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Published on 09/11/2008 at Thu Sep 11 06:00.
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The September 11th MemorialSeven-years ago the worst attack on the United States of America took place, the world lost 2,973 men, women and children. Take a moment today, to show some appreciation for those around you and the men and women who are serving both here in the U.S. and especially over seas. No matter what you feel personally about the situation in Iraq or Afghanistahn, understand that they certainly are not over there because they want to be over there. They are serving this country and the people inside of it.

Many of those men and women happen to use the several moments they get on the internet once or twice a week to check-in on the Denver Broncos, right here at our lovely blog. BroncoTalk would like to show our appreciation, so a Mile High Salute to them and be sure to say hi in the comments!

Denver Broncos:

  • The New York Times (my local paper) features Champ Bailey and asks “Why are there so few truly great cornerbacks?” [NYT]
  • Tom Nalen returned to practice yesterday. [DP]
  • ESPN was so impressed by the Denver Broncos, they’ve bumped the Broncos power ranking all the way up to 19 (from 22). [ESPN]
  • CBS however gets the message and has Denver at number 12 (up from 21). [Sportsline]
  • Careful Jay Cutler… Cutler says that he doesn’t remember what Philip Rivers said to him last Christmas Eve. When asked what he knows about Shawne Merriman’s replacement Jyles Tucker, Jay replies, “Who?” Easy Jay, you may not want to meet him, but you better know who and where he is…. [SignonSanDiego]
  • gives their quick take on the San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos. Lots of little tidbits. [NFL]
  • This week Brandon Marshall is Denver’s number one receiver, last week he was Denver’s #1 fan (debatable, I didn’t catch him on our live blog, that’s where all the real fans are). [SignonSanDiego]
  • Kim over at Predominantly Orange posts the Denver Broncos Super Bowl odds… [Predominantly Orange]
  • Don’t think that there’s much debate over who Brandon Marshall is voting for in November. [DP]
  • Denver fans aren’t the only ones jazzed about Eddie Royal’s coming out party. [IHT]
  • A whole lot of Denver Broncos quotes. [ESPN]

AFC West:

  • This is actually disgusting, but someone has created a “Bernard Pollard” fan-club. []
  • Oakland Raiders cornerback DeAngelo Hall sat out yesterday’s practice, no word on injury, but this site suggests second-degree burns (ZING!) [SFGate]
  • Speaking of the Raiders, they blitzed just four times on Monday night, Lane Kiffin washes his hands of the loss. [IHT]
  • “You always expect it to be hostile and it always is going to (be in) Denver,” Philip Rivers says. “I’m sure it’ll be a little more revved up for this one.” [SFGate]

Rest of the NFL:

  • Samie Parker just can’t stay unemployed for long, he’s been signed by the Seattle Seahawks who are anemic at wide receiver after the loss of Nate Burelson. []
  • If you missed the first link, catch it here, the New York Times has a great article featuring Champ Bailey, titled, Preening Receivers, Hard Hitters and Those Rare Shut-Down Corners. [NYT]
  • Kyle

    Lane Kiffin is just BEGGING to be fired. Highly entertaining.

  • Ian Henson

    That unemployment check is worth millions…