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Published on 04/17/2008 at Thu Apr 17 11:05.
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[Jared Allen]

I’ve been hearing buzz about Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen for quite awhile… namely, the type of buzz that would see Allen leaving KC in a trade for draft picks. I didn’t really buy into it at the time, but today’s news is the type that’s hard to ignore.

Jay Glazer of has been told by Allen himself that the league’s reigning sack leader is in talks with the Bucs and Vikings on a trade.

“It’s a situation that works out best for both sides,” Allen told “I can go to a team that is competing for a championship right now. The Chiefs can get valuable draft picks to rebuild with.”

I do not understand the logic behind this in the least. Sorry, Chiefs fans. There are two parts to building a team. 1) Find excellent talent. 2) KEEP that talent. And the Chiefs are letting their best player go for draft picks. It makes no sense whatsoever.

For the record, I wanted the Broncos to trade a 4th or 3rd round pick last offseason for the defensive end… it’s amazing how much one person’s stock can skyrocket with one league-leading sack-filled season. Now I’ll be happy just to see ‘The Mullet’ out of Kansas City and the AFC West.

  • Andy

    This trade makes all the sense in the world! I am a chiefs fan and I desperately want this trade to happen. It would work our great if the chiefs could pull of the trade with the eagles involving lito sheppard. They would get Lito back, and their 19th overall pick in the draft, and a 4th or 5th rounder. This would give the chiefs 12 picks in the draft, and all we have to give up is a very disgruntled DE. I know he is very good, but if he is going to just leave next year anyway, why keep him? Also we could use the 19th pick to take Michael Jenkins, or a OT like Jeff Otah. We could use the 5th pick and get Matt Ryan then, too!

  • Kyle

    If Allen being a gone is a sure thing, then yeah, it makes sense.

    But there’s no way you’re getting a first rounder and Lito Shepperd, not to mention an extra 4th. Allen’s off-field baggage drops his value in that regard. Take Lito and a 3rd, POSSIBLY a 2nd, and be happy.