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Published on 03/15/2013 at Fri Mar 15 18:02.
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(Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

(Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

UPDATED 3/16 7:00 PM EST:

We have been doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on with the Elvis Dumervil and a twitter hash tag that I cannot include here.

Here is what we have gathered.

The Denver Broncos had until 4:00 PM EST today to either release Dumervil or guarantee him $13 million for the 2013 season. What Dumervil’s agent Marty Magid is saying is that the team made an offer of $6.5 million at 1 PM EST today, before coming up at $7 million and finally arriving at around 2:30 PM EST and that Dumervil needed time to ‘digest it’.

The Broncos version of the story says that they made the $8 million offer at 1 PM EST this afternoon and did not change the deal at all throughout the day. Instead, they gave Magid the hard dead line of needing to know Dumervil’s decision by 3 PM EST.

At 3 PM Magid informed Denver that Dumervil would not be taking the Broncos offer and the team prepared to release Dumervil from his contract. At 3:25 PM the team was informed that Dumervil would sign and the team waited on the paper work.

“The bottom line is that our offer did not change from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock Eastern to the time they decided to take the deal. By the time they decided they did not give themselves enough time to send the signed document back to beat the 2 o’clock deadline,” John Elway said just moments ago.

Desperate to get any type of indication of the status of the contract Denver apparently was asking for cell phone photos of the signed contract, meanwhile Dumervil had reportedly set up shop in a FedEx Kinkos somewhere in Florida — receiving faxes and signing the contract.

At 3:55 PM EST Broncos contract expert Mike Sullivan indicated to Magid that the team had not received the fax, they had to release Dumervil.

At 4:06 PM Denver received the fax from Dumervil, but it was too late. The Broncos had already faxed the NFL offices at 3:59 PM to indicate that they would forgo paying the defensive end the guaranteed $13 million and released Dumervil. This was a precautionary measure, but it puts the team deep into a corner.

Elway was asked by the Denver Post’s Mike Klis if this meant that the team would attempt to re-sign Elvis, “We’re going to talk about all our options. We’re going to let things settle down, see what happens.”

The only given is that Dumervil will count at least $4.87 million against the Broncos 2013 salary cap regardless of whether he is wearing the orange and blue’s ninety-two or not.

“Elvis has a timestamp at 3:53, 3:54 of him faxing it back. They had him fax it to two different numbers. He was sending it in, and then at 3:55 I get a call on the other line and the Broncos are telling me they’re running out of time and they have to get the paperwork to New York [the league office, to file his release by the waiver deadline], so I told them, ‘It’s going through the fax right now, but I guess you have to do whatever you have to do,'” Magid told to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.

PFT floated a theory that Magid, given the already indicated $4.87 million allowed news to break that Dumervil would sign for $8 million and then held up the contract. Forcing Denver to release Dumervil and allowing Dumervil and his agent to double dip — collecting the nearly $5 million from the Broncos and gathering the $8 million from a new team, as well as whatever signing bonus the new team would be willing to pay.

This contradicts an earlier report that Dumervil was telling friends in the Denver area that he was returning to the team.

PFT’s theory does hold a little weight though, as their theory (minus the cahoots) is the best case scenario (money wise) for Dumervil.

The other scenario is a little more complicated and it is not quite clear, but given the fact that the team is already $4.87 million into Dumervil, they could just pay him the remainder. It is not that simple, but my contacts familiar with NFL contracts (and 104.3 The Fan’s Alfred Williams corroborates) have expressed to me that they could do something in the form of a signing bonus in order to straighten this whole thing out.

As we know in being fans of the NFL, where there is a will there is a way.

The team and Dumervil have not had contact since the debacle and Magid claims that teams have already begun contacting him now that Elvis is a free agent.

“We haven’t talked yet, but I think we all needed to take a deep breath and then we’ll see where it goes,'” Magid said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way we wanted, but everything happens for a reason and it’s not like this anybody’s fault. This wasn’t just a case of an agent taking too long to send something. It’s not anyone’s fault, but Elvis is a free agent now and we’ll see how that process plays out.”

As former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura once said, ‘Follow the money.’ Who gains from lying on this one? The Broncos could only hope to sideline some bad fan PR by pulling something like this. If they did and they did it for that reason, putting this whole thing on Magid is a genius move, as fans won’t complain about anything other than fax machines and a terribly negligent agent. The silver lining being the $8.75 million that Denver immediately frees up towards the salary cap.

