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The NFL’s network, in a desperate attempt to mention Tim Tebow and generate attention, is releasing it’s Top 100 Players of 2012, as supposedly voted by the players.  On Saturday evening, NFLN released rankings 91-through-100. One member of the Denver Broncos has already made the list, as veteran running back Willis McGahee comes in at 98th […]

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Published on 04/28/2012 at Sat Apr 28 19:23.   12 Comments
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My power rankings are fittingly named the ‘Tentative Ten’ because every week it’s subject to change, and erratically at that. 1. New Orleans Saints (2-0) Good teams come back from behind on the road and cause turnovers in the red-zone. The Saints managed both of these things. New Orleans isn’t just trying to repeat what […]

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