Stadium
Mon, Oct 20, 2008

We want to hear from you – call the winner and the final score for Monday Night’s game in New England. Take the poll and dish it out in the comments. Winner gets week-long bragging rights. Here’s Kyle’s take —

The Broncos enter New England with the 32nd ranked pass defense in the league. Hard to imagine with corners like Champ Bailey and Dre Bly, but the lack of pass rush and trouble at the safety position has really exposed the Broncos defense this season. Will the Patriots be able to take advantage?

Probably not. Just last week the 32nd ranked pass defense came to New England and held the Patriots to 10 points – the San Diego Chargers (now ranked 31st thanks to the game). Matt Cassel and his offensive line couldn’t get the job done.

The Broncos have the #1 offense in the AFC – many question the running game, but the Broncos have the most rushing yards in the AFC, as well as the most passing yards. If they avoid turnovers the Broncos should put up 30-40 points on the Patriots.

The Prediction: Broncos 34, Patriots 21.

Broncos-Patriots, Monday Night - WHO YA GOT?

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  • jchase8410

    I think that the broncos will work diligently this week on securing the ball, and eliminating stupid turnovers. If they succeed in holding onto the ball, the offense should be able to score at will on a terrible defense.

    Now on to the defense. The uninspiring Denver defensive line has a chance to get some pressure on Cassel this week with the injuries to New England’s O-line. If they can make him hurry his throws and not allow him to go all the way through his progressions, Champ and Dre may get to show off their ball skills.

    The Broncos need to make a statement here. They need to say, the chargers scored 30, we’re going to put up 40. Let’s quiet the haters out there.

    Denver 35
    New England 17

  • ryan

    What do you guys think the odds are of Torian getting some PT? I would say about 25% but that is just an educated guess. Might be smart to give him another couple weeks to build strength before bringing him back on.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Torian is not playing my guess. I think the Broncos win 24-17.

  • BroncoFan18

    The Broncos will wake up for this one. The surely worked on turnovers all week and will come prepared. I’m not saying this as a Broncos fan, but as an objective observer. As long as that work pays off, I really feel like we can come away with a win here.

    Offense will have a good day. Defense stuggles, but comes up with plays when it counts. Our defense will bend, but won’t break.

    Broncos 34 Patriots 24

  • Chargerbomb

    You honestly think that the Broncos are gonna win big in a primetime game at the Razor? C’mon, lets get serious here. The Patriots are a proud franchise, and they won’t get humiliated at home on Monday Night Football.

    Patriots 28
    Broncos 17

  • Awesome, Austin

    Pride has nothing to do with it otherwise they would not have lost to a crappy Charger team Chargerbomb hehe

  • bronconinjax

    poor misguided charger fan… He still thinks the chargers are actually gonna do anything this season… Cutler has other things to sy about that… Ask Phillip Rivers.

  • Horvil Tiki

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    Bronco if loosed game is total disgrace patrot has have the cassel shanhan beateds the bellycheck with the brady guy, he can do it. Even with dude where my car Jake plumber. Shanhan pont finger in air he know the winds when fight bellycheck guy even in the gellet stadiat. Foxburro right across street where shanon Sharps call in natonal guard for air strike on patrtoi. Shanhan black mark on record of bellycheck guy mumbel cannot beleef loss after game try to throw heavied flash light at shanhan car as ride away total deprave loser to incredulous power of shanhan in afc play off verse the patroits.

    I want see chanp baley pict off ball run back for 6 guy, all length field, come on lets do this hole national is watch you on monday nite.

  • Horvil Tiki

    I predictive bronco 27 patrot 13 guy, all day.

  • Fan_From_Spian

    My main concern is turnovers, and the Pats are quite good at cousing them. But Cutler is a way better QB then Castle and thats what matters at the end of the day.
    Broncos 24
    Pats 13

  • Person

    Yeah actually the last time the broncos played the patriots it was primetime sunday night in foxborough and we destroyed them. Thank you Chargerbomb.

    Broncos 27
    Patriots 24

    Really our D isn’t that good.

  • BroncosFan24

    Hey Chargerbomb i bet your only saying we’re gonna lose because your a lame chargers fan. lol just look at the AFC West Standings

  • sassy shelly

    I am a Bronco fan and have so much faith in them ..hoping they win against patriots and others to come..I even have the broncos stickers on my car and friends say Loser…I dont care…GO BRONCOs…MY DOG NAME IS DENVER…

  • OC Bronco

    I love ChargerBumb. Your misery is my happiness….

  • mikebirty

    this will be hard fought and the losing team will look at a hand full of plays and say if only this had gone our way. The game will still be in the balance in the 4th and it won’t be over till the 2 minute warning. Broncos defense will improve and play good for 90% of the plays and make you tear your hair out on the other 10%. Champ and moss will either have an eric battle or the ball won’t go anywhere near them all game and they may as well just sit down on the turf and tea and cake.

    Cutler will throw at least 2 passes he shouldn’t and marshall will start one of his crazy runs after a catch and then remember he shouldn’t and almost take a knee. And my final thought? Andre hall takes one to the house from over 40 yards.

    So i’m going for

    Patriots 16
    Nate webster’s helmet 2

    I mean broncos 24.

  • Triston27