“Due to this situation, there are now salary cap implications associated with this transaction that we must consider with regard to potentially re-signing Elvis. At this moment, we are discussing all of our free-agency options to determine what’s best for the Denver Broncos.” Elway said to wrap up his press release on the Dumervil situation, and so it is.

UPDATE 3/15 11:20 PM EST:

Klis is reporting that the hold-up on Dumervil’s end was due to a change in the 2014 and 2015 language in the contract. According to Magid, Dumervil’s salary was guaranteed in 2014 in the event of injury only.

According to the the NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner, the team will not work anymore tonight on the contract. So that is it until tomorrow at the earliest from the team. We will keep you updated on details as they emerge.

UPDATE 3/16 1:20 AM EST:

Klis again on the scene with this tidbit, Denver asked the NFL if they would honor the verbal agreement that Dumervil had given them. The league denied the Broncos request, there is precedent here — sort of. Klis has a story of a time that something happened, with Terrell Owens. It isn’t the exact same situation unfortunately.

UPDATE 3/16 11:35 AM EST:

NFLN’s Michelle Beisner reports that contrary to what Magid claims, a source close to the situation is saying the Dumervil is not generating a lot of interest from other teams.

UPDATE 3/16 5:05 PM EST:

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that Dumervil and his agent are parting ways, citing sources close to the situation. In a previous update Wilson reported that Dumervil is ‘firmly’ on the Baltimore Ravens‘ radar.

With Dumervil no longer having an agent, he will have to field his own calls until he hires a new agent. This is probably a good thing for fans who would like Denver to re-sign the free agent defensive end. The free agent apparently told Magid to, “Move in a different direction.

Under NFLPA rules Dumervil would have to wait five days before hiring a new agent. This would allow  the Broncos (or any other team) to deal directly with Elvis. However, an agent apparently has the ability to waive this five day waiting period. Apparently Magid plans to do just that.

The Ravens are no stranger to a situation in which an agent got a fax to the league office too late, in 2004 they had traded a second round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for Terrell Owens services. Only to have Owens taken away and eventually ending up with the Philadelphia Eagles. Hat tip to our reader Pete Baron, who may or may not have jogged Mike Klis’ memory for his story which has become the theme of the Denver Post’s Broncos’ page since Friday night.

UPDATE 3/16 6:35 PM EST:

USA Today’s Alex Marvez is reporting that Tom Condon could be Dumervil’s new agent. Condon represents Peyton and Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan.

UPDATE 3/16 7:00 PM EST:

Gary Miller of Denver’s KCNC-TV just tweeted that an NFL source told him that the Broncos were, “Moving on without Elvis Dumervil.”

In my experience Miller is very tuned in, but he also is a bit behind sometimes. For him to tweet this though, it probably came from a reliable source.

We will keep you as up-to-date as we can, but it doesn’t look like this will be over as quickly as we had hoped.

  • Pete Baron

    Well, technically, the NFL can overrule the 2pm deadline because of agent incompetence.

    Remember when the 9ers traded T.O. Because his agent filed his free agency paperwork late? It took a few days, but the NFL determined that the intention of the player was to be a free agent, and it was purely through agent incompetence that the papers were filed late.

    If Doom really does want to be a Bronco, and the Broncos really still want Doom, they have legal precedence to fight this and get that dead money erased and enforce the contract.

  • LEMarkley

    I think he was guaranteed $12 million, not 13, if he wasn’t released. I am getting a little tired of all this. Maybe the broncos should just move on.

  • Pete Baron

    They’re so pissed that they just might.

  • Jim_Jebow

    gtk, thanks for posting

  • TheTroglodyte

    If they do it’s really more of a burn on themselves. Doom will get his 7.5 – 8 mil elsewhere plus the 5 million from the Broncos. He makes more money by leaving than staying and the Broncos will probably take a bigger cap hit after paying his replacement than they would have had they just retained him for 8 million a year.

  • anthony33

    We’ll see where this lands, but I the bottom line is if Elvis truly wants to be a Bronco and is willing to settle for $8MM then I believe it will happen. Someone is obviously lying here… let’s hope it’s not Elway, and I don’t think it is. How could an agent say one minute the offer changed twice (Elway says it never changed) then come out and say it was just a late fax??? Plus other teams are already in contact, sounds planned to me.

