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Published on 04/22/2008 at Tue Apr 22 12:25.
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[Jake Long]

Now that the Dolphins are settled on Jake Long at #1 overall, how does that affect the rest of the draft? In particular, how does that affect the Broncos’ plans this year?

It’s well known how fluid and dynamic the draft can be. One surprise move can completely shake up the next 10 or so picks – sometimes more – and in this case, I think the Broncos could be sweating a little bit more.

Just look at last year. Joe Thomas was rated very high on a lot of boards, but no one was certain if the Lions or Browns would pull the trigger. Some thought he would then fall down to #5 and the Arizona Cardinals. Instead, of course, the Browns did select Thomas (great move), but what really interests me is how the Cards reacted.

They still took an offensive tackle, someone a lot of people had slated in the 8-12 range, Levi Brown. With Long off the board now this year, will other teams follow suit?

I think now the Chiefs definitely are a little more tempted to take a guy like Ryan Clady or Branden Albert. I’ve expressed my thoughts on the two several times over (in brief, I like Clady. Albert not so much). All 3 could even be gone, depending on where Matt Ryan falls.

And to me, that’s when things really get interesting. If Ryan goes to Atlanta or 3, or Kansas City at 5, how much more likely are the Ravens to taking the best offensive lineman on the board?

The draft shakeups could continue through the week, as now the St. Louis Rams can start negotiating with different prospects at #2 overall.

  • kerry

    here is how i see think shaping up in the draft, long is gone, ok, that was imminent. but i think Clady will fall to us and if not him then definetly Chris Williams. the way i see it is as follows:

    rams take chirs long, falcons take glenn dorsey, raiders take mcfadden, chiefs, and this is my surprise pick, take brandon albert, jets take gholston, pats take Keith Rivers, ravens take Matt Ryan, bengals take sedrick ellis, saints take leodis mckelvin, buffalo takes devin thomas, and we take Ryan Clady. i think that is the perfect scenario for us.

  • Kyle

    I agree kerry. It all depends on where Matt Ryan falls. If Atlanta were to take him at 3, all bets for Clady are off.

    I’ll tell you one other thing – in between posts and work and school I’ve been working on my mock draft. I had Chris Long going #1 overall. It really does shake things up… I’ve gotta basically switch around a bunch of picks between 2 and 15.

  • jvill

    Two reactions:

    1. This is great. Maybe by Friday night the first round will be completed.
    2. One door closes, three doors open. Who knows what’ll happen. As long as Shanny and Co. are smart, disciplined and creative, there are so many great possibilities in this draft I just wanna see it already.

  • kerry

    that i agree with about Clady being gone if ryan doesnt fall to the ravens. i also had chris long going number one. but here is also a SLIM possibility, the ravens really need a CB also, both mcallister and rolle are getting old. i feel there is a SLIGHT chance they may go CB if Ryan isnt available. but like i said, SLIGHT. i dying for draft day to get here so all of us can stop the speculation. lol