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Published on 02/15/2013 at Fri Feb 15 11:39.
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(Image courtesy of Jason O. Watson/US Presswire)

“We’re going to tag [Ryan Clady],” Denver Broncos executive John Elway has told the Denver Post’s Mike Klis.

Tagging Clady will use about $9.66 million of the team’s $120 million salary cap.  For more on Denver’s salary cap situation, go here.

The ‘Post also expects veteran Brandon Stokley to return to the tune of a one-year, $925,000 deal.

According to PFF, rookie Derek Wolfe was much more effective against the run than against the pass last season, earning a +10.3 grade as a run-stuffer.

Did you even notice rookie long snapper Aaron Brewer last season?  Probably not, and that means he’s doing a great job.

Here’s a short board of draft prospects for the Broncos, hosted over at MHR.

  • Pete Baron

    Just so everyone knows and semi-understands the new franchise tag, here is a brief overview…

    If Clady has the NON-EXCLUSIVE Franchise Tag placed on him, he isn’t guaranteed to be a Broncos next year. If he has this tag on him, this would mean that he’ll be paid an average of the top 5 players at his position, or $9.66 million. The Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag does NOT guarantee that he’ll be on our team however. All this Franchise Tag does is make sure that if a team wanted to sign Clady, they would give us their next two 1st round draft picks. If, say, the Bears get tired of Cutler getting blasted every time he snaps the ball, they could offer Clady a $10 million per year deal with X guaranteed. If Clady agrees to it, we have the opportunity of matching the deal and keeping Clady, OR letting the Bears have him in exchange for their next two 1st round picks.

    There is an Exclusive Franchise Tag that the Broncos could place on Clady, which acts like the old Franchise Tag use to. By placing the Exclusive tag on Clady, Clady would be officially off the market, and guaranteed a top 5 salary at his position.

    I’m assuming that because these distinctions are so new to the NFL, that Elway probably just said Franchise Tag with the meaning of Exclusive Franchise Tag because that’s what saying “franchise tag” meant when he was playing (and up to a few years ago when the new CBA was passed). But until it is specified as to which tag it is, we should postpone celebration. While I’m sure it’s the exclusive tag, thus meaning that Clady is officially our Left Tackle next year, I’m gonna withhold celebration until Elway clarifies this.

    Either way though, we either keep our All-Pro Left Tackle (which is beyond fantastic), or we get set up handsomely in the next 2 drafts (which is also beyond fantastic). And as alwasy…


  • Carlo Scuri

    pay the man