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Published on 11/08/2007 at Thu Nov 08 10:44.
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Came across this article by Dr. Z over at Sports Illustrated. He has to submit his first 25 names for the Hall of Fame preliminary ballot soon, and discusses his selections in pretty good detail. He’s given in to the Art Monk outrage, and he’s also giving Cris Carter his vote, making it an unusually high year for wide receivers, according to the Z. But what comes of interest to Broncos fans is two names he’s entered for this first ballot – Terrell Davis and Randy Gradishar.

Terrell Davis is my only running back, of the six listed. I’m sure he’ll make it to the final 15, which will get him into the selection meeting at the Super Bowl, and the debate will rage long and hard. Shortness of career will be the main negative, although others are in there who have done far less.

He played for seven seasons, only four of which were really outstanding … dynamic actually … and that’s perceived as a negative. But all you have to do is look at one of the current senior candidates, Marshall Goldberg, to see the lack of logic here. His career stretched over eight years, with only two, repeat, two, functional seasons. How his name came up is a mystery. A joke, actually. But that’s another matter.

In the last two years of the glory part of Davis’ career, the Broncos rode his shirttails to a pair of Super Bowl titles, the only ones in their history. You could rightly say he and John Elway are the two most important people in the history of the franchise. I think that’s enough of an endorsement. Quality over quantity will be my argument when this whole thing comes up in January.

Randy Gradishar is someone everybody else likes better than I do. And I’m talking now about scouts and longtime personnel people who explain to me why he was so good. OK, I’ll buy it. Obviously I was missing something, but I’d really like to see the whole thing presented to me as a film study.

Current nominees not included on his list are OL Gary Zimmerman and DB Louis Wright.

I applaud Dr. Z for including two Broncos on his short list, and hope he keeps both of these guys all the way through the 15 finalists that get debated during Super Bowl week. Davis holds some big time records and should be included, and how many linebackers have 2,000 tackles in 10 years like Gradishar?

The Broncos have a lot of guys getting looked over each year, and it would mean a lot to have two former greats enshrined in one year.

  • Crosshare

    Nice tidbit. I kind of always hated “Dr. Z” I remember when he picked us to come in 4th place in the division one of the years we one the Super Bowl. Good thing he has the common sense to vote Terrell in. I would think any RB that has had a 2000yrd season, League MVP, and Super Bowl MVP would be a lock???

  • Jonathan Douglas


    “I would think any RB that has had a 2000yrd season, League MVP, and Super Bowl MVP would be a lock???”

    …unless he wore orange and blue. :(

    This just goes back the fact that the HOF has only John Elway inside its non-bronco-lovin walls.

    Now, I think Sharpe will be in as soon as he’s able to go, but TD faces a long hard fight that still might not get him in — and that is flat out East Coast media bias (IMHO).

  • Crosshare

    I’ve posted about this before, but after getting to see a lot of the inner workings of the HOF, I see where a lot of it comes from. It’s not just East Coast Bias, but Ohio bias. I honestly think that the Broncos ruining the Browns playoff dreams plays out now in HOF voting. I know that the whole country gets to vote on players, but you would be amazed with the swagger and power the locals in Canton hold when it comes to “their” Hall. I remember on the way to one of the HOF events my mom and I stepped in to a McDonalds to grab a drink, with our Broncos gear on in Canton, we were practically booed out of the place. I’m not just talking about ribbing either, more like get the hell out of here we hate you. Elway was actually booed by half of the black tie dinner crowd at the jacket ceremony.