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Published on 09/17/2008 at Wed Sep 17 07:00.
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A big welcome to Horvil Tiki, fellow Broncos fan and blogger. Horvil is here to help us celebrate a very important anniversary for Broncos fans. You can read his stuff at Take it away, guy…

Hey guy, I is so the honor to makey the guest writ for the Broncotalk. I is fan of the broncotalked. Today is holy day for fan of the Bronco. Many year ago to day, 18 year ago to day there was is the most incredibal time for Broncos. It was the chefs aganst the Broncos on the monday nite footbal. The Steve atwatter, the smile asassind they give him miked for to hear his talk during game. I knows it guy, I seen it. Before play he say guy I know what they gon do he say they is coming up middel I knows it guy I read the plays. The hooge powreful Crispin Okoye he run over so many people guy they all scare of the Nigerial nitemare. Not today guy he not run over any body to day. Ball snapped the atwatter come up to line and makey the most devastat crusht hit on the massiv okoye it send giant roll on hind quart the atwatter not even fall down he stand and look over the crumpeled Okoye and say hey guy I just bawl you up.

(Ed. Note: More Tiki below the video, after the jump).

Was such amaze feat, grandfather shot up almost smash thru roof of house like cannoned ball he so the exite. Hole famly went crazy when the atwatter smiled assasind destruct the Okoye in front of evry body guy. The atwatter tell evry body what time it is was. It the hitted heared around hole world guy, evry one hears it. It was like hooge whale get harpoon turn over on belly no one ever seens it before happen to the Cristin okoye. Toad in forest, bird in park, people all over world stop say what was that guy. It was hooge megaton crusht hit was what is. Strait up guy, strait up hitted not this hit guy when catch ball back turn, no way guy, strait up hit.

Evry player in nfl wisht they can has miked for game and makey the incredibal play. The pre gamed they say the okoye is the unstopped force no one ever can will wreck him. It was monday nite, evry one watched spot lite, the atwatter was on micro phoned it almost seem to the perfect guy. The atwatter pop hooge giant in the okoye nitemare nigerial sends him flat roll on ground. Roll on ground! The atwatr have so many high lite reel he steal bawl out of air aganst Raders the camra guy say oh snap what was that it atwatter gon other way pict off pass out of middel air. I reminisc I buy packs of card then it had the barry sander rooky, it had the troy achyman rooky it had the Steve Attwater rooky. I send rooky to the atwatter and he sine it guy, pritty cool. Later on the atwatr makey the crusht hit in the soup bowl aganst the Pakker he nocked out own guy it was such destruct hit! I makey this vid in the incredibal high resolut definiton for the reinactiv of the hooge megaton hit 18 year ago today. Evry one call it The Hit guy. Is my comemrate this.

Thanks again to Horvil Tiki for helping us all remember a time when the Broncos actually had a defense…

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    This is something else… Hmm…

    Good memories, though!

  • Quicksilver

    I cant stand this dude, he does stuff on the post and it just drives me nuts, I cant even read the article its so annoying.

  • Kyle

    I love this guy. Just a ton of fun to read. That video is awesome. Thanks Horvil!

  • Ian Henson

    Horvil! Love you man, best writer ever.

  • Mark in Carolina

    Studs – is that you?

  • jibbons

    HORVIL!!!!!!!! makey artikls best. much more good righter than Klis, anybody els at tha post or news

  • hercules rockefeller

    I’ve come to the painful realization that Horvil is fake. It was funny for awhile, but there’s no way he’s real. The spelling mistakes are too absurd.

  • Shawn

    Horvil Tiki is the most origional poster i’ve ever read. Great fun! Way to stay in character.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    LOLblogging. I can’t read past the second sentence, so I dunno what he said.

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  • Horvil Tiki

    Thnaks guy, is honor to be posted. I loves the tecmo bowl, old skool. I hear they has hackt the vid game to make for 32 teams and update roster. Can boot leg with the Cutsler or run over guy with Payted the Hammer hillies.

    Some thing goig on with Shanhan guy, he get rid of the player stock pile the picts, he has all the late round picts guy.

  • Jon Krause

    lol, Horvil Tiki you makey me laugh! I first found you on , now I guess you doing stuff for broncotalk? You are so funny, but I think I havey to agree with hercules rockefeller, the spelling is almost not quite bad enough but…IDK something just makes it feel fake I don’t know what? But you are funny, whoever you are?
    I sould try making a fake person of my own! LOL that would be fun-coming soon: Lee-Chan the bessty Brontos fan in WORLD!!

  • Lunchlady

    Horvil is the real deal. Go to his site and listen to his radio show. He talks just like he writes.