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My power rankings are fittingly named the ‘Tentative Ten’ because every week it’s subject to change, and erratically at that. Also featured is a Rookie, Defensive, and Offensive Player of the Year Watch, and a Coach of the Year Watch, and Movie to watch this week. 1. New Orleans Saints (7-0) Sorry rookie Jairus Byrd, […]

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Published on 11/04/2009 at Wed Nov 04 18:45.   3 Comments
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Jonathon Larosa owns a great Indy blog called Naptown’s Finest, and he agreed to answer some questions regarding his team to help us scout the fans. I’ll be answering some of his questions regarding the Broncos too as well, so be sure to check it out. 1. Vegas, the national media, and my grandpa all […]

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Published on 09/27/2007 at Thu Sep 27 11:24.   3 Comments
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