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Published on 07/20/2007 at Fri Jul 20 10:56.
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The wounds aren’t even nearly healed for Denver. We continue to mourn our loss of Darrent Williams, but the hunt for his killer has been heating up as of late. And I’m outraged at the details… they’re just sickening.

[Willie DeWayne Clark]
Willie DeWayne Clark. Photo Courtesy

The Denver post reports that gang members contacted the “person of interest” in the Darrent Williams case days after he was killed, encouraging their fellow member not to “say something stupid.” The bottom line, according to Denver Investigator Robert Fuller: “He did not want Clark to cooperate with law enforcement.”

Clark’s attorney has said many times before that she was concerned that her client was being held for his knowledge of the Williams case, not on the drug charges. Frankly, I hope her suspicions are true. I hope investigators are pushing every button they can to get the information they need to bring the killer to justice.

Fuller mentioned many other names in his testimony, including 2 “Elite Eight” gang members (part of the Tre Tre Crips in Denver) and a third associate who have been identified by witnesses “as a person who was in the Chevrolet Tahoe from which bullets were fired that killed Denver Broncos player Darrent Williams.” These are Vernon Edwards, Willie Clark, (the “person of interest” currently in jail, pictured right) and Daniel “P.T.” Harris.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the Williams family must be feeling… as hard as it is for us as Broncos fans to hear that these gang members are conspiring to keep Williams’ killer free, it must be infinitely harder for them. If the millions of people who loved Williams are to ever find closure, seeing justice served would be the first step. On behalf of all my readers, our hearts and prayers go out to Williams’ family again.