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When the Denver Broncos play the Miami Dolphins next week, several players will reunite for the first time in years. Not only will quarterback Tim Tebow, defensive end Derrick Harvey and defensive tackle Marcus Thomas be reunited with Miami’s Mike Pouncey at halftime as a part of “Gator Day”, but all remaining Broncos from the […]

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Published on 10/12/2011 at Wed Oct 12 10:30.   4 Comments
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So it begins, another futile attempt. Round 1 Carolina Panthers Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama It really doesn’t seem like the Panthers truly want to pick a QB this high. After some mind wrestling over the pick they may decide to play it safe and take the phenomenally talented Marcel Dareus which coincidentally addresses one of […]

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Published on 04/27/2011 at Wed Apr 27 12:14.   18 Comments
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