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Published on 04/10/2008 at Thu Apr 10 13:20.
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As we get closer to the draft, I would like to run a short series on draft memories of the Broncos, starting with a few videos. First up today is from NFL Network’s show Top 10 Draft Steals. Number seven on the list is the Broncos very own Shannon Sharpe, taken out of little known Savannah State. Can you guess who #3 on the list is?

  • Kyle

    The very last sentence from that video is, “He’s going to walk into the Hall of Fame.”

    That damn well better be the case.

  • Josh Temple

    I would hope rings on two different teams and holding almost every tight end record until Tony G gets a few more seasons under his belt would do it. Not mention as they said in this video that he changed what a tight end in the league was forever.

  • mikebirty

    #3 can’t be TD. He should be #1. Picking up an undrafted Rod Smith – although not exactly a draft steal – should be #2.

    And if Sharpe doesn’t walk into the hall then I’ll be coming over there myself to sort it out!

  • Kyle

    Tom Brady will be #1. Dude was a 6th rounder.
    Montana at 2.

    Just my guess.

  • studbucket

    That was a great video, thanks for posting it!

  • Zapparulez

    Man. Sharpe was a beast. TD was obviously number 3. Some of you older guys out there probably remember Karl Mecklenberg. He was a pretty good football player too, and he was drafted in the 12th round way back when.

    Great post, thank you!