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Published on 06/25/2008 at Wed Jun 25 08:35.
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So I came home and fired up the DVR to watch NFL Total Access being that the Broncos were featured today.  If you haven’t already seen this series, it’s basically game by game highlights spreadout through the program for the 2007 season of whichever NFL team the show is covering on that particular day.  They also throw in a special segment directly related to the team they’re covering.  I’m not sure if it was coincidence or planned that Clinton Portis was guest anchoring on the show today.  In any case, it turned out to be useful to have our former runningback providing his insight.

Can I just start off by saying that I was actually impressed with Portis on the show?  Not that he was a complete well of knowledge on all things football, but he was defintely classy.  After the way things ended in Denver with Clinton wanting a new contract before his rookie deal was up and getting traded to the Skins for Champ, I would’ve thought he still harvested bad feelings for Denver.  This either is not the case, or he does a good job of being professional and covers it up.  While going through the first segment of games in the 07′ season, the home game against Oakland came up with Shannahan’s famoust time-out call to nullify the game winning field goal.  Rich Eisen plays it to Portis “What do you think of coach Shannahan’s call?”  Portis replies back “I think it was a great call by Mike Shannahan.  You see it being copied around the league now.”   It was this along with nothing but praise all episode for Denver.  Portis is largely viewed as a self centered type of guy by many of the Denver faithful, but just seeing the way he carried himself went a long way to changing perspective.  Sounds like the trade worked out best for all the parties involved.  Being raised by two generations of Redskins fans myself, I’m glad to see it.

With that said, a lot of the 2007 review was pretty weak.  It was enjoyable to see condensed highlights of almost every game.  It’s easy to let things slip out of memory quickly.  The NFL Network seemed predetermined to show our losses rather than our wins.  They held out the two wins over the Chiefs along with our shootout against the Titans.  They did spotlight our win against Pittsburgh, a game which many fans will agree was our best of the season.  One thing that stood out after watching the span was how many close games we lost.  Looking back on it, we were easily 5 plays away from being a playoff team last year.  The Jacksonville and Green Bay games are good examples.

They finished up the show with a nice demonstration of the Broncos zone blocking scheme.  You can watch it here.  This is where it was extremely useful to have Portis on the show.  He knows the ins and outs of the system and was able to break it down.  The segment also delves into why teams cannot stop this running attack even when they know it’s coming.  I especially like Clinton’s response to Eisen’s comment about defensive players loathing the cut block.  “They gotta get up, find a way around it.”  All in all the coverage wasn’t bad, and you can watch Portis being his usual goofball self if you like.

  • kerry

    i saw the same thing with Portis. Portis is dumb. doesnt offer any insight to NFL analysis. he sits there, says one thing and doesnt comment further. Portis says” thats a good call by coach shanahan” wow. very profound analysis. did he have to take classes to come up with that analysis? i cant stand the guy. after all that “make me the highest paid RB in football” he deserved to be traded. and look, since he left our system he hasnt done anything since. no 1,500 yard seasons, no pro bowls, no playoff wins with the skins. ill take a Champ Bailey over 10 Clinton Portis’s anyday of the week.

  • Garret Barnes

    amen to that kerry!

  • CommishCH

    Gotta luv his mom’s blue hair though…

  • kerry

    id like Portis a whole lot more if he cared more about winning then about getting a big paycheck. but then again most athletes are that way.

  • Josh Temple

    I got to see Clinton’s mom running around outside the HOF before we played the Redskins the summer after trading him, she had it all done up with gold and red. She’s crazy, lol.

  • Aerobroncos

    And Clinton loves his mommy very much. After all he did take her to his senior prom lol

  • OC Bronco

    You all seem bitter about Portis leaving. If it weren’t for Portis we wouldn’t have Champ. Period. Portis is a character and you don’t see him getting in any trouble so what gives? He was ultra-productive for us and has also been productive in Washington. Again, I thank Portis for bringing us Champ!

  • Aerobroncos

    I’m not bitter for Portis leaving one bit. I think it worked out great for us. You cant ask for a better player and person then Champ Bailey. And Portis is a great character and your right OC you dont hear him in the news getting in trouble at all. I respect him and thank him for bringing us Champ.