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Published on 12/07/2012 at Fri Dec 07 12:41.
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During NFL Network‘s broadcast of Denver’s 26-13 win over Oakland on Thursday Night Football, commentators Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler stumbled and and mis-pronounced players’ names throughout the game.

Nessler made a mistake other announcers have made this season by referring to return specialist Trindon Holliday as “Hall-a-way.”

But even more noticeable, and far more annoying, was Mayock constantly pronouncing wide receiver Demaryius Thomas as “Dee-mAR-e-ous,” eliminated the “M-ary” sound in Thomas’ first name.

Mayock knows football, and he called the game well.  But for future reference, we suggest that networks have their crews study the following pronunciation guide: 


Matt PRATER (PRAY‐ter)

Ryan CLADY (CLAY‐dee)

SEALVER SILIGA (silver see‐linga)

Elvis DUMERVIL (DOO‐mur‐vill)

DEMARYIUS Thomas (duh‐MARE-ee‐us)

Jacob Tamme (TAM‐ee)


Danny TREVATHAN (trev‐AY‐than)

Chris KUPER (KOO‐pehr)

Mitch UNREIN (UN‐rhine)

Knowshon MORENO (mor‐AY‐no)


Brock OSWEILER (OSS‐why‐lur)

  • Gary_in_SD

    I really like the GameDay crew that NFL Network has, but can’t understand the choice of no-name announcers they have always used. How about putting Mooch and Primetime in there with the play-by-play guy and see how they do?

    ESPN too, someone please tell me why Chris Berman and Tom Jackson are not doing MNF broadcasts?!! Although I do like Gruden somewhat. He can join in and make it an interesting trio.

  • Jim_Jebow

    Mike Mayock is an awesome announcer. He is one of the most knowledgeable television personalities out there. The other guy I couldn’t give a crap about

  • Dan Danbom

    If only pronunciation were their only problem. Most of these guys speak (or write) as if they never got past eighth grade English. “Eek” out a win?

  • Josh Temple

    Agreed, it’s a joy to have Mayock do a Broncos game. I actually get to learn something about players and how they’re developing. That said, his pronunciation was hilariously bad last night.

  • herc_rock

    Ha! That’s the least Mayock’s speech problems…

    /likes mayock.

  • dogheadbrew

    If you want the NFL, go to the (people who have covered and know the) NFL

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Here, here.

  • Mark Curtis

    The irony is he DID pronounce the Raiders receiver Denarius Moore correctly…..and it has the same sound as Demaryius (when it’s said properly that is!).

  • anthony33

    Mayock knows football, but simply sucks at announcing. You would think the NFL network, heavy emphasis on NFL, could do better than what they have. The just rambles.

  • Toxik Zine

    that better not be the same Ian from this site. Sure looks like him.

  • areferee

    I ordinarily tend to be equally critical of the sports and news media when they get their facts or their use of the language incorrectly, even though many of them are not schooled in the media and are, often times,chosen for their positions for reasons other than their journalistic skills.

    But you must admit, names of athletes today are unusual in manycases, both in their spelling and their pronunciation. These two particular broadcasters are relatively new to the NFL and must depend on their technical people in identifying players correctly. Nessler is more familiar with college ball and Mayock, although a short time NFL player, is unskilled as a journalist and more familiar with teams from “back

    I would tend to cut them some slack, therefore, with their familiarity of all of the names, but not in the job they do overall as broadcasters.

    I think the NFL network, as relatively new in broadcasting compared to CBS, NBC and even ESPN, are technically the worst at their jobs. Camera work and directing are poor and I suspect the technical information that is dished out to the on-air people is equally lacking.

    Each of us has our TV favorites but I would say that the other networks tend to do a better job overall and the NFL channel has some distance to go before they and all of their broadcasters reach the same level of expertise as that of the players they cover.

    As far as Bronco coverage is concerned, the better we play and become a perennial playoff team once again, the more familiar the typical broadcaster, (most of whom live and work back east), will become with the names and backgrounds of all of our players.

    It’s good to see Denver getting the prime time coverage now in place of teams like the Cowboys and the Eagles, who get far too much air time per the level of their play.

    Here’s hoping the Broncos become dominant in prime time where it counts… deep in the playoffs!

  • Gary_in_SD

    He is like the “Frank Gifford” of the crew. Precise and technical and does an okay job… But I want to be entertained too. Where is today’s version of Howard Cosell? Now that was a great day and age to watch football.

  • Zach Mayock

    They didn’t say “eek” out a win, but rather “seek” out a win. Get a hearing aid so you don’t have this problem and look like an idiot for calling people out on things they didn’t say!