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Published on 11/25/2012 at Sun Nov 25 14:27.
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Tight end Jacob Tamme caught a seven-yard touchdown pass on Sunday, his second touchdown reception of the season. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

No matter how ugly it may have looked, the Denver Broncos walked away from Arrowhead Stadium with another win on Sunday, and that’s nothing to scoff at.

The Broncos stayed perfect in division play this season with a 17-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs (1-10) today, improving their record to 8-3 on the season.  Next week, the team will return home to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5), looking for their seventh consecutive win of the season.

Quarterback Peyton Manning was far from perfect on Sunday, going 22-of-37 for 285 yards and 2 touchdowns with 1 interception, but he was able to do enough to help his team come out on top.

Manning benefited from the offense’s ability to stay balanced, as fourth-year running back Knowshon Moreno stepped in the place of injured starter Willis McGahee and gained 111 yards from scrimmage on 24 touches against Kansas City.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Broncos held the Chiefs’ struggling offense to a mere three field goals.  Second-year outside linebacker Von Miller also notched a sack, increasing his season total to 14.

The Broncos offense proved on Sunday afternoon that they can stay balanced even without McGahee, with a 37-to-24 run-to-pass ratio on the afternoon. Expect Moreno to keep his starting job heading into Week 13—he has earned it.

What were your thoughts on the game?  Do you have concerns about this team moving forward?  Or are you confident that they have the pieces to make a run deep into the postseason?  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Terry Bleeks

    We have a loss coming, and I think it is coming next week against Tampa. Over the last few weeks, I think we have regressed a bit each week and got by against poor opposition. I think a loss might help and refocus the team overall. Still, a win is a win and the D played ok today

  • herc_rock

    Knowshon was a beast.

  • herc_rock

    KC has an elite d and a legit running game. If they had an nfl caliber qb they’d be a contender

  • Big_Pete

    yeah he was

  • anthony33

    Ugly is a good description. Offense has not really been totally in sync for the past few weeks. Defense continues to play well. Tough game next week, time to end the slump (okay, somewhat of a slump) and get a convincing win against a quality team.

  • anthony33

    After looking at the box score I notice DJ Williams was not even listed. I did see the game on TV, but never really noticed. Did he play or was he a late scratch?

  • Big_Pete

    I don’t necessarily think that how we are playing means we’re gonna lose, although that is possible. I think that sometimes you overlook teams, and I think we overlooked the chiefs. Players and coaches can say all they want about 1 game at a time and that every team can win, and all division rivals play tough, but lets face it, superior teams have tendencies to overlook complete garbage teams. When that happens, the superior teams tend to play to the level of their crap opponent. I think that’s what happened today. While some may see that as the type of weakness that will get us beat, I still think that it says something about how good we are. We saw a lot of front runners almost lose to scrub teams this week. The reason why they (and we) are front runners is because even when we overlook a team, our talent can carry us to a win. I think we know Tampa Bay is legit, so I don’t see us losing.

  • Big_Pete

    He didn’t play. We saw a lot of Brookings. Not sure if he was inactive or not, but I know he didn’t play.

  • Jim_Jebow

    DJ did get in on at least one play in the second half

  • Carlo Scuri

    i have been very impressed by Moreno. I criticized him a lot, and in my opinion he’s still a first round wast pick, but after being inactive 9 weeks with his job on the line, he proved he can be a good back for the team.

  • Carlo Scuri

    i have been very impressed by Moreno. I criticized him a lot, and in my opinion he’s still a first round wasted pick, but after being inactive 9 weeks with his job on the line, he proved he can be a good back for the team.

  • Carlo Scuri

    i agree. Their defense is very good, there are a bunch of first rounder. Their problem is the qb but also the head coach. Even if Crennel is a good defensive coordinator, he proved in KC and much more in Cleveland that he’s a terrible HC.

  • eljbow

    DJ was in quite a bit, I saw him spelling Brooking a lot. I didn’t see him notch a tackle or anything, though.

  • 350legend

    We new, coming into this game with KC, that it wasnt gonna be a walk in the park. True what they say. Records dont determine how good a team really is.. This season has proven that around the nfl!

  • Bryan

    I must admit..I didn’t get to watch the game. I did check in midway through the 3rd to see the score, stats, etc, but had to turn my phone off again after that. At this point, I’ve had the NFL Network on for over 2 hours, and STILL haven’t see a single Denver/KC highlight. All they (and ESPN) want to talk about is Chicago, SF, GB, and NYG. Maybe I’ll catch a replay of the game this week on NFL Network.