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There is a misconception among many fans and pundits that the Denver Broncos won’t run the ball in 2012 — and if they do, it will be rarely, and even more rarely will a fullback be utilized. Denver’s offseason acquisitions suggest otherwise. To help grasp the Broncos’ commitment to the run, consider the history of Head Coach […]

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Published on 06/02/2012 at Sat Jun 02 08:30.   10 Comments
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Throughout the history of the NFL there have been players who want to be traded so they can get a long term and lucrative contract. Josh McDaniels would know. However this is not the case with Albert Haynesworth. Apparently the $21 million he collected on April 1st is just a gift from the Redskins, because […]

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Published on 06/18/2010 at Fri Jun 18 02:45.   8 Comments
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The Pro Bowl just holds so many amorous memories for Bronco fans. Clinton Portis’ last game as a Bronco, Rod Smith dirty hit by Roy Williams (even at the Pro Bowl Roy is still a dirty player), Mike Shanahan looking like a baseball glove, Jay Cutler playing like Peyton Manning destroyed the only insulin pump on […]

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Published on 01/28/2010 at Thu Jan 28 08:30.   4 Comments
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