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Published on 10/01/2008 at Wed Oct 01 13:30.
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Al Davis (Getty)
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Only Al Davis. The Oakland Raiders owner holds a press conference announcing the firing of Head Coach Lane Kiffin. He’s more interested in detailing the dysfunctional and failed relationship between himself and Kiffin than moving forward and discussing the future of his team. As an afterthought, he mentions offensive line coach Tom Cable as the interim coach. The entire Raiders season – and organization – is falling apart at the seams as Davis details how pathetic the Raiders really are.

In the midst of all this, Davis, the cranky ol’ curmudgeon that he is, makes sure to fire a pot shot at his former employee Mike Shanahan. HIS ORGANIZATION IS FALLING APART, coaches are being fired and hired, players are learning more behind-the-scenes details than anyone could care for… and there’s Al Davis, letting loose another senile moment among countless others:

“When Shanahan left me, he went to Denver. He was there for about four or five years as an assistant and they fired him for insubordination,” Davis said. “Dan Reeves and he had a big battle. He went to the 49ers and he learned their style of football and when Dan Reeves failed in Denver… he brought Shanahan back. And Shanahan had success. But Shanahan has an asterisk next to those two Super Bowls, because they were caught cheating.”

Davis is, of course, referring to this, which we’ve already detailed plenty well here. In summation, the Broncos deferred payments to John Elway and Terrell Davis in order to offset the costs of building the stadium now known as Invesco Field at Mile High. These were technically described as salary cap infractions. The Broncos were heavily fined and penalized, but it’s crucial to point out that the team gained no competitive advantage for these moves. At face value, most people infer that the Broncos bent the salary cap to “keep more talented players,” but that’s simply not the case and we invite you to read THE FACTS in the links provided.

He also detailed the situation with Patriots wideout Randy Moss, saying his days in Oakland were over once Kiffin signed on. They tried to send him to the Packers and even the Broncos, saying “Even Denver, where they’ll take anybody, turned (Moss) down.”

The Raiders’ season is caving in on itself, and Al Davis still reminds us of his bitterness towards the Broncos. That says something about how intense this rivalry is, and how strong the hatred is that each team has for the other. It also says something about how sad and senile Al Davis really has become. In the past, the Raiders were a team to be reckoned with, a storied franchise that did its fanbase proud. Davis was a big part of that. Years later, it’s clear Al Davis doesn’t quite “get it” anymore.

  • Josh Temple

    Nice addition to the LOLRaiders marathon. That’s a great term.

  • Johnny Leatherhead

    There’s only one thing left for a senile old coot like Skeletor to do: become the Republican candidate for President!

  • Josh Temple

    Al Davis and this guy are starting to become synonymous.

  • terry

    Al Davis is just nuts.

  • kerry

    oh my god!! is that Al Davis or the Crypt Keeper???

  • craig l.

    OMG!! LOL!!!

    i had to laugh because i didnt know what else to do……

    talk about grudges and hate towards shanny…..i mean think about it, THINK about it. its been what? 15 20 yrs ago?

    cmon, no matter what u feel, let it go. can u imagine all that anger boiling inside him for all this time has done to him? wow.

  • flbronc

    all he’s got is anger… and a football club that sucks.

  • Gary

    The league needs to step in and force retirement on this guy. He is the ultimate power within his organization with no one who can take his place. He’s obviously lost his faculties and even though I’ve grown up hating him and his team, I feel true pity at this point. I lost a parent to senility and it was so sad to go through. I also agree with Lane Kiffin yesterday, it was embarrassing to watch. I’m sure even Mike S. felt the same way, I’m sure he also felt pity as well though… No family members to step in take his place I would imagine??? Especially since he was sitting all alone in that big sky box while the Broncos dismantled his team on MNF.

  • http://no olen

    Sad as it may sound the Broncos will play them again and there is a possibility as seen in KC that we could be beat . So do not get too much pity going . Instead think why Jay cannot throw to someone underneath when his receivers are covered double downfield . Was that game a wake up for the rest of the season . Everyone I am sure has dialed in on how to play the Broncos when we cannot run the ball. Does our defense also not have a spy when someone is hot on the other team.

  • mikepenn

    I fully agree with Olen’s comment…. while I’m excited about our team’s offense, more concerning than the loss to KC was Jay’s subsequent comment to the media about his focus on getting the ball to Marshall even when he is well-covered.

  • JP

    Something tells me not to worry about the offense. They will will adjust and be just fine. Once they get in the groove underneath, the defenses will have to adjust and then the deep plays are open again. All they have to do is prove they can strike underneath if forced to. With Stokely, Royal, Scheffler, Marshall and the speedsters in the backfield dont worry about it. The question is can we generate a pass rush. PLEASE TRADE SOME OF OUR EXTRA PICKS for an impact player on the DLine. Trade our 1st rd pick as long as you can make it count. Its the missing piece. We have that and we are serious contenders. DO IT NOW!!!!!

  • Denver Diehard

    Man is he pissed about Denver’s success. What an old curmudgeon. He hates the Broncos almost as much as I hate him and his entire team. The Raiders are the worst organization in professional sports, but even as much dislike I have for Davis… I hope he sticks around. It means more of the same for the raiders. lose, lose lose. The more the suck the happier I am

  • A Plus

    Al Davis is pathetic and he should have an asterisk next to his name in the owner’s records of the NFL. As the commissioner of the AFL, Davis was adamantly opposed to the AFL-NFL merger, a merger that has since made him rich and famous. After the merger was announced, Davis left his commissioner post and became one of seven managing partners in the Raiders organization. When fellow partners went to Munich for the 1972 Olympics, he drafted a new partnership agreement which gave him total control. The new agreement was challenged in court, but Davis eventually won. Most people don’t even know that Davis didn’t even own the majority stake in the Raiders until 2005 when he bought out the last remaining original partner, and he currently only owns 2/3 of the team. Al Davis : More than just a sniveling owner and shady businessman, a complete fraud.

  • Brian

    A bitter old man, senile and the very reason the Oakland Raiders are so horrible. All I can say is “LONG LIVE AL DAVIS” for as long as he is alive the Raider Nation will never be legitimate contenders in the NFL. Bronco fans should pray he lives forever.

  • A Plus

    Also, Denver is the team that will take anybody? Really Mr. Davis…Everyone with half a brain who is not associated with the Raiders organization knows that Oakland is where old, washed up players (especially former Broncos) sign huge contracts and eventually fade into oblivion…Romanowski, Walker, Warren, Lelie, do any of these names ring a bell?