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Published on 03/14/2013 at Thu Mar 14 15:07.
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The Broncos have made a flurry of moves in free agency, but they are not done yet.

Denver is close to the $123 million 2013 salary cap limit, but plan to create more space through the Elvis Dumervil situation and there are a host of other candidates to be released.  For now, the team’s top priority is working out something with Dumervil.

But the team may not be done signing free agents just yet.  According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the team is considering Connor Barwin, Dwight Freeney and Richard Seymour as potential replacements for Dumervil and may still add more depth to the secondary.

That depth in the secondary could come via veteran Nnamdi Asomugha, who has reportedly drawn interest from Denver.  If the team is looking for a safety rather than a cornerback, the draft may be their best option.  A safety who figured to compete for a starting gig this summer is Quinton Carter, but he was recently arrested in Vegas and could face up to six years in prison on charges of cheating in a casino craps game.

The draft also appears to be where the team is planning to acquire a running back.  On Thursday, Steven Jackson landed with the Atlanta Falcons, eliminating the chances of Denver landing a big-name back through free agency.

Eddie Lacy and Montee Ball are both younger and cheaper, anyway.

  • MrEast

    Eddie Lacy will not be around at 28.

  • Pete Baron

    The more I examine the DE position in this free agency year, the more I’m convinced if we picked up Freeney (because we unfortunately let Elvis go), I think we sign him for $2m per year. Freeney has lost a few steps, and some question whether or not his tank is completely empty. Because of that uncertainty, and compared to the top free agent DE, It seems like Freeney will get around $2-3 mil per year.

  • Pete Baron

    Don’t think so? He isn’t running a 40 at his pro day. You think a team will draft him higher than 28 without seeing him run or knowing if he’s injured and that’s why he isn’t running? Does a team take an injured RB before 28?

  • heykyleinsf

    Look at this freak~ ! I hope we actually pass on Eddy Lacy and go for NC RB Giovanni Bernard..

  • MeOMy

    Couldn’t agree more! I wouldn’t mind seeing Denver pick up Freeney if Doom is released. This is then where they draft a DE and groom him.

  • Pete Baron

    That makes too much sense… which means it’s probably what Elway will do. haha

  • Doom92

    Yeah I’m not even sure anymore if he is worth 2mil a year. Talk about non-existent against the run. I don’t care for Ayres at all but he at least can play the run as well as Elvis.

  • Doom92

    I just hope we actually get a decent RB and don’t wait until the 5th/6th round to draft Shon Greene or Lance Ball (<—metaphorically said).

    I've seen this Bernard kid also; he is seemingly pretty bad ass. But so was
    Beanie, Donald and Felix, just to name a few.

  • Pete Baron

    I completely agree. We need to target a RB in the first 2 rounds. We’ll get a stud in one of those two rounds.

    Also, Felix Jones was a stud even for the Cowboys. The problem was that he kept getting season ending injuries and that really messed up his young legs.

  • Doom92

    Tomato – Tamato can’t play is can’t play IMO. But of them your right he did have a wasted potential. I’d bet your also right that they have one or two guy targeted. I just don’t want to play the BS they’ll be there game, this is a strong RB class but it doesn’t mean they’ll all pan out (he says coughing “Hillman”)…lol. And no I don’t think he is a scrub but he has not done anything either.

  • Doom92

    Any one not named Bell or Ball…lol. I know Monte is awesome and I like him too, it just seems that we have had bad luck with dudes named Bell or Ball ;-)…

  • Pete Baron

    aww, c’mon Doom, wouldn’t you kinda miss yelling at your TV when Ball comes in that he’s worthless and that nothing good can happen with him in the game? haha

  • Pete Baron

    Like the Ragin Cajun said during the debate in Old School… “I have nothing to say, that was a perfect answer.”