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Published on 12/15/2012 at Sat Dec 15 21:42.
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And with this tweet it begins, though Denver Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter has not yet given a follow-up to the tweet to clarify it is very much possible that Porter is referring to tomorrow’s lineup as Denver plays the Baltimore Ravens. Porter has not dressed for a game since Week Five when the Broncos faced the New England Patriots, he was ruled as ill when Denver traveled to San Diego to face the Chargers in a crucial Monday Night Football game in Week Six.

In his absence second-year corners Chris Harris and Tony Carter have stepped up nicely. Prior to the November game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Broncos released more information saying that Porter was experiencing seizure-like symptoms. The corner had a seizure in August, so getting him properly medicated was a major concern.

Porter was named the Defensive Player of the Week for his performance in the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has 21 tackles (16 solo), one interception, one touchdown and six pass defenses in five games on the season. Porter signed a one-year deal with $4 million with Denver, it is only clear that $1 million of that was a signing bonus, it is not clear how much of that contract is guaranteed and how much is tied to escalators.

  • Doom92

    Hey I like Porter but to change anything right now would just be a mistake. Leave things as they are. If he is needed to ply due to an injury or whatever then let’em play, not before.

  • anthony33

    If I am not mistaken Porter signed a one year deal. He goes down and a younger guy steps up and play great over a period of 6 weeks or so, you keep playing the younger LONG TERM guy and get him experience.
    Tough situation for Porter I understand, but Del Rio and company are doing the right thing. It’s not that complicated.

  • Jay

    Well… he is inactive today

  • Myssa

    Just hope this isn’t another Kenny McKinley situation of frustration. :(

  • Gary_in_SD

    Sorry Tracy you’re a very good player, but Chris Harris’ stock kept up its rise and in a HUGE way today!

  • herc_rock

    Should have put him on ir a month ago.

  • herc_rock

    Jesus, what the fu*k is wrong with you?

  • AZDynamics

    I just got through reading a Bleacher Report piece that talked about the Broncos’ weakness at cornerback. A CB crew that keeps the likes of Tracy Porter on the inactive list has issues? lol

  • Mark

    They should be substituting Porter in and out with Tony Carter. Let Bailey and Harris have the top 2 CB positions. But they are wasting talent with Porter on the sideline. And let’s not forget, we’re going to lose Bailey in a couple seasons to old age. I think with Porter stepping into one of the top 2 CB roles with Harris as the other, and Tony Carter as the 3rd CB, we’ll have a great CB corp. for years to come !

  • Draper

    I am beginning to think that a portion of Porter’s salary may be guaranteed for injury only…

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Do you have a link to that?

  • AZDynamics


    Miller has the Broncos rated highly, #2. It’s just his comments about the CBs and DTs that has me questioning him.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Oh, that’s a laugh, thanks for sharing.