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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

— That song that, ironically, never ends being stuck in your head.

I started BroncoTalk in November of 2006 — days before the Denver Broncos decided to bench Jake Plummer. So this blog has survived quarterbacks Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chris Simms, and Tim Tebow.

Like many an NFL defense, it will not survive Peyton Manning.

Folks, after a lot of thought, BroncoTalk – Denver Broncos Blog and News is coming to an end. That’s the bad news. The good news?

We’re moving. To Mile High Report.

Yes, “we.” As in, most of the BT Staff.

John Bena (The Sports Guru) is stepping down, and SB Nation approached me to take over as lead blogger. I accepted.

This isn’t an early April Fools joke. (I was half-hoping the deal would get finalized March 31st… that way we could announce it on April 1st… then really trip people out April 2nd after they all assumed it was a joke.) We’re not RaiderTalk-ing people here. We’re really moving, to the Big Dog of big dogs in the Broncos blogosphere.

So why would I give up BT to run MHR? It wasn’t an easy decision, but there are reasons. I’ll be transparent and lay them out here. Click here to read the rest of this entry »

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In the last few hours, as Elvis Dumervil mulls over contract offers from the Ravens and Broncos, something pretty cool has happened.

Dumervil’s Broncos teammates have come to his support, via Twitter.

Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, Von Miller, and Duke Ihenacho have all tweeted or re-tweeted updates on Twitter with the hashtag #KEEPELVIS92, publicly announcing their hope that Dumervil will return to the Broncos. Check out the trend after the jump. Click here to read the rest of this entry »

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Elvis Dumervil

Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil participates in practice on the first day of training camp on Thursday, July 26, 2012. ( photo)

The saga of Elvis Dumervil, NFL free agent, may be nearing its end.

While the Denver Broncos met with free agent defensive ends Dwight Freeney and John Abraham Thursday, the Baltimore Ravens have extended Dumervil a contract offer, Mike Klis of The Denver Post reports.

The Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers have also expressed interest in Dumervil, though none of those teams have reportedly made a contract offer.

Klis reports that the Broncos’ offer contains more early money than the Ravens’ contract — but will that be enough to smooth things over for Elvis? After a home playoff loss, a public dismantling by John Elway, WTFax, and a healthy paycut, it all may be just too much for Dumervil to overcome.

I always believed Dumervil bled orange and blue, but in this case, he may have already bled too much. Keep your fingers crossed, Broncos fans.

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John Fox isn't very happy!Back in December, when everything seemed to be wonderful here in BroncoLand, I wrote an article that nit picked the Broncos. I said that they played down to their opponent’s level, didn’t have a killer instinct, and missed too many field goals.

My article was generally panned because again, the Broncos were flying high! The general perception was that we didn’t play down to our opponents, that Matt Prater would be fine, and that having a killer instinct didn’t matter as long as we kept racking up the W’s. At the time I wrote that, it was foresight. I foresaw trouble brewing. I warned about possible playoff turmoil because of it. Then the playoffs happened, and although I was too depressed to mention it, all I could think about was “I saw this coming!”

Hindsight showed that my foresight was dead on. In the Raven’s playoff game, we certainly played down to our opponent’s level. Yes, I know that they won the Super Bowl so it’s hard to play “down” to the level of the world champ, but lets all be honest here, we were the best team in the NFL and when the Ravens hoisted up that Lombardi Trophy, all any of us could think of was “THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN US!!!” Click here to read the rest of this entry »

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The Denver Broncos have expressed interest in three free agent pass-rushers: John Abraham, Dwight Freeney, and their own former defensive end Elvis Dumervil. The Broncos will meet with the first two on Thursday; they have an offer extended to Dumervil at present.

So how do these free agent defensive ends compare? Let’s break it down —

Player Age Height Weight 2012 PFF Score 2011-12 Sacks
Elvis Dumervil 29 5-11 250 -5.5 20.5
Dwight Freeney 33 6-1 268 -1.4 13.5
John Abraham 34 6-4 256 18.4 19.5

Most notably, Abraham excelled overall according to ProFootballFocus. Abraham is the most well-rounded player; neither Dumervil nor Freeney, both smaller edge rushers, even come close.

So who should the Broncos sign? Take the poll in the left sidebar on the home page or after the jump on the story page, and dish it out in the comments. Click here to read the rest of this entry »

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Dwight Freeney (Getty Images)

Dwight Freeney (Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos may be moving on without Elvis Dumervil.

