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Published on 05/21/2008 at Wed May 21 10:11.
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Darrent Williams Teen Center

The Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center is set to open next Thursday, but today the Boys and Girls Club will unveil the large Darrent Williams statue that will be displayed in front of the building. Head Coach Mike Shanahan and several players are expected to be in attendance.

When asked about the statue, Broncos cornerback Domonique Foxworth had this to say:

“I’m proud of what’s come out of this situation. It’s tremendous to think that what’s become of Darrent’s life was much more positive than one negative event…. A lot of times when a tragedy like that happens, a month later, everybody forgets and moves on. I’m proud of this organization and this city for not moving on, for standing behind this, for making it happen.”

In addition to the statue unveiling today and the grand opening of the Teen Center next Thursday, Darrent’s home town of Fort Worth, Texas, will declare June 14 Darrent Williams Day in honor of their fallen citizen. Also, Williams’ mother Rosalind is starting a new charitable foundation in Darrent’s name after discovering one of her son’s notebooks. She’s asking NFL players from all 32 teams to donate a piece of sports memorabilia for a silent auction.

  • jonmark93

    Darrent Williams, we’ll never see a guy like in again.

  • Kyle

    Totally agree.

  • jonmark93

    hey man, thanks

  • TJ

    This is great! And nobody in the mainstream media will give a shit!

  • Aerobroncos

    I’m sure just like everyone else here I consider the Broncos and all of you like family so when I heard of Darrents death I felt I lost a brother. It’s a really great feeling knowing that so much is being done because of and in honer of Darrent Williams and he will be with us forever.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Ok, Foxy mentioned in his blog that there was a mural of Darrent with a quote from Nate Jackson in/near it… Does anyone from the Denver area know what the quote is? Can you get us that?

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  • milehighs

    All ready.