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Published on 01/24/2013 at Thu Jan 24 08:51.
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Sources close to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson have told ESPN that the Jets’ owner is open to trading arguably the best cornerback in the league this offseasonm Darrelle Revis. Speculation is because he only has one more year left on his contract.
The Jets are $19 million over the cap, and Revis’ contract pays him $6 million next year. To make things worse for the Jets, Revis has a “non-franchise tag” clause written into his contract, so the Jets can’t let him play out his contract, and then slap the tag on him. The Jets believe that Revis will not re-sign with them, so if they don’t trade him this year for something, they’ll see him walk for nothing next year.
Revis, of course, is rehabbing from a torn ACL, so there will be concern for any team trading for him. Because of that injury concern, there is great uncertainty about what it will take to trade for him.
My question is this… Should the Broncos trade for Revis? Personally, I think Revis is completely overrated. I think the only reason he is a “shutdown” corner is because the referees allow him to get away with holding and pass interference on virtually every play. Maybe it’s because he’s playing for an East Coast team (NY) that he gets away with it, but I have this funny feeling that if he signs with the Broncos, he’ll get flagged for all of those P.I. and holding penalties that he should be flagged for in New York.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has “Dale Carter” written all over it. We tried that already, and we watched it crash and burn. Add into Revis’ resume that he was allowed to act however he wanted and say whatever he wanted because of the completely laxed Rex Ryan discipline led team, and I think he would destroy the chemistry we have. PLUS, it means that Champ is out as a cornerback. Whether you think he should go to safety because of the Ravens exposing him or not, trading for Revis seals that deal. Would that mean that Champ goes in at safety and Moore is cut?


Tell me what you think fellow Broncos fans. Should the Broncos trade for Revis? If so, what do you think the asking price would be, and how would the Broncos make it work? Sound off in the comments below.

  • B2H3M

    his talent is undeniable… attitude unfortunately questionable

  • Pete Baron

    Is his talent undeniable? Watch his coverages. He USUALLY either a) holds or b) interferes. It’s just that the refs for some reason don’t call it. East Coast bias perhaps? I haven’t seen a player get the NBA “Star Treatment” in the NFL quite like Revis and Tom Brady.

  • dogheadbrew

    Highly talented CB demanding high dollars trying to leave a troubled team? Namdi anyone?

    It’s always enticing to go grab talent, but a trade means giving something up. Who do you want to loose? What picks do you not want?

    As I see it, our team right now, with another year together, another solid RB, a MLB, and maybe DL and/or Safety depth is a team that can beat anyone. Not only does Revis island not fit that, it disrupts the pieces in place.

  • Pete Baron

    Amen brother.
    This has Dale Carter written all over it. We are talented up and down our roster. With whoever we draft, along with free agency, we’ll be back in the playoffs next year for sure.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Its a no from me. Apart from having a couple of talented corners and a lots of youth, the move doesn’t make sense with the other moves Elway has made. More likely to sign a #2 or #3 guy who is a good scheme fit.

    Plus there are lots more places to spend $6 million.

  • B2H3M

    I can’t disagree with you’re contention that there is some bias, but to say that is the ONLY reason he’s been successful is illogical.. as I said previously, the talent is there, the attitude is not

  • Pete Baron

    I can get behind that.

  • Jake Davis

    I think we should. Champ is not ready to move to safety. He really only got burned once in that playoff game. The other times he was expecting over the top help from Rahim “The Dream” Moore, which he obviously did not receive. Champ and Revis could shut teams down for the next couple years. Depth builds championships. I do agree that he gets away with a lot of PI calls. I say we make a play, we already have a late 1st round pick. Why not give it up for a great player like Revis?

  • Joey Baldwin

    6mil isn’t bad but it’s more than we should spend. I’m stoked to see what Harris does next year and I think we wait another year to look for champs replacement. MLB should be our highest priority after that another Wolfe type stud, center or RB. I would also like to see a Torrey smith or Ty Hilton kinda guy that can really stretch the field. Decker is great but I feel is a better slot guy plus the match up problems would be greatly in our favor.

  • Pete Baron

    I think they like Willis alot to be that stretch the field guy. That dude is a burner, but just didn’t get the playing time.
    Anyways, Revis will demand in the $15-16 million per year type salary. Besides that being WAY too damaging to the salary cap, getting him will mean you either must move Champ to safety and cut Moore, or you bench Harris, and don’t get me wrong, I love Champ, but right now, Harris is a better corner than Champ.

  • Pete Baron

    Besides that he loves stirring up controversy (which is 180 degrees opposite of what the Broncos are about), he will demand in the $15-16 million per year salary. The Broncos would have to gut the team to sign Revis to that type of contract. PLUS, you’d have to either Bench Harris, or move Champ to safety and cut Moore. At the moment, I honestly believe Harris is better than Champ, so benching Harris is out of the window. I think that Champ still has a year or so left before he needs to go to safety, so that might be out too. Also, regardless of how bad Moore screwed up on that play, I think the sky is the limit for him and that he’s a rising star, so I really hope we keep him where he’s at.