  • Brandon Kirk

    If both sides are telling the truth, I can’t imagine the league not overruling the deadline.

  • Doom92

    Hey I just want to know if I need to change my nic to “The poster formerly known as Doom92″… ;-)

  • Pete Baron

    Nah, change it to Marty Magid. Haha

  • Doom92

    Ahhh… NO!

  • Pete Baron

    Hahaha. How about “the agent formerly known as Marty Magid ” haha

  • Doom92

    OR “the agent formerly known as the guy that handled Travis Henry”… What was Dooom thinking?!?

  • Pete Baron

    Quick answer? He wasn’t.

  • Doom92

    In MHO I don’t think it was Doom playing any games, rather the agent playing both sides. He is in it for himself as well, the more Doom makes the more he makes. Thats got to have some kind of “tampering” or “manipulating” rule to it. I tend to believe Elway that the deal never changed and wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this Creep was telling Doom something different and again playing both sides. I’d damn near bet on this…

  • Doom92

    Right! Maybe he thought “damn this cat got my boy some cash and he was a reefer addict, sheet homes he’ll get me real hooked up!!!”

  • Doom92

    Right you are Kenny…lmao

  • Pete Baron

    I whole heatedly agree. I bet his agent thought that if he strung Elway along, that the deadline would pass and he’d get his fat commission. I bet he never thought Elway would cut Doom if he was still standing around the fax machine come 1:59

  • anthony33

    My hope is the intent on both sides was to get it done. If so, it will get fixed. I suspect the true intent will be revealed over the weekend and we’ll see who was plotting. Too easy to speculate every detail, like why would they reject the contract then come back 25 minutes later and accept it??? That would sound like the agent rejected it and Elvis said, no, GFY and get it done, but who knows.

  • Pete Baron

    I love how kiz is trying to steal my thunder with the T.O. thing. Lol. He must be a regular BT reader. Lol

  • Mark Harper

    The NFL only determined that AFTER the NFLPU filed a grievance. The NFL is not much on ‘understanding’.

  • anthony33

    Based on the latest agents comments: “my phone is blowing up” and “I am fielding calls from many other teams as opposed to “I am working with the Broncos and the NFL office to straighten out this mess” , it tells me this agent is a scammer.
    What I want to know is where does Elvis stand in all this??

  • LEMarkley

    Looks like The NFLPA is going look into it. But I wonder if they are going to say the broncos are at fault and doom should get his full salary, not the renegotiated salary.

  • Geoff Bangs

    12.87 so basically 13

  • Pete Baron

    And if Elvis is indeed not involved in the scam, why the F hasn’t he fired his agent?!?!?

  • Pete Baron

    Looks like the nflpa is raising a stink and might use the T.O. Rule like I proposed a good 5+ hours before klis did. Heist read this forum for ideas. Hahaha

  • Donny Sanchez

    I have read in three places now that the NFLPA is going to get involved now, so who knows what the outcome will be.

  • anthony33

    I would think if he is truly pissed he may very well fire him, but only after this is cleared up. Personally, I would prefer Elvis to just beat the ever loving shit out of him.

  • Sage Rodriguez

    Dumervil fired his agent. Can the NFL take that as a sign that the agent is to blame and therefore the player or franchise shouldn’t be punished? I wish this would resolve. This must be the free agency equivalent of the Baltimore playoff game lol

  • anthony33

    Update to my post from a few minutes ago. Now that Elvis has fired him, Elway can beat the ever lovin’ shit out of him!!

  • Pete Baron

    Haha. Indeed

  • rcsodak

    Wow. Really dude? So, should he call you and ask if he can quote you or something?
    Narcissist much?

  • Pete Baron

    Yes. Lol. Kidding. I’m assuming that since paper writers hate bloggers so much that he isn’t reading my words. I’m just poking fun at it cause this is his career, and I suggested the solution WAY before him. Lol. Just having fun, even though I do love me some me.

  • Draper

    I shouted you out in the post Pete on the latest update.

  • Pete Baron

    Nooooooo!!!! This is the 1 scenario I didn’t want. If we traded him, fine, but while other teams get kings ransoms for their trash, we get nothing for our treasure! Why do we always suck at getting trades done. If Doom was on the Patriots team, they’d have found a way to get 2 first round picks for him even with everyone knowing their intentions. I’m livid.