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Published on 01/14/2013 at Mon Jan 14 16:56.
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(Photo: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

There was a lot of blame to go around for Denver’s 38-35 second overtime loss to Baltimore last week. From the coaches play-calling to quarterback Peyton Manning‘s interception to second-year safety Rahim Moore‘s blown coverage that allowed the Ravens to get back in the game, everyone was responsible.

But one Bronco is placing all of the blame on himself.

“I’m taking the blame for it. Hey, I lost the game for us. It is what it is,” Moore told the Denver Post‘s Mark Kiszla after the game on Saturday.

“There’s never an ‘I’ in win. But there’s an ‘I’ in lose,” added Moore.  “Because when you lose, you’ve got to look at yourself.”

“At the end of the day, it was a great season.  I’m sorry it ended this way.  But, next year, it won’t.”

  • Pete Baron

    I know Rahim Moore is catching heat (which he should), but I still think he should be our starter next season. He made tremendous strides this year, and if we can be sure of one thing, it’s that he’ll never allow anybody to get behind him in the prevent defense for as long as he lives.

  • Jon

    Couldn’t agree more. Made a big mistake, but he showed so much improvement from his rookie year in 2012.

  • 350legend

    I still want to see him start next year. He’s come a long way and I know starting next season , he will shut everything down that fly his way!

  • Gary Wolf

    We could blame everything from the missed FG, Mannings 3 Int’s, not going for it with 45 seconds on the clock and 3 TOs. The only one we can’t blame is Holiday LOL! Truth is the Ravens wanted it more.

  • Jon

    Manning had 2 INTs; 3 TDs.

  • stuckinraiderland

    I think he’s earned the right to be the starter next year, terrible mistake aside. I also think this is a league where a top team has to be able to build through the draft, rather than free agency, in order to have big success. With that in mind, it’d be good for Denver to decide we don’t need to draft to replace him, or go fishing in free agency. I think I’d rather see us focus on drafting a middle linebacker of the future high in the draft.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Here here guys

  • LEMarkley

    The defensive line still didn’t get enough pressure for Jones to get all the way down the field and Flacco to have no problem throwing it undisturbed. All prevent defenses do it prevent you from winning the game.. They could have been far more aggressive at the line and if they give up 30 yards or so, so be it. The Ravens were out of time outs and had to get a TD just to tie. pressure him!! Don’t give him all day. Give him the first down, not the TD. Just so disappointing.

  • Buddy Williams

    If he starts next year is a topic for down the road after training camp. This guy let a WR behind him in a game that his team was up 7 with seconds left to play in the game. Hundreds of high school safety were faced with this same scenario and did not blow it like he did. He is right….He lost that game with trying to be a hero and go for the interception. Now he is the goat. Enjoy the off season Rahim. Because I will not.

  • Jim_Jebow

    I wonder of Rahim was out of position for the two TD’s Champ gave up. Champ had no help anywhere to be seen, so was Rahim to partially blame for those also?

  • Pete Baron

    No, not only did Champ say he was 1 on 1, but the coaches did as well. That was just Champ getting smoked by an absolute burner.

  • Jon

    His quote on 102.3 ESPN was great, did you hear it?

    Something like: “The first one, I just slipped and he beat me, it happens. The second one, I was there but he just made an incredible play.

    “But the rest of the game, he had like, no catches.”

  • anthony33

    Complete agree. The kid made HUGE progress from year one to year two. Bad mistake yes, but you get the idea he will learn from it. I’ll bet the guy is a all-pro in the next 2-4 years. Obiously I don;t know him, but it sure seems like the man has great character.

  • jlivings

    Couldn’t have said it better Pete. He learned his lesson for sure.

  • kcb34

    I think it’s very respectable the way Rahim Moore is taking responsibility for this loss. With that being said, everyone who watched that game knows the blame can’t solely be placed on his shoulders. Continue to get better Rahim, we’re all pulling for you!

  • Clinton Kennedy

    Bingo. Bad conservative coaching lost this game. From 3 straight runs during their last possession near/in Raven territory in regulation, to 10 yard pads by DB’s on WR’s, to kneel down with 30 seconds and two timeouts, and lastly a no pressure, prevent in the final seconds. All around a lot of blame, but a conservative, not my fault we might lose approach by Fox and company lost this game. Manning threw 2, yes 2, passes beyond 30 yards the whole game. What the hell? At very least, try to get into position with Prater before and after the Flacco fling. They worried some much they might lose, the worried right into 3rd worst non Superbowl lose in Bronco history. 1 is Jacksonville and 2 is Pitt tearing us apart in 05. This was up there though.

  • Gary_in_SD

    Keep you chin up Rahim. From the way this game was being officiated, you probably could have made the play and been flagged for P.I. anyway! Big kudos to you for owning it though. For that you are forgiven from this fan.