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Published on 12/18/2012 at Tue Dec 18 13:30.
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As the chart from shows, the Denver Broncos would be the No. 2 seed in the AFC Playoff race if the season ended today.

“Right now, I know we can control our own destiny, but if we don’t play our best game against Cleveland this week, that will be all for naught,” Coach John Fox said on Monday.  “So all our focus will be on the Cleveland Browns, a team that’s won three out of four games, plus-7 in the turnover margin, beat two teams that are in the hunt on the AFC side for the playoffs.”

In Week 16, the Broncos can officially wrap up a first round bye.

Meanwhile, the Texans have the Vikings (8-6) and Colts (9-5) remaining on their schedule.  Although unlikely, the Broncos could claim the No. 1 seed if Houston lost both of their remaining games and Denver won out.

If the Texans fall to the Colts and Denver wins out, the Broncos would have a better division record, but the Broncos would have to win both of their remaining games to match Houston’s 10-1 conference record.  To put it simply, root against the Patriots and Texans this week and the week following.

After playing in the divisional round with an 8-8 record a season ago, the Broncos now have the possibility of a first round bye.  Our ‘Thank You’ notes to Peyton Manning are in the mail. 

  • Carlo Scuri

    we must not underestimate Cleveland, we must play like the last month. I want the first round bye

  • Jon

    On a different note, finally able to log into Disqus again!

  • Doom92

    Thats a good thing… I have had issues there as well and the strange part is that it always fixes just as it stooped working, at random!!!

  • Doom92

    Jon I know that these are just filler posts but they actually have no bearing on anything. The season wont end now and we have 2 more games to go before sewing up the second seed. I so hope that in at least one of these games we go for the jugular and pull a Seahawks on one or both of them. We need to know what that blood smells and tastes like, just say NO to the “Prevent Offense”…

  • Jon

    It’s just an update on where they stand in the AFC seeding. Do you not like the seeding posts?

  • Doom92

    Nope they are fine with me buddy. Its the same on NFL network they do the same thing, its just filler. Its the same thing as “what if we had drafted Doug Martin” means nada…lol.