The fax fiasco that led to Dumervil’s release Friday has left the Broncos in need of a pass rushing right defensive end, and with an unanswered offer to Dumervil on the table, the Broncos are meeting with free agents Dwight Freeney and John Abraham, The Denver Post reports.

Freeney, 33, has 13 1/2 sacks over the past two seasons. Abraham, 34, has 19 1/2 in that span.

Dumervil had 20 1/2 the past two seasons. The report indicates he will begin lining up meetings by week’s end.

While the Broncos may still be able to work something out with Doom, it looks more likely we’ll be seeing someone new lining up at right defensive end. Who would you prefer, Broncos fans?

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Per Les Shapiro of Denver’s ESPN Station 102.3, The Broncos have made a higher offer to bring back Elvis Dumervil than what is currently on the table from the Baltimore Ravens.  This is pretty unfounded at this point, so it comes down to how good of a source Les has.  That said, it appears the organization is holding to their word that they’re intent on keeping Doom in the Orange and Blue.  We’ll keep you updated as this progresses.


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Elvis Dumervil

Update, 2:51 p.m. MT: Elway says the team has “made an offer” to Dumervil.  Your move, Elvis.

Somehow, through it all, the Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil are still on speaking terms.

The fax machine relationship clearly wasn’t working.

After a second denial by the NFL to reconsider the Broncos and Dumervil’s case, and after Dumervil fired his previous agent and hired Tom Condon, the team and their defensive end are still in talks, The Denver Post reports. Dumervil, a free agent, has also heard initial interest from Pittsburgh, Houston, New England, and San Diego, as well as serious interest from Baltimore, who are thought to be the frontrunners along with Denver.

Hiring Dumervil will be a long shot for the Broncos after they took a $4.9 million cap hit to release the three-time Pro Bowler, but as long as they can get creative with the way they structure Dumervil’s 2013 money, the possibility still exists.

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(Photo courtesy of @BroncosTV on Twitter)

(Photo courtesy of @BroncosTV on Twitter)

The NFL, well their owners and general managers, have convened in Phoenix, AZ, for the annual NFL Owner’s Meeting. This is why free agency has gone mostly quite so far this week.


Robert Kraft was not very quiet yesterday. Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots and has been for 19 years as he is quick to point out. Being vehement about his tenure is not the only thing that he is exact about, he likes to point out exacts in the form of contract numbers as well… Especially when they may be different than what a former employee or that former employee’s agent may have revealed to the press.

In this case that former employee is a current Denver Broncos wide receiver — Wes Welker. Kraft is immediate to say that it is the Patriot’s policy not to discuss contracts, but for Welker he will make an exception. Welker being a man that has done so much for New England’s football team in jersey sales, ticket sales, licensing fees, statistics, trips to the Super Bowl and continuing the Patriot’s sold out streak for the 19th year in a row. Why wouldn’t an owner, a billionaire, want to talk about the amount of money that his company offered the man to stay. The wealthy often love to discuss monetary matters to the press, what could be more couth? Click here to read the rest of this entry »

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Carter is currently in Haitin with the Mission of Hope organization.

Carter is currently in Haitin with the Mission of Hope organization.

An absolute misunderstanding,” is what Andrew Leavitt, the Denver Broncos third year safety Quinton Carter’s defense attorney, is calling this ordeal.

“He was confused when he made the bet,” Leavitt told The Associated Press. “He didn’t know how to play the game. He wasn’t trying to cheat anyone.”

Carter was arrested on March 9th, in a Las Vegas casino when security officials say that they have him on video adding a $5 chip to three bets after the dice had already rolled. For that he faces three felony charges of committing a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment. Each of the three charges carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A North Las Vegas judge has postponed action on the case until April 18th, the  2013 NFL Draft will begin on April 25th.

On top of those three charges, there is a warrant charging him with failure to complete counseling after a 2011 misdemeanor marijuana possession case from 2011. Leavitt said that the counseling was completed, but that Carter never turned in proof to the court. Also pointing out that he has since taken an extra counseling course in hopes that the charge will be dropped.

Carter is currently in Haiti passing out food to families that are poverty stricken, orphans and people who are still being effected by the 2010 earthquake. The trip was organized by former NFL kicker Jay Feely through Kelli Masters Management and Mission of Hope.

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