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Published on 12/04/2012 at Tue Dec 04 07:00.
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(Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

On Sunday, the 6-foot, 4-inch tall, 291-pound Mitch Unrein proved that he can do more than merely play on the defensive line.

In the second quarter, Unrein lined up at fullback in Denver’s goal line formation and caught a one-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Peyton Manning.

Seeing Unrein in the backfield was not surprising, he has provided the Broncos with a beefy fullback option on short-yardage situations several times this season.  Seeing him catch a pass undoubtedly caught Tampa Bay off guard.

“Yeah, he [caught] a couple of deep balls today,” a laughing John Fox said on Monday afternoon at Dove Valley.  Although sarcastic about catching running deep routes, Fox did hint that we could see more of Unrein on offense this season.

“He has good hands, so that helps,” Said Fox. “He can be a dual-threat, a blocker, you never know he might be able to run it a little bit.”

How about a fullback pass?

“I haven’t had much success with that.  (Kicker) Matt Prater is 0-for-1.”

So we probably won’t see Unrein slinging the ball around anytime soon.  But we could see him carry the rock.  Stay tuned…

  • Carlo Scuri

    i love Mitch Unrein. We must remember that sunday he also made the pression that caused the pick6 of Von

  • dogheadbrew

    The TD worked because he has good hands AND it was a new wrinkle. If we use him in the heavy package because he blows a hole well so be it, but a gimmick play is only useful once in a while. If we need more fullback involvement we have two on the roster.

  • 350legend

    Love the Fact that our Broncos have lots of weapons!! Mile High Monsters!!!!

  • herc_rock

    I’d rather see him blowing up QB’s and forcing TAINT’s.

  • Pete Baron

    I disagree.
    100% of the times that Mike Vrabel checked into the Patriot’s offense, he caught a TD pass…year after year, 100% of the time he was in on offense, he caught a TD on the goalline!!! He never came in to block or be a decoy. 100% of the times he checked in, he caught a TD pass. He was the offensive equivalent to a 1 trick pony. Is it gimmicky? Sure, but if you execute any gimmick to a higher level than your opponent is capable of defending it, then it doesn’t really matter!

    If Unrein can have the same success as Vrabel did, I’m perfectly fine with it. Gimmicky or not, if we execute it better than our opponent can defend it, we’ll keep having success.

  • Jeff

    I like that concept, but I would also like to see a package or two for Holiday although I hold my breath every time he has the ball, paranoid he will be jacked up and lose the ball. lol. Maybe I should void that idea.

  • Pete Baron

    haha @ taints. lmao

  • TD30isMVP

    Screw that…line him up in the slot and watch the DB’s bounce off of him….

  • rcsodak

    Tell that to NE. They used to throw multiple TD’s to their D lined up on offense,

  • herc_rock

    Copyright goes to Simmons.