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Published on 09/22/2008 at Mon Sep 22 18:47.
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Jamie Winborn
Jamie Winborn showing too much effort? (FOX-TV)

More complaints in Denver about officiating are surfacing, PFT is citing a source, “With knowledge of the situation.” They should just admit that they watch ESPN too. New Orleans Saints‘ head coach Sean Payton has officially complained to the NFL that Denver linebacker Jamie Winborn lined up offsides on a crucial Saints’ 3rd and 1 play.

The ball was snapped, with no flag thrown, Drew Brees handed the ball off to running back Pierre Thomas was then stuffed- D.J. Williams was credited with the tackle. That D.J. Williams, the one who plays opposite the strong-side (where Winborn lines up). The Saints then lined up for a 43 yard field goal attempt, which eventually kicker Martin Gramatica shanked. 

What’s not known is why Coach Payton did not simply take the ball and go home, following what he believed to be a missed call. He obviously knows how it goes in Denver.

  • Dario

    The Broncos have to be asking themselves, “Do we get in to a pissing match by submitting the tape of the no call on roughing the passer or just let it go”?

  • Arden

    The day the league awards a W on a blown call is the day all hell breaks lose.

  • BroncoFan18

    Seriously, people. Get over the whole ref thing. The Saints blew it. End of story.

  • dbroncos

    PFT has absolutely no creditability in my eyes.

  • Joe

    Wow, this just keeps getting better and better. Everytime Denver wins, its because of a “bad call.” Every opposing coach always has something to bitch and whine about. Always have something to report to the league after the game. Did he not forget that HIS kicker MISSED two field goals? But hey, fu** me right? Cause that call cost them the game, right?…..Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. I cant wait until another opposing coach comes to Denver and we kick a game winning field goal and he’s going to bitch to the league saying that “They kicked it before I was ready!!!” because of something stupid like he was adjusting his hat and missed it. Whats going on with all of these other teams blaming there loss on the refs? Every team we play seems like they have a freakin’ excuse to why we win. When and if we brake our winning streak, we should bitch to the ref and say something like: “FU** that, we should have won. The only reason why we lost is because our player was tired and had to catch his breath. So its all the god damn refs fault for letting the play go on before he was ready.” Maybe than we can send that to the league and get another ref in trouble.

  • Quicksilver

    We get that your mad Joe but drop the language, my kid reads this blog and i would like it if he could continue to.

  • Adam

    The Broncos offense is in high gear. Lucky? Sure. Good teams get lucky. But it is the confidence in this offense that is the exciting thing. Yes, only three games into the season it is safe to say that the brainchild of the mastermind is here.

    But it is not for this that Shannahan regains my trust. What impresses me is the plan he had for himself. After nine seasons with one playoff win (The 2005 AFC Championship against the Patriots) and four seasons of constant controversy and grumbles from the Denver media and fans-including myself- Shannahan decided to change the way Denver plays offense. No, they didn’t move away from the best running system in the league; the Shanny trademark remains. They just don’t like it quite as much as passing.

    But, what impresses me is that Shannahan is sharing the controls to the machine. He is giving play calling duties, most of the time, to Jim Bates.

    So Shannahan didn’t just draft gunslinger Jay Cutler and super athletic Brandon Marshall and tell us for three seasons years that everything would be alright. I didn’t believe him until he changed his own job description. He hung around Jeremy Bates (Jim Bates, Jeremy’s father, was The Broncos Defensive Coordinator). Jeremy came in three years ago too. And now Shannahan is giving the keys to the trio of young guys and telling them to gun it.

    Confidence breeds confidence. Shannahan finally loosened his grip on the play book- for the first time since he had Kubiak by his side.

    He should be just as proud of the confidence he had in Bates as he is in the confidence he had with his WR/ QB prodigies. Hopefully, he is just as proud with himself. He has resurrected his self in my eyes at least. Cheers Shanny- that’s a tough thing to do~(agghh… aghh…cough…Mike Holmgren.. cough…agghh…)

  • Mark

    heh heh heh, Dario nailed it. I was at this game, and I thought they really were over-looking a lot of calls on both sides.

