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Published on 03/15/2013 at Fri Mar 15 08:32.
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USP NFL: DENVER BRONCOS AT SAN DIEGO CHARGERS S FBN USA CAFree Agency has been a whirlwind of information and status updates for the past 4 days. In order to regain some sanity and to start recovering from Free Agent burnout, lets discuss contracts for our own players that we should extend.

Spotrac has an up to the minute list of current Denver Broncos player contracts, so I’m asking you, BroncoTalk faithful, “who should the Denver Broncos re-sign, re-structure, or simply extend the contracts for?”

My list starts with Chris Harris and Von Miller. Chris Harris only made $466,000 last year (not including his 53.6% bonus). For a starting cornerback in the NFL, that is woefully underpaid, and that isn’t even to mention that Harris *might* be the Broncos BEST cornerback. Yes, Champ Bailey is an all time great, but as it stands right now, there is a strong argument that Chris Harris is actually better. I’m going to leave out Elvis Dumervil for obvious reasons (contract talks are ongoing).

Von Miller is paid more handsomely than Chris Harris at $5,250,095, but for the premiere pass rusher and linebacker in the NFL, his salary isn’t quite up to snuff. I would sign Miller to a long term contract sooner rather than later simply because playing the wait game will cost the Broncos even more money. Make no mistake, locking up Miller for a max length contract will still cost a pretty penny, but each season that the Broncos let pass will only add a few extra million per year to that contract.

Some other notable players that appear to be in line for an extension or reworked deal include:

Demaryius Thomas – $2,830,100 Free Agent in 2015. Like Von Miller and Chris Harris, postponing the inevitable will only cost them more money. Peyton Manning loves DT, and with the presence of Wes Welker on the field, Thomas should find himself even more wide open this year than last.

Joe Mays – $4,000,000 Free Agent in 2015. I’m not sure why Mays is still on this team. Nate Irving and Steven Johnson are slated to compete for the starting middle linebacker position. With both of those guys in the hunt, there is simply no room for Mays; not even in a reserve roll.

Ryan Clady – Franchise Tag. A deal needs to be and will be done. Clady knows it, John Elway knows it, and we all know it. Look for him to be making around $10 million per year.

Wesley Woodyard – $2,500,000 Free Agent in 2014. Last year, Woodyard signed a 2 year $5mil extension. I think that at some time during this season, Woodyard will be extended. He is a free agent after this season, and if he plays anywhere near as well as he did last year, the Broncos will find themselves where they don’t want to be: in the middle of a bidding war.

Eric Decker – $828,788 Free Agent in 2014. Like Woodyard, this is Decker’s last year under contract. On top of that, he is almost as underpaid as Chris Harris is. If he can stop making ridiculous mistakes , he can easily be making close to the same money as Welker simply because of his age. Look for a deal to be done sooner rather than later.

Trindon Holliday – $435,000 Free Agent in 2014. Holliday is another player that is playing on the last year of his contract. If last year is a glimpse into the future, Holliday needs to be one of the first players to get a contract extension. Punt and Kickoff returns for touchdowns are arguably the biggest momentum and game changing plays in today’s NFL. As Holliday proved last season, he’s one of the best at taking a return to the house. The flip side to that is his pension for fumbling; Often times during the span of the same game. If I were the Broncos, I would offer Holliday a fair contract immediately. It may not be as much as he would like, but he also fumbles way more than we like. Either way though, a new contract is definitely in order.

Lets hear it BroncoTalk faithful. Who tops your list of current players that need to tweak their current contracts or be extended all together? Do you have players in mind that I left off? Give us your list and reasons why your guy should have a sit down with John Elway during this offseason.

  • areferee

    Regardless of how well meaning, I can not
    lend my voice to stump for players in a system so bloated by greed and avarice
    that it is considered unfair that the poorest among them only earn $500,000.00
    per year.

    Free agency in sports has led directly to
    this lunacy. It is the primary driver behind $45.00 parking fees, $8.00 hot
    dogs, $9.00 micro-brews and $20,000,000.00 per year quarterbacks.

    Where was it ever written that athletes
    should earn multiple lifetimes of income in their relatively short careers?
    (And please don’t give me, as an excuse, that they earn it by sacrificing their
    health and well being in their jobs. If that was the case, all of our firemen,
    policemen and especially our military should be similarly paid!)

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the
    athletes and their agents that are responsible for this rank materialism. The
    greed of the ownership started it all and continues to this day, feeding at the
    trough of the fans who ultimately finance all of the gluttony through ticket
    prices and the cost of advertized goods. (Ads on this years Super Bowl
    approached $4,000,000.00 for a 30 second spot. Who pays that fee? We ALL

    This Pandora’s box has long since been
    opened and it’s totally out of control and will only be reigned in by the fans
    themselves, once they realize that they are complicitous in all of this by
    paying such ridiculous fees. We are and have been willing participants in this

    Although such over-indulgence is likely
    not to end anytime soon, because it has become intrinsically the nature of the
    beast, I raise my keyboard symbolically in protest.

  • Pete Baron

    Ref my man, I 100% agree. If it were possible to agree more than 100%, I would. I too think its lunacy. The reason why this is written though is because that’s just how it is. It’s the crappy reality that is the professional athlete. I wish this was the 1960’s and athletes were paid as much as normal citizens were. However, it isn’t, and we’re left with this monopoly money system. It would take ratings across all sports to go down to practically nothing in order for it to correct itself. Will that day ever come? Maybe, but it’s not likely… unfortunately!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Great stuff my man. If you read it in an MLK voice it goes from great to EPIC!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Good stuff Pete. I don’t think the Broncos will be making many increases in salary this year even though it could save them money down the road. My guess is we top off our tank in our bid to win it all and next year worry about resigning our best players.

  • Pete Baron

    Lol. Yeah it does!!!

  • MeOMy

    Von Miller can’t get a new contract until after this year. I believe Chris Harris can because he was undrafted.

  • areferee

    Please take no offense, Big Pete. My unsolicited diatribe is aimed at the gods of greed and not to our “guru of the gridiron”. Your article is timely and welcome, as always.

  • Pete Baron

    No worries my man, I never thought that way for even a second. As soon as I read your first 2 sentences, I already said “man, I am about to completely agree with him” haha.

  • Pete Baron

    Ya know, I thought that too. I could have sworn that as part of the new CBA, it wasn’t until after year 3 that a 1st round pick could resign, but I wasn’t sure.

  • wcben

    the more and more i think about it Doom is a goner, even if he signs at 6-8 m per come next year we’ll have to cut contracts like that to sign Von to a 6 or 7 80mill deal or whatever the market dictates at that time

  • wcben

    $7 shock top is out of control -_- its like $11 for a 12pk of bottles in the stores ….