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Published on 02/25/2013 at Mon Feb 25 14:07.
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The NFL has announced the order for the early rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft, with the compensatory selections and rounds 3-7 to be announced later in March.  Here is a look at the Denver Broncos‘ six selections:

Round 1 (28th Overall)

Round 2 (58th Overall)

Round 3 (90th Overall)

Round 4 (TBA Overall)

Round 5 (TBA Overall)

Round 7 (TBA Overall)

Note:  The team’s sixth round selection has been acquired by the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Brodrick Bunkley in 2011. 

  • Pete Baron

    Alfred Williams is finally making sense on the radio… he just said to take Montee Ball in the 1st round. That’s the smartest thing to come out of his mouth in a while.

  • BetterThanCottonCandy

    He is a very tough kid. Great work ethic. Ball in the 1st would fall into the ‘Good Pick’ bucket.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Why when you can get him in the 2nd if not 3rd round?

  • Pete Baron

    Because I don’t think he’ll be there in the late 2nd (where we pick). If we had a mid round pick, then I’d take him in 2nd, but I think there are teams who have 2nd round grades on him that pick ahead of us. Because of that, I’d jump for joy if we took him in the 1st

  • Doom92

    For sure…

  • Doom92

    I agree… There is absolutely NO WAY he stays on the board until pick 58. Simply never happen. AND as I said before there is not much difference between pick 28 and a mid second, except that if he is there at 28 your getting a top 10 talent at 28… I say don’t even wait for your clock to expire, if he is there 100% take him then.

    I’m just not sure if this staff is smart enough to see it… I hope I am wrong. But really I personally do not see him being there even at 28.

  • Doom92

    Yes it would…

  • Pete Baron

    That’s my fear too… I fear this staff isn’t smart enough to take the obvious slam dunk… however, my clinging hope is that John Fox’s “conservative to a fault” mentality will override any overlooking of Ball….

    But my other fear is that he won’t be there at 28… For real, you just can’t pass on that type of production…. you just can’t! Our only hope might be the Broncos knowing that they’ll take him, and then pulling a Shanahan with Cutler and not even interviewing him. That way, nobody moves ahead of us to snatch him away because they’ll think that we aren’t interested.

  • 12508

    Montee runs straight up. Guys who runs like that never grow out of it. Bernard is explosive. Lacy is gonna hit the hole and positive yards. I would pass on Ball. Loving Bernard. Also think Benard has better hands.

  • Elway4Life

    If I know the Broncos I think they’ll swap picks. Like trade their 1st round pick for a low to mid 2nd and 3rd rounder. I’d like that because I think they’d still be able to get Ball but the thing is they have to want to get Ball! So “Let’s Make a Deal” as Monty Hall would say and Ball!

  • MrEast

    Yeah, Alfred knows nothing about football. Perhaps he should consult you for your vast years of knowledge on the topic.

  • Pete Baron

    I didn’t say he knows nothing, it’s just that he spouts a WHOLE BUNCH of non sense, and when he’s called out on being wrong, unlike me, he won’t admit it. He just digs his heels in even further, thus looking worse than he should… I mean, he’s saying that Flacco is the best QB in the entire NFL… Flacco!!!!

    The thing with Alfred is that he makes bold statements without much thought or research into things. I mean, he said we should take LAMAR MILLER… LAMAR FREAKING MILLER in the 1st round!!!

    I may stir the pot on here from time to time, but I challenge anyone to find anything I post that is as off base as the stuff he says, and if/when you do, I challenge anyone to find me not admitting that I was wrong and changing my tune (assuming that I paid attention at the time to the topic at hand).

  • MrEast

    Alfred stated that Flacco was the best QB in the NFL, right now. Joe Flacco was the best QB in the playoffs this year. Last time I checked, that’s all that matters.

    Lamar Miller would in the first would have been a thousand times better than that moronic trade down that just resulted in trading up what you got to get Ronnie Hillman.

