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Published on 01/15/2013 at Tue Jan 15 12:06.
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In this archive photo, Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen addresses the media in January 2009. (John Leyba/Denver Post)

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen wrote an open letter to Broncos Country reflecting on the 2012 season, the bitter loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and where we go from here. An excerpt —

The energy and enthusiasm you provided us this past year were infectious and carries us to great accomplishments. Your passionate backing allowed us to ascend as the season progressed. To have it end so suddenly is certainly most painful to you.

As the owner of a football team that belongs to this region, city and the greatest fans in professional sports, I share and understand the deep disappointment you must feel today.

Bowlen ends the letter on a positive note, looking toward a successful 2013.

But Broncos fans, you and I know what a great season looks like.

That is why I’ll soon stop reflecting and start working on one thing in 2013 — bringing another Super Bowl victory back to Denver. As we move forward, I am extremely optimistic with the future of our team.

You can read the whole letter at the official site.

  • 350legend

    Pat Bowlen a class act!!

  • Pete Baron

    Unlike that moron Peter Tebow.

  • areferee

    An Open Letter to Pat Bowlen

    Dear Mr. Bowlen,

    This is the age of “spin”, “political speak”, “double-talk”, “the run-around” and “CYA”. We saw some of that in yesterday’s Fox/Elway news conference. Kinda sounded like a school board meeting when grades are down.

    Mr. Bowlen, you are a great owner and a total class act… but we know you’re pissed, just like many of the rest of us. It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines in your letter to us.

    The “Headmaster” is taking a good look at the school roster. Rightly so.

    We know there isn’t anyone below Mr. Elway that isn’t on notice from you that there WILL BE a successful school year in 2013 and changes in post season performance… OR ELSE.

    Nice note, Mr. Bowlen. Yes. We too are pissed. We expect to dance at the Prom this year. Fox and Elway aren’t sophomores anymore and every year is Manning’s senior year.

    Let us know if the principal plans on expelling anyone before next school year. We are past due on a bowl game, but we’re staying in school and will study hard. Thanks.

    Terry, one of the cheerleaders

  • Jeffrey Koch

    one of the classiest owners in all of sports

  • 350legend


  • Carlo Scuri

    i love this man since 1992, when i became a Broncomaniac. He brought the team to 5 SB and 2 ring, he has class, competence and enthusiasm, he missed only one decision in 30 years (mcDumbass). Mr Bowlen we are with you an John, and i believe in a few years we’lll be back to the big dance.

  • Carlo Scuri


  • Pete Baron

    Tim’s retard minister of a brother.