  • Jon

    What are you supposed to do as a CB? I made a living doing that in high school. If you play like that all day, they’re not going to call a penalty every single play.

    As long as it doesn’t get away out of hand, that’s called letting them play. And I like when they let them play.

  • Alphabeatsoups

    If they/he are not asking too much… We should at least look into this.

  • Jon

    I don’t think this will happen, but if it did, Champ would still be a cornerback and Rahim would still be a safety. One bad game (just one bad first half in the case of Bailey), give me a break.

  • Paradisimo

    I’ll actually be amazed if Willis is on this team next year. Aside from special teams he contributed virtually nothing and his mistakes in running proper routes hurt us on multiple occasions. I wish we would have seen more of Bubba Caldwell actually. I also wish we would have seen a bit more of Trindon on offense. Even if only for a play or two per game I think it would have added a new wrinkle to keep opposing defenses honest. Should be interesting to see what elements Gase adds.

  • diehardbroncosfan

    Yeah like re-signing Ryan Clady for the next 6 years!

  • 12508

    I live in N.Y. Revis is a GREAT player. Best DB in the league. Not even close. Shut down corner. First ballot Hall Of Fame. Anytime you can get this type of player in his prime you have to kick the tires. It’s a YES for me. Do you realize what type of impact Revis would have on a average defense? Revis has held out before. With good reason. He is the best player on the Jets and is underpaid. Any defensive coach would love to have him. I would start with two first round picks. We would be in the lower half of round. No player we draft is gonna make this type of impact. IM TELLING YOU THIS GUY IS A BEAST. Ask D. Thomas what he thinks. Ask Payton if he would even bother throwing in his direction.

  • 12508

    I’m a Broncos fan. Could care less what the jets do.

  • cdubarkansasrep

    Please ow please be kind enough to do it! We could move champ back to safety then Harris and Revis at corner. Our defensive of backfield would be stacked. All we would need is another hard core pass rusher!

  • cdubarkansasrep

    No disrespect to you Pete, but what cornerback doesn’t. It’s not the fact of star treatment it’s he is good at hiding it. Just like 99% of run plays there should be a holding call.

  • cdubarkansasrep

    Heaven forbids he end up with the patriots…..

  • Pete Baron

    I know, but think about it, almost every pass interference call I’ve seen this entire season is LESS blatant than the most routine Revis coverage. I think it’s “NBA Star Treatment” from the refs.

  • Pete Baron

    All I know is that the most routine coverage by Revis is more blatant for holding and pass interference than almost all holding and pass interference calls I’ve seen this entire season.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I’ll trade Revis for Lance Ball straight up.

  • Jeffrey Koch

    amen to that, all-pro Left Tackles are hard to find, decent corners are really good when their is pressure

  • Brent Tschikof

    You forget Harris played some safety in college and has good size. Certainly better ball skills than Moore. I wouldn’t mind seeing Champ and Revis tandem if we have the cap room. Hate to lose young talent to make it work though.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    At this point it would be futile to deny global warming – and with it rising sea levels. Therefore its safe to say Revis Island* might soon be a thing of the past… while Champ has remained at the very top for over a decade. Now I’m not foolish enough to say Revis is overrated BUT .. oh well I guess I just did.

  • Pete Baron

    haha. Me too.

    I know that I wouldn’t trade any of our starters or key backups for him. Well, that’s not true, I’d trade McGahee for him straight up.
    Furthermore, I would MAYBE trade our 2nd round pick for him, but surely the Jets will demand more. Then again, I’m not sure I’d want him on our team except for this next year simply because there’s no way we could keep our core together and sign him to $16 million per year. Would I take him for his $6mil this upcoming year? Sure, but if the reports are right, there’s no way I blow up our team to pay him $16. Not when we have major free agents on our own team *cough cough* Clady *cough cough* to sign.

  • Pete Baron

    All I’m saying is that a routine Revis coverage play that isn’t called, is way more blatant of a hold or pass interference than almost all actual holding and pass interference penalties I’ve seen this entire season. There is nothing to make me believe that just because of the name on the back of his jersey that the refs will let him get away with mugging WRs on each play in Denver like they did in NY.

  • Carlo Scuri

    It’s very very improbable and it depends on cost. Anyway Revis and Harris at CB Champ at FS and Mike Adams at SS would be a poker of aces.

  • Jim_Jebow

    true dat

  • Jon

    I don’t know if I can buy that, maybe to some extent, but not more often than not.

  • Brandon Kirk

    No chance in hell Elway makes this move. He’s not the value he looks for in FA.

  • Doom92

    I dont buy that the refs just simply let him get away with it either… Not at all.

