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Published on 06/05/2008 at Thu Jun 05 07:53.
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  • The draft class of 2007 are all on the second team base defense.  [Denver Post]
  • Javon Walker talks about trying to get in shape and overcoming his knee injury.  [ESPN]
  • Now that Travis Henry is gone, there might still be bongs around the Broncos (yeah, hopefully not), but at least there won’t be “engraved #20 Reebok authentic bongs.”  [House of Georges]
  • Can’t stop laughing at the title of this article.  [My Fox Colorado]
  • SD: Chargers sign veteran C Jeremy Newberry to a one-year deal in a depth-adding move.  [San Diego Union Tribune]
  • MLB: Rockies 2, Dodgers 1.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jon

    from CBSsports, “broncoman”

    Starting Wide Receivers: Brandon Marshall- I think he will make his recovery and be a beast once again.
    Darrell Jackson/Keary Colbert- One will win the number 2 job and will be pushed at the end of the year by Royal i think it’ll be Jackson but i like both
    Slot Receiver: Brandon Stokley- I think he is a great slot receiver and again will be pushed at the end of the year by Royal who if you dont know this I’m a fan of and have loved since we drafted him
    Backup(s): Eddie Royal- He is a speedy son of a gun and I love his potential I can’t wait to see him on the field I hope he doesn’t make me eat my words when i say I think he will be a solid number 2 for years.
    Whoever doesn’t win number 2 job- I do not see Sammie Parker or Glenn Martinez making it Martinez and Marquay McDaniel will be on the practice squad.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Sheesh. Is that a commenter or a CBS writer?

    I love how no one understands practice squad eligibility rules.

  • Jon

    yea, he kinda is

  • Jon

    35% Miles

    65% Raiders fans

    come on Bronco fans!

    Total Votes: 5145

  • Josh Temple

    Martinez seemed to show good signs at the tail end of 2007. I think he’ll make the team as a depth WR underneath Colbert maybe even bumping Parker off the roster.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I think the guy who wrote that article about the class of 2007 was confused. Steven Harris IS a 2007 guy, but he was a UFA. Ryan Harris was our other draft pick.