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Published on 07/24/2008 at Thu Jul 24 09:00.
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Roger Goodell

What many thought would be the ‘next step’ in Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall‘s suspension situation appears to have already taken place.  Marshall, chaperoned by teammate Rod Smith and his lawyer Harvey Steinberg, flew to New York to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last Friday, the Denver Post reports.

A decision has not yet been made, but it is speculated that the Commish will make a ruling on the matter some time next week.  Marshall faces a possible suspension for an unknown number of games for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

The difficulty comes in determining when and where Marshall wronged – he’s never been convicted of any crime, and the vast majority of his incidents involve the stormy relationship between he and his ex-girlfriend.  Just taking a closer look at his rap sheet hammers this point home – almost the entire thing is made up of domestic dispute after domestic dispute.  That’s why it had previously been reported that Goodell would wait for Marshall’s DUI trial to make a decision – after postponement after postponement, it appears that is no longer the case.

Even with Rod Smith in his corner, Marshall hardly has a leg to stand on based on the quantity of incidents alone.  I don’t want to see Marshall suspended, as he’s the biggest playmaker in our offense, and a future star in this league.  But I want these charades to stop.  I’m guessing Goodell and his mighty sword will drop a 2-game suspension on him.

  • adam

    I hate to say it, but isn’t Goodell’s integrity on the line? How could he not suspend him? And, deep down even Shanahan has to be thinking it might be in the best interest of everyone in Denver, including Marshall. I guess my bottom line is consequences might serve Marshall and the NFL really well. (As much as I can’t stand the thought of 2 to 4 games without him.)

  • dbroncos

    Ideally i would like to think he wont be punished but i do agree with you adam, it might be to our long term benefit for him to see there are more severe punishments for negative acti0ns.

  • Person

    Yeah I agree. I don’t want to see him suspended, but its just hard not seeing it happen for at least one game. Once again there’s Rod Smith helping out the Broncos even off the field.

  • OC Bronco

    There is no denying Marshall’s talent but he needs to grow up. It’s just getting too hard to ignore but at the same time I like the guy.
    The suspension is one thing but I don’t think it’s a given that he’ll be the same after his arm injury. Although I like the talent we have brought in at WR, he is far and away our best weapon and without him at 100% our offense will suffer.
    Oh the glory days with Rod and Ed…….

  • rcsodak

    I wonder how many of you kids would act, at 22-23yrs of age, with his kind of money and attention.

    I think it’s funny as HELL that you kids are pondering what some other human being gets for ‘punishment’, for not being even found guilty of doing ANYTHING wrong, to date.

    Did I say funny?

    I meant, PATHETIC.

  • Kyle

    sodak – Marshall’s constant run-ins do nothing but put a smear on the Broncos and the NFL. It’s embarrassing. No one’s sending him to jail prematurely, they’re reminding him it’s a privilege, not a right, and maybe suspending him for a few games will help him get the message.

    Yeah he hasn’t been convicted, but he’s sure been “in the wrong place at the wrong time” a whole lot.

  • Mike Pennington

    The NFL expects its athletes to be role models to younger kids and going to court for a DUI citation is certainly enough negative attention to warrant a one or two game suspension in my book. I still remember being in the Air Force as a 23 year old 2nd Lieutenant and watching my friend get the hammer laid on him after he was stopped for a DUI by the MPs. An officer with a DUI on his record is the kiss of death for any career, regardless of age; and he didn’t make it past 1Lt… I never saw anyone else get passed up for Captain, which is basically a nose-steam test in the armed services. Also relevant to note is that 3% of NFL players make up 40% of the arrests… and 1/3 of all NFL arrests are DUIs… I have to believe that this is exactly the behavior the NFL wants to stop.

  • adam

    Kyle. I really appreciate your response to rcsodak regarding playing football being a privilege, not a right. Frankly, how I or anyone else would behave at 23 is a mute point, that doesn’t make anything more right. Additionally, even if we consider this purely from what is in Marshall’s best interest, I still think consequences are the best option.