  • javadoody

    you have a character issue here, and the fact he’s torn an acl. will he be the same? the jets need d-linemen. and i don’t think they’ll let him go for a second rounder–why would they, he’s one of the best. so, worth which one of our front line guys would you be willing to part with? someone will break the bank for him, that’s for sure.
    and you still have that character issue–do we have enough to overcome that at this time? is it worth it when we’re now getting close to winning it all?
    just askin

  • MeOMy

    I agree that MLB is our highest priority. It is the one position I think we should go after in free agency. Skill wise I don’t think Brookings was any better then Mays. The differnce is that Brookings knows what he is doing out there and knows how to get the defence set up properly. Mays was just clueless. When Brookings replaced Mays the D started to play much better. Unfortunately I don’t think Brookings is young enough to play another year.
    Having LBs with experience will be the key to Denver winning a super bowl. It’s how Brady won his and why he hasn’t been able to win one since.

  • Toxik Zine

    According to the Jets; they are not interested in trading him and this is all media hoopla.

  • Leo Maes

    You play to win the game! enough said

  • disqus_Ill8oUIQRg

    Poorly written article Big Pete. Obviously, you did not watch much of the regular season or you would know that Rahim Moore is a serviceable safety who actually played well throughout the regular season and Champ Bailey can still shut down opposing receivers. One bad game or bad play does not make you change positions or get cut in the NFL. Going into mini camps, Moore will compete with Quintin Carter for the safety spot along side Mike Adams. The addition of Revis along side Bailey means Chris Harris will play the primary nickel spot and Omar Bolden and Tony Carter will play in the dime. Tracy Porter’s status is unknown. Bailey has been successful in the past lining up on the slot receiver, which allows Harris to move outside. Revis is only 27 years old and gives you a franchise CB for the post-Bailey era.

  • James

    not worth the 6 million. still move champ i think tho. it would seal up the back end, and make him like ed reed.

  • Pete Baron

    I’ve written in articles and in comments that I love Moore. I really hope he stays with us, so hopefully you don’t lump me in with any of the people who are calling for his head. Right now though, Harris is better than Champ. He just is. Harris is the reason why people started throwing at Champ. Either way, I wouldn’t want Revis on this team, cause signing him to the reported asking price of $16mil per year is just too expensive. We have Manning at $20, Champ at $11, Doom at $14, and we need to sign Clady among others. There is simply no room for Revis unless you somehow trade Doom, which is possible I guess, but a stout front 7 makes average cornerbacks look like pro-bowlers, so I’d rather just keep Doom and let Champ and Harris keep jelling. Also, like I think you said, we still have Carter and I believe a few days ago we signed Bolden. So really, there just simply isn’t any room for Revis. Especially at that asking price for a future contract.

  • George Dickinson

    how much do high schools pay you where you attempted to grow up

  • Jon

    A few million per season, depending on how talented you are.

  • Jim Brooks

    If Revis is seriously being considered by Broncos brass, then we need to go all out for him. I don’t see JE going for him. To me, despite what’s sometimes said about him to the contrary, he’s a ringer at his position of the highest order. I say grab him if possible and go with it. I love Champ for numerous reasons, but he has to be expendable at corner after his dismal performance against the Ravens and other mediocre games this year. He’s just not a shutdown anymore…..

  • 12508

    I have a few questions.1 Would you trade Champ for Revis straight up? Champ makes 11 mil. Revis makes 6 mil. Revis is in his prime. 2 Would you trade a #1 pick for Revis? 3 Would you take Revis for one year and let him walk? I agree Harris is better than Champ at this point. Nothing wrong with that. Champ has been great but we have to get better. We play to win Super Bowls. 4 Would Revis make us better? I would make this trade and make a run at the Super Bowl. Our defense would be sick with Revis.

  • Doom92

    Mmmm not this year…lol.

  • Doom92

    ” I also wish we would have seen a bit more of Trindon on offense.”

    I thought that all along, he could easily turn into a Devin Hester type offensive player…

  • Doom92

    “He really only got burned once in that playoff game.”

    That is nice of you to defend Champ, he will go down as a great Broncos player, but your statement simply isn’t true. He was beaten more and more as the season went on simply because as Pete has pointed out Harris is a better CB at this point. Champ made the PB this year on his name, for the first time IMO. Doesn’t mean I want to see Champ gone, I don’t, however if it isn’t safety time quite yet its right around the corner. <—- Pun intended ;-)

  • Doom92

    I agree with you on Moore… I also loved the way he stepped up and shouldered blame when he only seemed to have missed one play. Champ covers Tory and that play never happens so I would whole heartedly place more blame for that loss on Champ than I would on Moore. He has far to much promise and upside to get rid of him. We only have to hope that he has a very short memory and continues to climb.

  • 12508

    What was Moore going to say? He blew the play. He didn’t have to tell us. My bad won’t cut it. Not going to act like he has a huge upside now. Not going to sleep on Revis to keep Moore around. Wow he said it was his fault. No ****.