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Published on 04/21/2008 at Mon Apr 21 12:35.
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As draft day approaches, BroncoTalk will be giving you game tape highlights of some of the bigger (and smaller) names around the draft. We’re going to cover a position of need for the Broncos not reviewed yet. Today’s installment: Miami Hurricanes Safety Kenny Phillips.

The first video is a good general highlight reel of Phillips throughout college. The second video is an interview with the safety. The third is a panel discussing the viablility of Phillips being a first round pick and if he can live up to the “U”‘s standard of past safeties taken in the draft. Also included is the fourth video of Phillips combine workout. To close things out is the Sports Illustrated highlights clip with player overview.

NFL Network “First Draft” with the safety.
Draft Analysis panel discussing whether or not Phillips is worth a first round pick. Charley Casserly gives some good insight compared to Hub Arkush.
Kenny Phillip’s Combine Highlights
The Sports Illustrated Highlight Reel on Phillips.
  • Kyle

    I hadn’t really had a chance to scout Phillips yet. The Internet is full of these flashy highlight reels too, which doesn’t really help. They do show some of his skill sets, but I’d really like to take a look at his approach, his angles, and how quickly he can close on the ball in coverage.

    From what I’ve read he’s the only safety worth a first this year, so at least he’s got that going for him. If we trade down I’d be cool with picking him up.