  • Pete Baron

    The problem with that is that it’s backwards logic…

    Doug Williams was never the best, but he won a superbowl…

    Trent Dilfer was never the best, but he won a superbowl…

    Brad Johnson was never the best, but he won a superbowl…

    Ben Rapistberger was never the best, but he won 2 superbowls…

    Joe Flacco isn’t the best, but he won a superbowl…

    It takes more than a ring to say you’re the best. I mean, is Boldin the best WR in the league “right now?” After all, he just won the super bowl… you might want to pay him more than Calvin Johnson, who I’m not sure has even won a playoff game. I mean, if rings make you the best “right now”, then the Ravens are royally screwed, cause each player on their team should ask to be the highest player at their position… I mean, they have the “right now” ring, right?

    Facts are facts. Flacco had a flukey playoff run. That’s it. Nothing more. History says that he throws as many passes to the other team (whether or not they catch them is a different story) as he does touchdowns. Because of this, the fact that he went on his good 3-4 game run is the exception, not the rule. The rule says that he’ll give the opposition 2-3 chances to win.

    If you were to start your franchise “right now” and had the #1 overall choice for a starting QB, do you take Flacco? Do you? Cause if you say you do, you are just trying to be like Alfred Williams and dig your heels into the ground that much further to support your statement that is based on nothing but hyperbole.

    BTW, glad to see you around here East. You’ve been too quiet for too long.

  • MrEast

    You’re twisting my words.

    Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson didn’t out-duel other quarterbacks in the playoffs. They were complementary pieces to their team.

    Joe Flacco flat out won them multiple playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

    I wouldn’t take Joe Flacco to start out my franchise right now, but I would sure as hell take him over Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

    It’s hardly a fact to say that Flacco had a “flukey” playoff run. He’s won a playoff game in every year he’s been in the NFL. No one else has ever done that. His first two playoff series were bad, yes. But he’s been great in the playoffs since then.

    Here is his QB rating for the past three playoff series:

    2010 – 90.0
    2011 – 96.1
    2012 – 117.2

    That’s not a fluke. That’s a trend.

  • Pete Baron

    I think it is more of a trend that the Ravens as a whole got better. They got Boldin, Ray Rice, better linemen, restocked some of their defense, etc… All of that translates into all around playoff success, and with more balanced offenses, it leads to Flacco being able to close his eyes and huck a rainbow that would make Dorothy proud.

    For some odd reason, nobody seemed to be able to intercept him in the playoffs… I mean, these are rainbows that are 100% picked off in the regular season, but for some reason, Boldin and Flacco were able to connect. It’s as if every ball got lost in the lights for the CBs covering the WRs. Or…… maybe it was just their “destiny”. Who knows.

    But back to the original point of this all…. Alfred Williams knows his defense. Like, when I listen to him talking about defensive linemen/linebackers in the draft, I listen. When he talks about offense, I can take it or leave it. Al is more wrong than right when talking about offensive players. He is more right than wrong when talking about defensive players. Schlereth is the reverse. He knows his linemen and to a lesser extent his RBs, WRs, QBs, but not much on the defensive side with the exception of possibly a bit of defensive linemen.

    And my last “original” point that I used to show you Alfred’s ignorance was in the form of his Flacco is the best QB “right now” comment…. The very essence of saying “right now” would be this…. Name the top 10 QBs in the NFL as it is today?

    I’ll play along:

    #1 Aaron Rogers
    #2 Drew Brees
    #3 Tom Brady
    #4 Peyton Manning
    #5 Andrew Luck
    #6 Colin Kaepernick
    #7 Eli Manning
    #8 RG3
    #9 Matt Ryan
    #10 Ben Rapistberger
    #11 Joe Flacco
    #12 Matt Schaub

    I had to extend it to top 12 in order to squeeze Flacco in. If I had to enter next year in order to win the superbowl, Flacco is ranked #11 or #12. If I’m entering this offseason wanting a 2-3 year superbowl window, I’m ranking Flacco #11 or #12. I think the RAVENS won the superbowl. It was their destiny. I usually don’t believe in teams of destiny, but after seeing the fluky Ravens, I believe in teams of destiny.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Ball is not a 1st round talent. Not even close. He is an average back physically speaking who has a big heart and played behind one of the best lines in college football history.

    Not a chance in hell Ball goes in the 1st. Not a chance in hell.