  • Joe

    Okay Quicksilver, I am sorry for the language, and I’ll try to cut down on it. But you gotta remember, not everyone who reads this is a little boy….Please show me where the grownups can have a conversation and I will kindly take my thoughts there.And hopefully thats where we dont have to candy coat everything because someones kid is going to have his eyes reading these comments, and reading the language in which he probably speaks everyday. This is just a parent being over-protected of his kid. We all here mean no harm, and we just speak our minds about whats goin on with the Broncos and around the league. But things do gettin heated up on here with the calls in the games and comments from other people.

  • craig l.

    water under a bridge.

    not only do i think the saints should just drop it and move on.

    i think bronco fans should do the same.

    nothing to see here folks, move along…..

  • Ian Henson

    Joe- You’re fine, Quicksilver’s doing his job as a parent by censoring what his children can read on the internet.

    No need to be nasty on either part.

    Back to the subject, I think that Dario hit the nail on the head, but you know what, I hope that some day it is not Denver that is on the other side of this complaining about the refs. Denver has been excellent on penalties, only drawing 3 total against the Saints.

  • Denver Diehard

    And… Denver didnt challenge an early TD that was not a touchdown. They let it go. Perhaps they didnt think they could stop the Saints and / or didnt want to lose a time out, but New Orleans definately did not make one of those rushing td’s

    Lets complain to the League about that call

  • E. Halsey Miles

    To be fair, every team, every game, sends video to the league complaining about bad calls, missed calls, etc. It’s part of the process.

  • Arden

    It really seems that since Brady went down, a lot of the favorites are struggling, and Favre looks lost, the media outlets like ESPN and PFT are scrambling to make stories out of nothing…and here is exhibit A.

  • Richard

    I can’t wait to see some guy from KC complaining that a blown call favors the Broncos as we destroy them by 3 or 4 TDs. If that is one of the burdens,we, as Bronco fans must endure this season, so be it. If the opposing teams fans want to complain about officiating instead of looking at their teams shortcomings, WHO CARES. Thats their problem, not ours. We will still own the bragging rights, and hopefully the rings. I’ll certainly wear the t shirts as I fly through the airports in San Fran, San Diego, and Kansas City.

  • DK

    Clearly the ref should have called this. The Saints would have moved 10-15 yards down field and Gramatica would have made the field goal. How does it feel to be 3-0 with two of those wins coming only because the refs cheated? You were out played, out coached and deserved to lose. If you make the playoffs you will be lucky. The Saints on the other hand have a legitimate shot with the best offense in the NFL and a defense that is going to get healthy soon. Enjoy your 1 legitimate win and your 2 bogus ones.

  • new orleans

    a bad call is a BAD CALL…if the shoe was on the other foot, Denver would complain just as much as anyone else…we did let the game go…and i agree with broncofan18 when he said we blew it…it acknowledges the fact that we should have won..we did blow it, but Denver’s season will start to deteriorate soon…lol

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    did it make Drammatica miss the kick? How is it not until it was brought up to Payton attention he said something about it. Why didnt his coaches in the booth say something and he could have called a TO. BOOOFREAKINGHOO

  • J

    The high-octane offense of the Saints took a hit on Tuesday when it was learned starting left guard Jamar Nesbit has been suspended without pay for the team’s next four games for violating the NFL Policy on Anabolic Steroids and Related Substances.

    who’s the cheater now mr. Payton???

  • Quicksilver

    Give me a break Joe, swearing is not a sign of passion it is a sign of ignorance, One of things I love about this blog is the passion that is displayed, and typically in an educated manor. the need to revert to swearing is not a sign of passion, it is simply a sing that a person is to ignorant to properly display their passion so they revert to the simplest and most ignorant form of linguistics.