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Published on 10/06/2008 at Mon Oct 06 07:00.
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Denver Broncos 16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 – telling the story of the game in pictures.

Denver Broncos cheerleader (Getty Images)
Ahh… Broncos football. (Getty Images)

Welcoming old friends back to Mile High.

Brian Griese (AP Photo)
AP Photo

The defense gave up a big play to start.

Champ Bailey chases Warrick Dunn (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Jay Cutler hits Eddie Royal to move the chains.

Eddie Royal (AP Photo)
AP Photo

Cutler can make plays with his feet, too.

Jay Cutler vs. Buccaneers (AP Photo)
AP Photo

And when needed, he can make some more.

Jay Cutler (AP Photo)
AP Photo

The defense steps up big time after the early stumble.

Denver Broncos defense (Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Broncos and Bucs have a first half field goal-fest.

Matt Prater (Getty Images)
Getty Images

We’re tied, 6-6 at the half.

Mike Shanahan (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Gary Zimmerman gets honored at halftime.

Gary Zimmerman HOF Ring (AP Photo)
AP Photo

In the third quarter, Champ Bailey knocks Brian Griese out of the game.

Champ Bailey nails Brian Griese (AP Photo)
AP Photo
Brian Griese injury (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who will step in for the Bucs? None other than…

Jeff Garcia
This guy.

Brandon Stokley scored the first touchdown of the game.

Brandon Stokley (Rocky Mountain News)
Rocky Mountain News/Joe Mahoney

Prater nails another. He’s 3/3 for the day, including another 50+ yarder. He also had five touchbacks on six kickoffs – in a defensive football game, it’s all about field position. Way to go Prate.

Kern and Prater celebrate (Reuters photo)
Reuters photo

The defense continued to step it up.

Marquand Manuel and John Engelberger (Reuters photo)
Reuters photo

They tally three sacks for the day, consistently putting pressure on the quarterback.

Jeff Garcia sacked by Nic Clemons
AP Photo

Marcus Thomas comes up with a game-sealing interception! … then fumbles it away.

Marcus Thomas interception fumble (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Royal goes out with a left ankle sprain. No word yet on recovery time.

Eddie Royal left ankle sprain (Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Bucs start to come back.

Buccaneers Coach John Gruden (Getty Images)
Getty Images

An Ike Hilliard touchdown makes it a three-point game with two minutes to play.

Ike Hilliard (AP Photo)

The Broncos need a pair of first downs to win. First one comes courtesy Tony Scheffler

Tony Scheffler (Reuters photo)
Reuters photo

Then Michael Pittman bulldozed over his former teammates to put the game away.

Michael Pittman (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Broncos win! 4-1! What a game!

Brandon Stokley (AP Photo)
AP Photo

Much joy and glee were had by all.

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders (Getty Images)
Getty Images
  • Josh Temple

    As one of the guys next to me said at the game when the Raptors flew over… “God, that never gets old.”

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Kyle, have I mentioned I really like the ‘In Picture’ idea! Very cool. :)