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Published on 12/29/2012 at Sat Dec 29 15:47.
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(Photo: CBS4 Denver)

For more updates on the statues of McCoy and Del Rio, check out our homepage.

Update (1/1/13): It sounds like Jack Del Rio is not interested in leaving Denver at this time, a big relief for those of us closely following the coaching carousel.

Update (1/1/13): The Buffalo Bills have asked permission to interview McCoy.  The Broncos are expected to grant Buffalo permission after giving the go-ahead to both Chicago and Arizona on Monday.

Update (1/1/13): The Chargers wanted to interview Broncos’ director of player personnel, Matt Russell, to be their next G.M., but Russell turned them down, as he already holds G.M.-like duties in Denver.

Update (1/1/13): Per reports, McCoy will not be traveling for his interviews; teams will come to Denver.

Update (1/1/13): Here is a list of three potential replacements for McCoy in Denver.

Update (12/31/12): The Arizona Cardinals will also interview McCoy.

Update (12/31/12): The Chicago Bears will interview McCoy.

It’s a nicer problem than having to fire coaches, but the Broncos would prefer neither firing nor losing their coaching staff to other teams.  The latter could happen in 2013.

Coaches who think they’ll possibly be in line for one of the many looming coaching vacancies are commencing the process of lining up potential coaching staffs while preparing for the final game of the regular season.  And that necessarily creates distractions for assistant coaches who are currently working for playoff teams, since they’ll be among the most desirable candidates for jobs.

For example, in Denver we’re told that offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio are each getting their ducks in a row, in the event that they are asked to interview for jobs during the upcoming bye week (if, of course, the Broncos earn a bye).

Per PFT, Denver’s two coordinators, McCoy and Del Rio, are preparing for interviews expected to begin happening shortly.  It’s no secret that McCoy and Del Rio are expected to be courted; both coaches deserve a lot of credit for Denver’s success dating back to last season.

Last year, McCoy talked to a handful of teams but opted to stay in Denver.  The Broncos former defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen, landing a head coaching gig with the Raiders.  This offseason, we wouldn’t be surprised to see McCoy take the jump and Del Rio stay for at least one more season.

McCoy has proved himself and if the Broncos win a Super Bowl, the only thing left for him to accomplish will be to run his own team.  Del Rio has been there and done that (without much success) and teams may want to see a larger sample of his post-Jacksonville coaching career before seriously offering him another No. 1 coaching job.

Of course, if the Broncos do go all the way, McCoy and Del Rio may not want to leave.  But everyone likes moving up in the world, and nobody can chide McCoy or Del Rio for testing the head coaching waters.

  • Jon

    Kudos to McCoy and Del Rio, they’ve done a great job and deserve to be courted for head coaching gigs.

    But it makes me uneasy that they are dealing with those kinds of things now when we need to be focusing on our playoff run. I wish this could wait until the offseason.

  • 350legend

    This is true and sad.. On one hand I’m happy for the both of them to move up but on the other, I would like them to stay and build a dynasty before moving on.. 3 years @ least..

  • hertesc

    if they win the superbowl,by that time,perhaps the only vacancies left are for scrub teams …

  • Doom92

    I don’t think that Jack of the River is going any where. Yes he is an awesome D coordinator but he was NOT at all a strong HC. I’ve always liked him but that didn’t make him a good HC…lol.

    McCoy has adapted well and turned me into a fan, but I’m hoping he takes a lesson from Dennis Allen’s way not good transition and stays put. look how long Kub’s stayed and how well it payed off. If Kub’s would have left earlier than he did he would NOT have had the success that he has had, especially lately.

    With all that said I think McCoy would be much easier to replace than Jack of the River would be!

  • Bryan

    I am officially over the coordinator merry-go-round with this team, especially the DC. If JDR stays, great. If he leaves, oh well. With the amount of coaching vacancies this upcoming offseason (8-10 or so), keeping both JDR and McCoy is going to be very difficult.

    I’d atleast dangle a raise at JDR. He’s surely done a enough to deserve one!

  • anthony33

    The Broncos have a great trio of coaches and I would suspect that Elway and company will try to keep that in tact. It really all comes down to what Del Rio and McCoy want. Del Rio just seems like he was built to coach defense and if he loves that, who knows, he could be here for a long time.

    I think a lot also depends on how they feel about the organization and the city.

    Hoping they are both happy and satisfied in their roles and elect to stay for the long haul.

  • areferee

    Unless an NFL franchise authorizes contact, speaking to any currently employed NFL coaches before their season ends is tampering and expressly forbidden by league rules.

  • Bryan

    Authorization key word. I know quite a few coordinators try to use the teams bye week during the playoffs to interview, or atleast half a day during the time in between games. It seems that the fans have a bigger issue with it than the staff/organization authorizing the interview, however. Must just be a gentleman’s agreement among NFL coaches.
    I guess it’s no different for me tho. I apply for other jobs while employed by someone. If called in for an interview to some place that I’d be interested in working for, I’d go too.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Okay,gentlemen,buckle your belts. The Broncos can grab the #1 seed with a victory today. Go,go Broncos and Orange Chrush the cheifs early and often!!!

  • 350legend

    I would love to see both stay! To build a dynasty, @ least for 3 years..