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Published on 07/30/2008 at Wed Jul 30 23:21.
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Before I introduce myself, I’d like to thank Kyle for allowing me to hop on board with the rest of the crew here at BroncoTalk. I hope I don’t disappoint any of you, and I will do my best to continue BroncoTalk’s run as the best source of Denver Broncos information on the web.

Some of you may know me or remember my name. I’m the author and owner of The Beat, a Denver Broncos blog that has a focus on our beloved Broncos and the NFL Draft. There won’t be any need for Broncos Draft anymore, considering I’m bringing that focus and all of it’s content here to BroncoTalk. I’d like to thank all of you who supported me there, and I hope you will continue to support me here.

Nothing was better than reading the comments and getting e-mails from fans who appreciated my input and information regarding the Broncos and their draft possibilities. I promise you that will continue on BroncoTalk, so you can keep hoping for the best and expecting the best from me.

In the coming weeks, expect a few articles regarding a 2009 Draft Focus. This focus will break down and analyze the on-goings of training camp and the pre-season. Moreover, an analysis of our roster to spot it’s weaknesses and strengths in order to gauge what positions may be of interest to the Broncos heading into the 2009 NFL Draft.

There will be that and much more, I promise you. Sit tight for now, and enjoy the training camp tidbits. The BroncosTalk crew will have everything you need to know about the Broncos right here for years to come. Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you when I see you!

— Christopher D. Hart

  • Kyle

    I’ve been trying to get Chris on this blog for… I dunno… 6 months. The Beat is a great Broncos draft site and I’m thrilled he’s joining our ranks on a permanent basis.

    Give him a warm welcome, or a rookie hazing, that part’s up to you.

  • Ian Henson

    Welcome aboard Chris, looking forward to your posts. As I have at BCMB and OM.

  • Dave Simon

    Welcome, Chris!

    Now if we can just get you to not use the typographically incorrect double space after a full stop (.), we’ll all be happy. I know it is picky!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Welcome aboard, Chris! I’ve always enjoyed your draft insight and I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  • Josh Temple

    Good to have you on the team Chris, great to have another excellent writer.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Dave, Technically speaking the general convention relating to the number of spaces used to separate sentences within the same paragraph would be two spaces. This could be subject to change if the unique style-sheet of the website or publication called a different standard.

    However, to your point… Yes, Chris is a spacing maniac. He spaces between 3-5 characters after full stops which is well beyond any recorded standard I can find. Sorry, Chris! :)

  • Kyle

    There, you big babies! I took out the spacing, you whiny nitpickers!

    (J/K) ;-D It was bugging me too.

  • Garret Barnes

    Welcome Chris we are glad to have you here!

  • Studbucket

    Great to have you Chris! Your old blog looked nice and I’m sure you’ll add a lot to an already great group of guys.

  • Christopher Hart

    I don’t know what it is. I just like to space. Was this better? :D