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Published on 08/17/2007 at Fri Aug 17 14:21.
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The Broncos are still dealing with the murder of Darrent Williams every day.  A return to Texas, where Williams called home before being drafted a Bronco in 2005, stirred up these emotions – particularly when Williams’ mother Rosalind made the trip to visit the team.

I think Matt Mosley – ESPN’s main NFL blogger – wrote an exceptional post on how he wants to remember D-Will. He and Williams had a great working relationship, and their conversations would go on for hours on end at times.

He mentions how some analysts want to infer that the team will play “inspired” after the deaths of Williams and backup running back Damien Nash. He (and I) choose not to think of it that way – he says his most treasured memory is his last of Williams. He went up to Williams after the Thanksgiving Day game in 2005 against these same Cowboys in Dallas. Expecting a post-game interview, he was instead greeted with a big bear hug.

With Mrs. Williams in town, I wonder what other memories are being stirred by the Broncos in the locker room. When his mother exclaimed “All Ready!” to the Broncos huddle, Williams’ mantra through his career, she was proclaiming the mantra for the entire Broncos team this year. As football draws near, the team and fans alike will embrace the memories of our fallen players and be ready for whatever the season brings us, in dedication to those fallen.