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Published on 10/08/2008 at Wed Oct 08 16:43.
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Darrent Williams Statue

KOA Radio is reporting that the Denver Police Department held a press conference at 4:15 today and announced that Willie Clark was handed a 39 count grand jury indictment as the sole defendant for the murder of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Williams was the victim of a drive-by shooting in downtown Denver on January 1, 2007. He had just finished his second year with the Broncos.

Clark was indicted in April on cocaine charges stemming from what police have called the largest gang takedown in Colorado history. Among Clark’s 39 charges is another charge for first degree murder.

I am pleased to hear that this case is continuing to progress. I hope that he’s really the guy and I hope he pays.

Charges in Bronco Williams’ murder [Denver Post].

  • Mindy Hanson

    The best possible punishment for the scum bag who took Darrent would be for Bronco fans to have their way with him. After he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of course!

  • Kyle

    Thanks E. This is wonderful news.

  • andy b.

    As someone who deals with these sorts of cases regularly– not in Colorado, though– I sure hope they’ve got this one in good shape. The fact that it took quite awhile before an indictment was issued is actually a very good sign for the DA’s– it probably means they are dotting I’s and crossing T’s. Gang cases are extraordinarly difficult so I hope everyone takes as much time as needed and plays everything as above-board and cautious as possible.

  • Joe

    This guy is the biggest piece of trash i have ever seen. If it was up to me (and man i wish it was,) i would give this piece of shit the death penalty!!!!

  • Garrett Barnes

    I like what Mindy said. Strap him to a chair then let the streets of Denvers Broncos fans go loose on him… In other words the death penalty.

  • Mark

    At last.

  • Joe

    True that Garret, I wonder how long it would be before a Denver fan shoots him in the neck…I’ll bet one minute…

  • jchase8410

    You guys honesty want to sink to this douchebag’s level and murder him back…I’m willing to bet that not one of you that commented here would even have the balls to show up to a public execution, so stop talking sh*t and let the courts deal with him. He isn’t rich and famous, so they wontlet him go free

  • Joe

    Jchase, I gaurentee that i would have the balls to stick up for what i believe is right, so why dont you just shut the hell up. I bet your the puss who would not have the balls to show up at a public execution. I would not even think twice about it, I would be there. And I also would gaurentee that if this piece of sh*t was put on the streets for the Denver fans to do something with, I could fu***** promise you that he would be living for very much longer…

  • http://yahoomail rober dunker

    my name is robert dunker i am 11 i think we need to replace darent wilams with a beter pass rush for darent wilams

  • http://yahoomail rober dunker

    beacuse thats wah i think darenrt wilams would of wanted

  • Fleet40

    you cannot replace darrent williams.

  • Fleet40

    you cannot replace darrent williams.