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Published on 04/05/2008 at Sat Apr 05 23:29.
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  • Mike Klis has an interesting mix of an article up stating that Houston is closer to the Super Bowl than the Broncos right now.  He also sheds some light on the move people have been questioning on letting Myers go for a sixth round pick.  Also a sidenote that the Broncos are looking at Miami Safety Kenny Phillips in the draft.   [Denver Post]
  • I guess Karl Mecklenberg (my all time favorite) helping open a Sports Authority is big news in Grand Junction. []
  • TSN has their draft preview for the Broncos up.  [The Sports Network]
  • In case you missed it, MHR selected DE Derrick Harvey for the Broncos in the SBNation Mock Draft.  [Mile High Report]
  • It’s certain, RF365 hates Denver.  Their terrible coverage of the Broncos continues in “Nightmare Offseason Gets Worse and Worse”.  As if their 5 questions of the off season series wasn’t tasteless and inaccurate enough.   [Real Footballl 365]
  • Rick

    I read that article in RF365 Nightmare off season gets worse and worse. You think they hate Denver because of it? It was pretty accurate to me. This has been a pretty dismal off season for Denver. Would you rather sugar coat it? How about “Shanny has everything under control

    Bronco’s do very little in this offseason because theyre good now they don’t need help” Marsahalls injury sure to be very minor”

  • Josh Temple

    Yes because comparing Marshall cutting his arm to Pacman who got someone killed is playing it real and not sugar coating it. Then they go on to say that Marshall’s injury could likely lead him never to play again even though Marshall’s Dr. and the Greek stated the exact opposite. Not to mention the quote in the beginning of the article that I took as Cutler doesn’t like his team which is absurd.

    If you review this site’s past material on the Broncos, specifically the offseason series, they are horribly inaccurate and condescending. They wrote a whole article on why Denver needed to fire Bates and published it two days after he was let go.

    As for your second comment, I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.

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